Lady Mary Jade Boleyn
Writer • (Secret) Wolf • Anxious


Personal Information

Full NameMady Jade Claire Boleyn
Birthday23rd of April
Age24 y/o
Zodiac SignTaurus
Sex / GenderFemale / Female
Sexual OrientationBisexual
Romantic OrientationBiromantic
Relationship StatusSingle
Living SituationThe Boleyn castle
Languages SpokenEnglish / French

Magical Information

Blood StatusPureblood
Wand WoodCypress wood
Wand CoreUnicorn hair core
Wand Length10 inches and quite flexible flexibility
PatronusBritish Long haired Cat
BoggartA wolf
Exotic?Yes (Werewolf)


Mary Jade can be explained in three word: ball of anxiety. A big over thinker, Mary Jade struggles to take initiative towards anything and struggles to put herself out there because of the risks and potential consequences. This is mostly why she writes under a pseudonym and took a month to build the courage to buy the store off the previous owner (who was constantly putting the store on the market anyway). Unlike her youngest sister, Esme, Mary Jade has a list of worries that she has. Both about herself, how she reacted to something, politics, if she's going to pay her bills on time, if she's going to sell enough books to make an actual living and–the list goes on. For Mary Jade, life can be very overwhelming and she struggles to relax. Shy, timid and nervous, Mary Jade has little to no friends outside of her family and hates meeting new people, always thinking she comes across as awkward. At least she's gotten over her stutter, though it does pop up when she becomes emotional. It's the syllables 't' and 'd' that she struggles most with. Mary Jade struggles to leave her comfort zone and she's been known to suffer from anxiety attacks when things get too overwhelming. A fear of public speaking, Mary Jade is one too hide in the shadows, letting people both talk over her and talk for her. Soft spoken, she isn't a leader and struggles to have her voice be heard but she's also soft hearted. Something that is shared by both her sister's, Mary Jade is empathetic and kind to the world around her and always tries to see the best in people. In fact, she rarely realises someone's being cruel or messing with her until...well, afterwards. All of this combined, Mary Jade tends to be a recluse, rarely leaving her room without good reason just because she's so nervous and overwhelmed. She'd much rather spend her time with a good book. Mary Jade loves books and can spend hours immersed in them without realising how much time was spent wasted away.

Mary Jade is incredibly sensitive, though, and is highly aware of what people think about her and can be deeply affected by what other people say to her. Even since a young age, Mary Jade's been highly aware of how she's considered the 'bastard' of the Boleyn family–a tarnish on the family name–and it's affected her enough that it was once a reason on why Mary Jade cried herself too sleep. Though, Mary Jade cries herself too sleep over a lot of things (life, for example) so maybe take that with a grain of salt. Even a simple comment you might not think twice about can send Mary Jade into a spiral. Some would say Mary Jade is too uptight. It's true–she hates to break any rules or laws in fear of being caught. She struggles to let loose and have some fun. Mary Jade can't remember a time where she threw her head back and laughed, or even danced. However, she isn't a cruel, vicious or mean person. Mary Jade is kind, open minded, helpful and always tries her best too compliment people. She's the type of person to make you a friendship bracelet or a flower chain. She likes flower chains, she thinks they're pretty and enjoys making them. Mary Jade's also into star signs and divination. Kind of wishes she was a seer, Mary Jade thinks it would suit her.

Mary Jade is especially clumsy, though, and has been known to break bones for the most stupidest of actions. Such as breaking her nose when she accidentally walked into a wall. Mary Jade is the definition of someone with two left feet and no sense of coordination. God help her if she ever tries her hand at sports. But, in truth, Mary Jade is political and a huge activist. As she struggles so much with people, Mary Jade is wonderful with animals, especially cats. She has a british long hair, named Mr Meowsalot, and even though she's half her body size and is an absolute slave to the animal, Mary Jade loves the cat very much, even though she's not quite sure if Mr Meowsalot loves her back. And she always keeps up with the world going on around her. She reads the daily prophet every morning and has made sure to never slip up on her subscription payments. Mary Jade is creative, though, and is a big writer. She's also a painter but is terrible at it, she tries her best though.

