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Lady Ava Cadavre
Axel Tassis
Blood Status
Human, Wizard
This character is roleplayed by Oli.

Axel Tassis, more commonly known by his drag persona Lady Ava Cadavre, is an American wizard and top performer. He and the other members of the Haus of Unforgivables co-own The Pink Lady.

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Axel himself keeps his hair short and stress-free and wears comfortable clothes whenever he can because lord knows while he's in drag that's uncomfortable so why carry it over to his male self?

As Lady Ava Cadavre, it is more typical of her to have darker hair. Whilst Ava's drag style fashion wise is reminiscent of Hollywood glamour, her makeup has been described as 'clown realness' which she's fine with; it's meant to parody how excessive some girls are with makeup and Ava's glad she's doing her job.

Born to a Cuban father and a Honduran mother, nothing was ever certain in Axel's early life, the reason being that both of his parents were illegal immigrants, technically. His father, Fernando, was a muggle who emigrated to the States from Havana whilst his mother, Zara, was a woman high up in the Hondruan wizarding society and whilst completely legal in the eyes of the Magical Congress, was still viewed as illegal by the muggle equivalent due to miscommunication.

Axel grew up having a standard muggle life; within a few years he was an older brother to a sister and there was a beloved family dog, Prince. His mother had chosen to withheld her magical ancestry from Axel and his sister with the knowledge that there was the possibility that neither of them would become a wizard or a witch and, with her family being late bloomers in the experience department, she wasn't going to get their hopes up too early on. They had bigger problems to deal with first anyway. When Axel was six, both of his parents were told they were being deported. Being under surveillance meant that his mother couldn't contact the Magical Congress to plead her case. Instead, the family was forced to Havana.

They stayed in Havana for two years, during which Axel experienced magic for the first time. Rather comically, he made his sister levitate for a few moments as the family sat down for dinner. His sister, defying the late bloomer nature of the family, returned the action. Seeing both of her children be confirmed wizards had spurred his mother on to move somewhere better for them. In a stroke of luck, the British Ministry of Magic had employed her and soon the family was living in the busy city of London.

Axel, for one, enjoyed the British culture immensely - especially the lack of friendliness amongst people and the sometimes over-excessive use of sarcasm. He thrived well there and, upon turning eleven, was accepted into Hogwarts. It was there that he truly flourished; from a young boy just figuring out a personality and sense of humour to an adult with a cunning wit and sharp tongue.

It was in his final year at Hogwarts that he discovered drag; one time his sister dared him to wear her dress and, when he did, she complimented him and after doing his makeup she commented 'wow you look even better than me.' And, in full Axel-like fashion, he took up drag to remind her everyday that, yes, he does look better than her.

Unlike most drag queens there's not a lot of separation between Axel and Lady Ava; he carried his sharp tongue and wit over with him and it's become a staple of Ava's. Inevitably, however, there are differences between the two and sometimes some of them are interchangeable but Axel quite likes that - it keeps things fresh.

Axel is a lot less in your face compared to his drag persona. Sure he's still as sarcastic and critical of everyone but he enjoys his alone time and likes to take a very unassuming role in society. Unlike some drag queens, he's not a completely feminine guy; his drag is completely about female impersonation and he likes to have the clear cut between Axel and Ava. As Axel he's a lot calmer too and prefers to do the smaller acts of kindness rather than do one larger because, in his words, "at least then it's smaller bouts of good karma and that way I'm not gonna get f*cked in the ass with loads of it."

Ava's a lot more reactive and in your face and that's how she likes to be. She takes no mercy when reading anyone and, even when she's not, her cool tone and sharp tongue makes people wonder if she's just constantly digging at people. She likes to be the centre of attention and be in control. She's a good sport, though, and doesn't mind being read herself - as long as it's a good read.

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  • Faceclaim: Bianca Del Rio
  • Wand: Oak, Veela Hair, 12"
  • Patronus: Swan
Handedness Right
Sexual and Romantic Orientation Homosexual / Biromantic
Relationship Status Single
Pets None
Favourite Songs Diva by Beyoncè
Favourite Colours Re(a)d
Favourite Sweet ?
Most Treasured Possession ?
Where to Find Them At the street corner

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