Lady Esme Boleyn
Hufflepuff Alumni / Waitress


Personal Information

Full NameLady Esmerelda Margarita Boleyn
BirthdayJanuary 1st
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Sex / GenderFemale / Female
Ethnicity1/2 Hispanic, 1/2 Caucasion
Sexual OrientationHomosexual
Romantic OrientationHomoromantic
Relationship Status
BirthplaceLondon, Britain
Living SituationBoleyn Castle
Languages SpokenEnglish, Spanish, and Latin

Magical Information

Blood StatusPure-blood
Wand WoodSpruce wood
Wand CoreUnicorn Hair
Wand Length12'
PatronusRed Squirrel
BoggartBeing mocked by everyone she cares about


Much shared with both of her parents to an even larger extent, Lady Esmerelda Boleyn is chill. A very go-with-the-flow type of person. The only time someone may find her stressed is on her worst days, and those are very few. She's late to an event? Guess someone or another will have to wait a bit longer, if there was anyone who had noticed her tardiness in the first place. Nor does she really worry when paying bills, appointments with healers, or anything other that were common tasks or things that people seemed to stress over most. Honestly, Esme's known for always being quite relaxed and - or what she prefers to call it - 'living life without worries'. Though, as similar to most personality traits, there's the good and the bad. Never expect her to be on time to any event, party, or get together someone may hold.

Although Esme Boleyn is what some may call a quite 'chill' person, she's also one of the biggest party animals one may meet. The habit of attending parties began in Hogwarts where she drank until she was sick and couldn't remember anything the next morning, only to have a guess on what had happened with the throbbing pain in her head. Upon adulthood, shes's gotten better. With the alcohol (and at least she's of age now) thing, that is. She's still a frequent visitor of any sort of party, and it wouldn't be surprising to pass by her when attending one.

Esmerelda tends to always try to look for the good in someone or in a situation in general. The Boleyn has always been optimistic when it comes to life, believe or not. She enjoys finding the good and the best in people, events, or things rather than pick out the terrible cons it has. Now, no, it's not always possible and there's just certain things that don't have any positives to emphasize. With the ministry and its policies created that have ruined lives, there's no light in this situation at all. At times like these, Esme is more than happy to share how terrible she believes it is, because she'd never dare to agree with the words that have come out of the minister's mouth. Situations when she's been on the optimistic side are more so like if there was a low turn out for someone's birthday party. Honestly, Esme would be the one to cheer that person up with her positive and bright statements. "Well at least you now know who your true friends are compared to the fake ones" or "It's more fun when it's less people anyway" would be two likely sentences she would share to cheer the birthday kid up. Though, there's certainly a select handful of people Esme would even bother doing so with. The best example of Esmerelda's wanting and willing to see only the good would most likely be with her family. The Boleyns are very far from perfect, similar to most families honestly. Hell, Esme herself is a long, long walk away from anything even close to perfection. Yet, she loves them all, like again, most family members in their family do. Though, in the way that her positive eyes are being used, and for sure it's not every Boleyn for sheer fact that some of them are quite incredible without even bothering ignoring the bad, some family members for sure deserve more love than others and there are certainly at least a few that had beliefs that Esme would never agree with, but that's why she picks away the bad at times. Well, just tries to forget the person's negative traits and focus in on their positives. In school, it was the same with her friend group, even if the Boleyn had not the nicest or greatest of friends. Honestly why it took her so long to finally leave and stop talking with all those sort of girls. There are surely the good and the bad in this trait, and in many situations has it proven to be so.

For so long through school, Esmerelda had been a very naive student. She had let her friends, boyfriend, and just about anyone else who wanted to push her around so easily. She let them do as she wished and was often peer-pressured to do the same, now leaving everyone screwed. She was naive, and her tendency of looking for the good in people did not help. It honestly left a bad taste in her mouth when thinking of Hogwarts nowadays, and if she could've redone her seven years of school, she probably would. Though, she can't change what's in the past now and must focus on the future. In which, she did. After graduating and leaving all her friends and her and her ex were broken up, she made sure to anchor herself. Impossible to be moved the way someone wanted her to, but did as she willed. What she wanted, not what someone else wanted. And honestly? She couldn't be happier doing anything else. She's herself, not the perfect picture of what anyone else would want her to be.