What Mary Jade struggles most with right now, though, is her werewolf abilities. Mary Jade has never been an angry person, has never raised her voice too someone before, and is struggling with the fits of rage she's now moving through. Mary Jade has actually snapped at someone in the previous weeks and it threw both her and the other person off and she spent the next ten minutes apologizing (admittedly, it was a customer and she really should have let the person go instead of holding them up but she felt terrible and it was just too much). Her new strength is also difficult and the amount of things she's broken is ridiculous. Just the other day, she accidentally kicked her bed frame, causing it too splinter. Luckily, reparo was able to fix it but still. She's begun to refrain from touching anyone as well. Mary Jade was never a touchy sort of person before but she was with her family. Once, she might have hugged her parents and sisters, but now...she doesn't. Furthermore, she's a terrible rule breaker and her entire existence is breaking a law. Mary Jade hasn't told anyone that she's a werewolf (except Mr Meowsalot she's ranted too Mr Meowsalot about her problems as if her cat was a therapist) and it's kept her safe–for now. But her anxiety has increased ten fold over it and sometimes she struggles to leave her bed just because of how she scared she is. Scared of her own future, scared of what would happen if she was found out, scared of how other people will think fo her. The only good thing that's happened post attack is that Mary Jade has taught herself how too write with both hands. It's quite useful, honestly.


In the year 1533, the Boleyn Family were at the height of their power and influence within the Kingdom of England. With their daughter, Anne, as Queen of England, there was a sense of pride that had been unmatched for generations. The Boleyns took a great deal of pleasure in knowing that their daughter was the pure reason for a whole new sect of the Church being built - to them, that was the ultimate ego-boost. This sense of pride also extended into the wizarding world where, unbeknown to the muggle noblemen, the Boleyns were a fairly established wizarding family. Though they were pure-bloods who evidently had more of an interest in the muggle sphere of the country, they still commanded a great deal of prestige within the wizarding world. The flaunting of their power was rarely limited to just a single aspect of their lives and, soon enough, there wasn't a family in England - both magical or muggle - that didn't know how influential the family had become.

The execution of Anne led the family into turmoil. With her brother and only male heir, George, being executed alongside her, fears of the name dying out became highly prevalent. Mary Boleyn, the other child of the main Boleyn branch, had fled to live a life of obscurity leaving her parents - Thomas Boleyn and Elizabeth Boleyn - alone in the spotlight. Both died within the following years, marking the perceived end of Boleyn influence on England. A forgotten sibling of Thomas', however, managed to keep the Boleyn family name strong. William Boleyn, the only member of the family who hadn't committed himself towards the family's muggle efforts as Anne had become queen, remained true to his pure-blooded nature and lived in a comfortable manor on the Isle of Wight where Osborne House now takes standing. Though he took a more humble approach to life following the massacre of his family - something he forced upon his children for the sake of the family's continuation - William never forgave the Tudor Family for what they had done. To him, the execution of Anne was purely based on her magical heritage and, had Henry VIII not been blinded by a false rage towards Anne and a growing infatuation for another woman, the Boleyn Family would've been staning still as among the most influential families in the British Isles. As one would expect, William felt a great pleasure in seeing how the realm fell into turmoil following Henry's passing.

Though he himself died early on into Mary's reign and never got to see Anne's daughter reign as queen, William left his own legacy on the Boleyn family. It was him who installed the rivalry between the Boleyn and Tudor families within the future Boleyn generations and it was his decisions that led the Boleyns to continually outcast themselves. Forever a reclusive family, those on the Isle of Wight would only know that the Boleyns continued to thrive when a new bride or groom for the family would appear on the island or when charms around their estate would force people into not entering. One diary of a wizard living on the Isle of Wight, however, mentioned that a garden party of sorts was held at the passing of Elizabeth. It noted that the ceremony was both a mourning and a celebration; perhaps a happiness that the Tudor name had seemingly died but, in the same vein, a sadness that the last physical piece of Anne had succumbed to death. After that, the Boleyns seemingly vanished again. All the while hidden to the public world, the Boleyn family continued to grow in numbers and soon expansion back into the mainland seemed a plausible option.

By the 1650s, whereby the traditional Boleyn home of Hever Castle had fallen into the possession of the Waldegrave family, the Boleyn family had come to a position comfortable enough to begin to allow the option of moving away. Before, a Boleyn would both be born on the estate on the Isle of Wight and die there in order to truly guarantee the preservation of the family name. Maximus Boleyn, a star child who excelled at all things magical, took it upon himself to be the first Boleyn to move back to the mainland. Maximus was cunning as he was handsome; he wanted nothing less than the family's old castle and took it upon himself to woo the eldest daughter of the Waldegrave family - an alleged half-blood but he had his suspicions that she was, in fact, pure-blooded - and marry her in order to take back the castle for the family. To the surprise of nobody - at least not the Boleyns - Catherine Waldegrave became Catherine Boleyn and once again Hever Castle was back in Boleyn hands following a series of deals with Catherine's parents.