Despite being so naive with people at times, Esme has always had a thing with trying to look tougher than she feels or is. She hates showing vulnerable emotions when it isn't around people she's close with. She hates crying around anyone, honestly, and it's rare for her to do so. Only a small handful of people can admit to seeing the Boleyn shed a tear. As well as get very angry. Even when Esme's at her most pissed state, she controls it very well. She's good at putting on a mask with a faint smile and walking away. She's an actor of emotions, some may call her, and it's difficult to read what she'd feeling.


In the year 1533, the Boleyn Family were at the height of their power and influence within the Kingdom of England. With their daughter, Anne, as Queen of England, there was a sense of pride that had been unmatched for generations. The Boleyns took a great deal of pleasure in knowing that their daughter was the pure reason for a whole new sect of the Church being built - to them, that was the ultimate ego-boost. This sense of pride also extended into the wizarding world where, unbeknown to the muggle noblemen, the Boleyns were a fairly established wizarding family. Though they were pure-bloods who evidently had more of an interest in the muggle sphere of the country, they still commanded a great deal of prestige within the wizarding world. The flaunting of their power was rarely limited to just a single aspect of their lives and, soon enough, there wasn't a family in England - both magical or muggle - that didn't know how influential the family had become.

The execution of Anne led the family into turmoil. With her brother and only male heir, George, being executed alongside her, fears of the name dying out became highly prevalent. Mary Boleyn, the other child of the main Boleyn branch, had fled to live a life of obscurity leaving her parents - Thomas Boleyn and Elizabeth Boleyn - alone in the spotlight. Both died within the following years, marking the perceived end of Boleyn influence on England. A forgotten sibling of Thomas', however, managed to keep the Boleyn family name strong. William Boleyn, the only member of the family who hadn't committed himself towards the family's muggle efforts as Anne had become queen, remained true to his pure-blooded nature and lived in a comfortable manor on the Isle of Wight where Osborne House now takes standing. Though he took a more humble approach to life following the massacre of his family - something he forced upon his children for the sake of the family's continuation - William never forgave the Tudor Family for what they had done. To him, the execution of Anne was purely based on her magical heritage and, had Henry VIII not been blinded by a false rage towards Anne and a growing infatuation for another woman, the Boleyn Family would've been staning still as among the most influential families in the British Isles. As one would expect, William felt a great pleasure in seeing how the realm fell into turmoil following Henry's passing.

Though he himself died early on into Mary's reign and never got to see Anne's daughter reign as queen, William left his own legacy on the Boleyn family. It was him who installed the rivalry between the Boleyn and Tudor families within the future Boleyn generations and it was his decisions that led the Boleyns to continually outcast themselves. Forever a reclusive family, those on the Isle of Wight would only know that the Boleyns continued to thrive when a new bride or groom for the family would appear on the island or when charms around their estate would force people into not entering. One diary of a wizard living on the Isle of Wight, however, mentioned that a garden party of sorts was held at the passing of Elizabeth. It noted that the ceremony was both a mourning and a celebration; perhaps a happiness that the Tudor name had seemingly died but, in the same vein, a sadness that the last physical piece of Anne had succumbed to death. After that, the Boleyns seemingly vanished again. All the while hidden to the public world, the Boleyn family continued to grow in numbers and soon expansion back into the mainland seemed a plausible option.

By the 1650s, whereby the traditional Boleyn home of Hever Castle had fallen into the possession of the Waldegrave family, the Boleyn family had come to a position comfortable enough to begin to allow the option of moving away. Before, a Boleyn would both be born on the estate on the Isle of Wight and die there in order to truly guarantee the preservation of the family name. Maximus Boleyn, a star child who excelled at all things magical, took it upon himself to be the first Boleyn to move back to the mainland. Maximus was cunning as he was handsome; he wanted nothing less than the family's old castle and took it upon himself to woo the eldest daughter of the Waldegrave family - an alleged half-blood but he had his suspicions that she was, in fact, pure-blooded - and marry her in order to take back the castle for the family. To the surprise of nobody - at least not the Boleyns - Catherine Waldegrave became Catherine Boleyn and once again Hever Castle was back in Boleyn hands following a series of deals with Catherine's parents.

For the next hundred years or so the reclusive nature of the Boleyn family continued, just this time around Hever Castle. Their name began to reappear in the magical world thank to the growing presence in England but, for the most part, a Boleyn wouldn't flaunt their name about despite rumours that Anne was heralded as someone great with a portrait in Hogwarts. William Boleyn had made it clear to his children who passed it on so forth that Henry said he loved Anne and to look where it got her. Thus, to a Boleyn, nobody was trustworthy. With each year, however, their name would continue to make waves around the British isles.

In 1780 when the magical royal family was established, Oswald took to London where the monarchy was initially based to fight for compensation against the crimes that Anne had 'committed'. His demands revolved around the fact that a magic royal had been executed for being a witch and that the creation of a new one made a mockery of her. Oswald told the monarch, Queen Charlotte, that the death of Anne had sent the Boleyn family into chaos, into hiding and had cause irrevocable damage upon the Boleyn name. At first, Charlotte had seemed reluctant to deliver any such compensation but the confirmation from Oswald that the Boleyn family was large enough in numbers that any rebellion they could throw wouldn't be stomped out so easily, the need for reassessment was clear. The constant owls sent to the royal palace from Boleyns around the British isles only further confirmed the need to appease the family - even more so when Anne's trial was re-evaluated and Charlotte saw their claims of mockery being stronger. In compensation, the Boleyn family were given a royal pardon - not that one was needed, but it was definitely appreciated - and the entitlement to style themselves Lord/Lady _____ Boleyn. Permission to title themselves with all the decorations any Boleyn had held in the past and their own private land was granted to the family too, almost to seal the deal.

Needless to say, with the elevated pride, the Boleyn family seemingly came out of the woodwork. The Isle of Wight had a more obvious Boleyn presence and magical communities all across Britain were seeing the rise of the Boleyn name once more. Naturally the Boleyn family was shocked to see a familiar name emerge from the shadows - the Tudor Family. The Boleyns relished the fact that the Tudors felt anger over no longer being the royal family, their claim having been lost like the York family before them. That was all too short when they too were granted titles similar to the Boleyns. Although they were smarter to go against the word of the new queen, the Boleyns demanded that the Tudors recognise that Anne's crimes were unjust and she be pardoned wholly. Surprisingly, all happened swimmingly and the Boleyns and Tudors grew to have a peace of sorts - perhaps something for the best, given the political power of both families.

Ever since the gaining of the noble titles, the Boleyn family has once again propelled themselves into the limelight of the wizarding world. One of the most powerful noble families, if not the most powerful, they command a large degree of influence in whatever sector they choose. The trust of a Boleyn is something incredibly sought after whilst betraying one will surely lead to a feud one would rather not engage in. Lady Agnes Boleyn, the fourth born child of Lord William Boleyn and Lady Catherine Boleyn, had always been the most laid back child in her generation. From birth all the way through adulthood, she would prove to stand out compared to some of her more traditional-thinking siblings. She was bold as well, and didn't have a care for keeping quiet for what she believed in. This trait would, in fact, be the very reason Agnes was a favorite in William's eyes. Her stand out nature and not being afraid to be in charge was something her father seemed to respect about her compared to her siblings and he didn't hesitate to say it either. She talked when she wanted and made sure people listened to her why doing so. She made sure to feel remembered and stood out in a crowd.