For the next hundred years or so the reclusive nature of the Boleyn family continued, just this time around Hever Castle. Their name began to reappear in the magical world thank to the growing presence in England but, for the most part, a Boleyn wouldn't flaunt their name about despite rumours that Anne was heralded as someone great with a portrait in Hogwarts. William Boleyn had made it clear to his children who passed it on so forth that Henry said he loved Anne and to look where it got her. Thus, to a Boleyn, nobody was trustworthy. With each year, however, their name would continue to make waves around the British isles.

In 1780 when the magical royal family was established, Oswald took to London where the monarchy was initially based to fight for compensation against the crimes that Anne had 'committed'. His demands revolved around the fact that a magic royal had been executed for being a witch and that the creation of a new one made a mockery of her. Oswald told the monarch, Queen Charlotte, that the death of Anne had sent the Boleyn family into chaos, into hiding and had cause irrevocable damage upon the Boleyn name. At first, Charlotte had seemed reluctant to deliver any such compensation but the confirmation from Oswald that the Boleyn family was large enough in numbers that any rebellion they could throw wouldn't be stomped out so easily, the need for reassessment was clear. The constant owls sent to the royal palace from Boleyns around the British isles only further confirmed the need to appease the family - even more so when Anne's trial was re-evaluated and Charlotte saw their claims of mockery being stronger. In compensation, the Boleyn family were given a royal pardon - not that one was needed, but it was definitely appreciated - and the entitlement to style themselves Lord/Lady _____ Boleyn. Permission to title themselves with all the decorations any Boleyn had held in the past and their own private land was granted to the family too, almost to seal the deal.

Needless to say, with the elevated pride, the Boleyn family seemingly came out of the woodwork. The Isle of Wight had a more obvious Boleyn presence and magical communities all across Britain were seeing the rise of the Boleyn name once more. Naturally the Boleyn family was shocked to see a familiar name emerge from the shadows - the Tudor Family. The Boleyns relished the fact that the Tudors felt anger over no longer being the royal family, their claim having been lost like the York family before them. That was all too short when they too were granted titles similar to the Boleyns. Although they were smarter to go against the word of the new queen, the Boleyns demanded that the Tudors recognise that Anne's crimes were unjust and she be pardoned wholly. Surprisingly, all happened swimmingly and the Boleyns and Tudors grew to have a peace of sorts - perhaps something for the best, given the political power of both families.

Ever since the gaining of the noble titles, the Boleyn family has once again propelled themselves into the limelight of the wizarding world. One of the most powerful noble families, if not the most powerful, they command a large degree of influence in whatever sector they choose. The trust of a Boleyn is something incredibly sought after whilst betraying one will surely lead to a feud one would rather not engage in. Lady Agnes Boleyn, the fourth born child of Lord William Boleyn and Lady Catherine Boleyn, had always been the most laid back child in her generation. From birth all the way through adulthood, she would prove to stand out compared to some of her more traditional-thinking siblings. She was bold as well, and didn't have a care for keeping quiet for what she believed in. This trait would, in fact, be the very reason Agnes was a favorite in William's eyes. Her stand out nature and not being afraid to be in charge was something her father seemed to respect about her compared to her siblings and he didn't hesitate to say it either. She talked when she wanted and made sure people listened to her why doing so. She made sure to feel remembered and stood out in a crowd.

Agnes and Lafayette (surname being Wrayburn at the time) had met in their early years of Hogwarts and kept an on-again, off-again sort of close friendship until sixth year in which the two friends would realize their feelings for each other and began to date. The couple very much indeed love each other, and it was clear if someone were to see the two. Neither had wanted to end their relationship when it did, but rather an arranged marriage for Agnes did. William had set his daughter up with the pure-blood wizard, Esteban Darlingtan, who held a very high title in the wizarding world despite not being apart of the sacred twenty-eight. Having to break up with Lafayette for a man she did not want to marry left Agnes's heartbroken, but - no matter how much she didn't want to - she felt like there was no way to get away from it without hurting her father and her's relationship. Truly, she'd wonder why she put her father before her true love first in the situation and would leave her in guilt years later.