Agnes and Lafayette (surname being Wrayburn at the time) had met in their early years of Hogwarts and kept an on-again, off-again sort of close friendship until sixth year in which the two friends would realize their feelings for each other and began to date. The couple very much indeed love each other, and it was clear if someone were to see the two. Neither had wanted to end their relationship when it did, but rather an arranged marriage for Agnes did. William had set his daughter up with the pure-blood wizard, Esteban Darlingtan, who held a very high title in the wizarding world despite not being apart of the sacred twenty-eight. Having to break up with Lafayette for a man she did not want to marry left Agnes's heartbroken, but - no matter how much she didn't want to - she felt like there was no way to get away from it without hurting her father and her's relationship. Truly, she'd wonder why she put her father before her true love first in the situation and would leave her in guilt years later.

Right after graduating her final year of Hogwarts, in a way to try to get over her past boyfriend that she missed dearly, Agnes would dive head first into a relationship with Esteban in hopes that maybe the two could fall in love before having to stand hand-in-hand and say 'i do'. Whatever the Boleyn had hoped to achieve would not come, and she would ultimately end up in a sad relationship between two pure-blood wizards that did not love each other as much as they tried to pretend to. Nevertheless, it would all go to waste in the end. Agnes would end up with an accidental pregnancy that had made their wedding scheduled much sooner than expected to pretend such baby wasn't born out of wedlock. The idea of marrying at so young scared the two senseless, and just enough for Esteban to pull out from the arranged marriage. So, in it all, instead of a husband, Lady Agnes Boleyn would gain a child in which she would name Mary Jade Boleyn.

For the next few years of Agnes's life, her parents felt it was their duty to replace a future husband for their daughter that she now did have. Though, one after another, each one seemed to fail and was declined. What can Agnes say? Guess all the pure-blood wizard men her parents set her up with feared her boldness and knowing her spot without needing someone to tell her where it is. Though, well, Agnes didn't seem to mind all that much. Honestly, she preferred being single while she raised her child, as well pursue into a career of Aurology. Although maybe not considered the most 'respectable' of jobs, Agnes was quite happy with working with what interested her as a career. Money didn't have to be priority growing up in such a wealthy family, so her happiness when she ended up in a job seemed most important. Although considering it, she chose not to contact Lafayette during the time because of the fact she hadn't kept touch with him at all when dating Esteban and she wasn't going to feel like she was crawling back to him since they didn't have anything in their way of getting back together. No, she liked being single, at least for Mary Jade's earliest years of childhood.

In due time, after many shotty match ups, her parents would finally just give up. Whoever Agnes married would be her own choice, if she chose to marry at this point. Her parents really were giving her a hard time for it, despite her still being young. She was fine. She didn't need to get married, despite how necessary it seemed for her family. She was happy, just Mary Jade and her. And, with being at such a happy point in her life, she called Lafayette.

When Agnes Boleyn had given her once best friend and ex a call, it was long-needed and she realized it. Yet, Lafayette was as kind as he always was despite it being so long. It was an awkward lunch in the beginning when they had to decided to meet up after such a long time, but they quickly gotten used to each other's presence. It was very quick when they had started to pick up old habits again and could barely go a few days without seeing each other. They tried being best friends again and it worked. Well, at first. Yet, both of them were still in love with each other and they knew it. Certainly did because they were married two years later, and Agnes would have her her second and third (final) child, Lady Octavia Boleyn and her younger sister, Lady Esmerelda Boleyn.

The youngest child of Agnes had always been one to not follow rules. Esmerelda - or Esme to most - was lucky for her parent to be the most chill in her generation, as a few of Agnes siblings would very much not tolerate such behavior of the young child. She was constantly making messes while running down the halls of the castle without permission granted from her nanny, and honestly running from the older woman just as that. She was also just as much as a happy child as a wild one, and would always make her messes with a smile on her face. Though, a simple yell from her nannies would be quick to make her shed some tears. She was a sensitive toddler, but would certainly toughen up a bit in due time. Her first sign of magic would fit such descriptions of her being a wild child, occurring around the age of seven (which was good since it had been the time Mary Jade had gone off to Hogwarts and Esme couldn't stop mentioning how much she wanted to go to). Having lost a pair of shoes she was looking for, she started shuffling around her room in no luck of finding it. It would be in dear time that objects would start floating around in the air, out of her dresser and her closet and underneath her bed, with the help of finding the shoes. She did find them. Floating in the air, just needing a small jumped to pick them up. And, as soon as she did, all the objects floating would fall to the ground instantly. Her room would be found messier than it already was and it would take a while for the youngest Boleyn to listen to any adult and pick it up.

By the time Esmerelda was in school, she was somewhat more mature than her wild self that often caused trouble in the Boleyn castle. Though, her times in Hogwarts would piss some people off just as much as the nanny when she was six through eight. Luckily for the Boleyn, many were keen to be the girl's friend. She found herself a large friend group that she would be very close with through her seven years, even through the times when knowing the girls and guys she would hang out with were not the nicest of students. Many of them picked on whoever they wanted from the timid little muggle-born who couldn't get a spell right to Cicely Tudor, despite being in as powerful of a family as Esme's. Esmerelda wasn't necessarily one of those bullies, but she didn't stop them either. She turned a blind eye. Actually, in fact, she often laughed. Pretended that she found it so amusing. She laughed with her boyfriend as well when she began to date Geoffrey Macmillan in fourth year, having an on and off relationship with her always breaking up with him when he wanted them to do things she didn't. She'd always get back together in the end, though, solely for the fact that deep down she wanted to believe she liked him and not a few girls she was friends with. She would finally give up trying to lie to herself when breaking up with Geoffrey for the second time in her seventh - and countless of other times before that - and ending up sleeping with the Tudor herself that all her friends likes to pick on so often. That was, well, the two made sure to not keep in contact with each other upon graduating. Esmerelda didn't get back together with her boyfriend, though. She even chose to ditch most of her friends, the few she kept not being all that bad. The Boleyn even came out to her sisters and closest friends as well, just wanting to put her life back in shape with the realization her Hogwarts years were not as fun as they seemed while living them. They were sad to look back on to.

Having not really thought of it much in seventh year, Esme had no idea what she wanted to do upon graduation. Living out of Hogwarts had always seemed to be a weird thing to think of for her, so she didn't. Though, it wasn't long until she found a job at a nice restaurant and was hired as a waitress. Although it wasn't like her sister who was trying to be an auror, as more than enough people pointed out, the youngest Boleyn child honestly liked working for the restaurant fairly much. It payed well enough and she didn't feel upset when waking up and getting ready for her shift. Plus, there was still enough room in her schedule to often visit a party or two when the time presented.


Face ClaimSelena Gomez
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBrown but will charm blonde when she's in the mood
Weight128 Pounds
Voice Type
Blood TypeA+
Distinguishing MarksSometimes Dyed Blonde Hair
Body StyleSlim
TattoosA good amount of smaller ones
ScentAn ocean breezy and Cedar wood type of smell

Family Information

FatherLafayette Boleyn
MotherAgnes Boleyn
Full SiblingsOctavia Boleyn
Half SiblingsMary Jade Boleyn
Guardian(s)N / A
SpouseN / A
ChildrenN / A
Other RelativesN / A


Significant Other(s)N / A
Best Friend(s)N / A
FriendsN / A
EnemiesN / A
OtherN / A

Name Etymology

Given [ Esmerelda ]TBA
Middle [ Margarita ]TBA
Surname [ Boleyn ]TBA


Favourite ColourYellow or Pink
Favourite Movie
Favourite SongKiller Queen by Queen
Favourite Food
Favourite Drink
LikesParties, Music, Fall, Sunny Weather
DislikesDrama, Hangovers, Rainy Weather
LovesHer Family, Loyal Friends
LoathesCrying, Fighting, Her Ex Friends & Boyfriend
First KissGeoffrey Macmillan (Fourth Year)
First CrushA Ravenclaw in Third Tear
First LoveN / A
First TimeGeoffrey Macmillan (In Sixth Year, as much as she regrets it)
Sports PlayedN / A
Instruments PlayedA little piano
AddictionsN / A
Biggest Hope
Biggest Regret
Best Memories
Worst Memories
Mental Illnesses
Criminal Record
Medical Record

Custom Trivia

  • Esmerelda is extremely afraid of heights and couldn't even watch the quidditch games in her school years.



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