Right after graduating her final year of Hogwarts, in a way to try to get over her past boyfriend that she missed dearly, Agnes would dive head first into a relationship with Esteban in hopes that maybe the two could fall in love before having to stand hand-in-hand and say 'I do'. Whatever the Boleyn had hoped to achieve would not come, and she would ultimately end up in a sad relationship between two pure-blood wizards that did not love each other as much as they tried to pretend to. Nevertheless, it would all go to waste in the end. Agnes would end up with an accidental pregnancy that had made their wedding scheduled much sooner than expected to pretend such baby wasn't born out of wedlock. The idea of marrying at so young scared the two senseless, and just enough for Esteban to pull out from the arranged marriage. So, in it all, instead of a husband, Lady Agnes Boleyn would gain a child in which she would name Mary Jade Boleyn.

Mary Jade doesn't really remember being a single child–it only lasted two years. She knew, though, that she was the center of a scandal. Agnes had had a child out of wedlock, practically causing a public outcry. Something no one in the family had wanted. There was even talk of excluding Mary Jade from the titles, practically excluding her from the family. Make her the black sheep. However, Agnes was always William's favourite and with a few sweet words, he made sure to qualm any talk of excluding Mary Jade and made sure she received a title. Though maybe treated with caution and wariness from her extended family, Mary Jade was spoilt and adored by her mother. Mary Jade, though doubtful this continued into adulthood, was a very happy child and was loved deeply. However, it shifted when her mum married Layafette. Whilst Layafette was a good person and a good stepfather, the wedding and subsequent life made Mary Jade poignantly aware of her own parentage and how she stood out. Looking down at her youngest sister, Esme, from her mother's arms was one of her first memories and she still remembers feeling as if she were different from the baby, from her other sister, from this family. Even though her mum and step father did their absolute best too make sure Mary Jade didn't feel like the outsider, Mary Jade did feel like it, especially as she grew up. By the age of seven, Mary Jade despised going to family events simply because of how her extended family would treat her compared to her sisters'.

In whispers, Mary Jade found out about her biological father. Who he was. She knew he was important and so, every morning, she read the daily prophet as best she could. She looked out for the name 'Esteban Darlingtan' written anywhere. When she was eight years old, she found him. It was a small declaration announcing the birth of his fifth child. Mary Jade's half siblings. There was even a picture of him and his other children. One son, four daughters. All of whom easily resembled Mary Jade. Easily enough that even an eight year old could see it. The pent up emotions bubbled over. The feelings of being an outsider, not quite fitting in, being treated differently by the Boleyn family, even the whispers of how she was nearly officially considered a bastard, all bubbled over. Not only did she start crying but she also set the newspaper on fire, even though she was still holding the paper. At age eight, Mary Jade had had her first magical incident. Not only did her magic set the paper on fire but it made sure she didn't suffer any burns either. It also prevented anything in close proximity to not be set on fire.

Mary Jade refused to tell anyone what had bothered her so much that morning. Refused to say she had found out about her father's family. In truth, Agnes had never wanted Mary Jade to know about him. Didn't want to encourage that gap to be any further than it already was. Mary Jade let it go. She'd always been an introspective person, kept too herself, kept herself behind closed doors, Mary Jade just...didn't bother opening up about her father's family. When she was eleven years old, she was sent too Hogwarts and she was sorted into Hufflepuff. She was certainly not a Slytherin, not even remotely Gryffindor. It was down too Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff and the latter was the better suit. Mary Jade didn't make many friends in Hogwarts. Like at home, she kept to herself. Kept to her dorm room. Shy, anxious and timid, Mary Jade struggled with the world around her and it caused her to withdraw from the world. It was really only her sisters that she managed too talk too without becoming a stuttering mess. Mary Jade spent most of her time reading. Fiction, always. But it gave her a world too escape too, where she didn't feel so...alone and awkward.

Mary Jade got through it, though, and graduated with pretty good marks. Even though she was essentially a recluse, Mary Jade did well academically. Not that she knew what she wanted to do afterwards. For a while, she messed around until she was eighteen. It was here that Mary Jade did something...rather unconventional. She enrolled into a muggle university without telling anyone. It was just one in London, so she easily moved in and out of the magical and muggle world. Mary Jade only told her direct family about what she was doing, knowing most of the magical community wouldn't approve. Mary Jade knew it wasn't going to help her with anything but she was doing it to just pass time until she figured out what she actually wanted too do with herself. First semester was general classes that had broad scopes. She learnt about muggle history, science and creative arts. In particular, writing. It was the first time she had even considered writing something herself and...she liked it. When she was twenty one, she graduated with a bachelor in creative writing. This covered short stories to novels to screen writing. After this, she returned to the wizarding world. For a while, she stuck with writing. Mary Jade had written some movie scripts and television scripts for Lumos Broadcasting Center, though she had decided to do it under a pseudonym. Something she eventually decided she was glad she did, having realised who the CEO was. She also contributed to magazines and has had her collection of short stories published.

However, at age twenty three, everything shifted. It was when she closed up her shop, with the intention of going home, that she was stopped by a man. He was asking for money and it became clear that it was a robbery. However, Mary Jade was careful with the money she earned at the store, magically sending it to her house after each transaction. Giving him the money she had on her, he wasn't pleased. Forcing her to open up the store (by this point he had gotten her wand and snapped it into too bits), he ransacked the place looking for money, all the meanwhile making sure she was kept close too his side. Within a matter of minutes the store was destroyed and that it was clear Mary Jade was telling the truth. In a fit of rage, he attacked the Boleyn. In the seconds she had before the attack, one thought hit her–he was a werewolf. Then everything went black. She woke up a few hours later. The man was gone and the destruction had, surprisingly, not been found by any passerby's. It was three in the morning, though, so she wasn't too surprised. It took one inspection to realise he had bitten her and what it could mean for Mary Jade. With the ministry policies and the precinct up and running, Mary Jade was terrified. She patched the wound up and made sure it wasn't visible to anyone. Luckily it was on her upper thigh and she had spare clothes in the back.

Aurors were never able to catch her attacker and she couldn't give much information, save for his voice and how tall he was. He did have a beard, she remembered that. But a lot of it was fuzzy and a blur. Within a week, everything seemed as if it was back to normal. Until the next full moon. Mary Jade was anticipating it and made sure she was somewhere secure and safe, just in case she did turn. Mary Jade was praying she wouldn't. But she did. Mary Jade woke up in the middle of a forest with a carcass of a dead deer beside her. Something she still hasn't gotten over, considering how much of an activist she was. Supposed it was better than a human. It's been a few months after this event, though, and Mary Jade is still struggling to get use to her new abilities and emotions. Not that she had told anyone any of it. Not with the current political climate and that her younger sister was training to be an auror. Not that she believed Octavia (or anyone close to her) would hand her in to the ministry, Mary Jade just refused to put her (or any of them) in that position anyway.


Face ClaimLucy Hale
Eye ColourHazel
Hair ColourBrown
Weight39 kg
Voice TypeLight
Blood TypeO
Distinguishing MarksN/A
Body StyleSmall
ScentShe smells like charred wood

Family Information

FatherLord Layafette Boleyn
MotherLady Agnes Boleyn
Full SiblingsLady Octavia Boleyn, Lady Esmerelda Boleyn
Half SiblingsN/A
Other RelativesThe Boleyn Family


Significant Other(s)
Best Friend(s)

Name Etymology

Given [ Mary Jade ]mary: rebellion and bitter
jade: stone of the colic

Middle [ Claire ]distinguished
Surname [ Boleyn ]


Nickname(s)MJ, Mary, Jade
Favourite ColourHot pink
Favourite MovieMarley and Me
Favourite SongSuccessful by Ariana Grande
Favourite Foodbrownies
Favourite Drinkraspberry lemonade
Likesbooks / divination / star signs / politics
Dislikespublic speaking / small talk / dogs
LovesWriting, Mr. Meowsalot
LoathesAlistair Fitzgerald
First KissNone
First CrushNone
First LoveNone
First TimeNone
Pet(s)Mr. Meowsalot
Sports PlayedNone
Instruments PlayedNone
GoalsGet her act together
Achievementsbeing published
Biggest HopeThat people will accept half breeds (and werewolves)
Biggest RegretNot taking advantage of Hogwarts
Best MemoriesGraduation
Worst MemoriesTurning into a wolf the first time
Mental Illnesses*Social Anxiety (and anxiety in general)
Criminal RecordNone
Medical RecordNone

Custom Trivia

  • She's ambidextrous
  • Her cat is probably who she talks too most
  • Still doesn't know how to apparate, she's been meaning too for years
  • Ever since becoming a werewolf, she's founding herself not liking chocolate.



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