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Laela Celestine Hammond
(Roleplayed by Freja )

Laela Hammond - Gryffindor Crests
Send Me an Owl! - There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls. - George Carlin
Hiya! My name is Laela. Laela Hammond.

Biographical Information
Birth Date January 1st
Home Town Aberdeen, Scotland
Pet Joxer (Chinchilla)
Niamh (Pygmy Puff)
Gideon (Pygmy Owl)
Blood Pure-Blood
Physical Information
Species Witch (Metamorphmagus)
Gender Female
Hair Blue (Red)
Eyes Violet (Green)
Height 5'7"
Magical Characteristics
Boggart Prejudice
Wand Cedar 11" Dragon Heartstring
Family Information
Father Corbin Hammond †
Mother Adélaïde Greyson-Hammond †
School Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House Gryffindor
Occupation Shop Clerk


Much to the dismay of my maternal families, the Desford and Greyson families, I took after my father Corbin and the Hammond family in more ways than just one. I am a Metamorphmagus, in my natural state I have dark red hair, like my grandfather Torvulhd and I have naturally green-gold coloured eyes, like my grandmother Kaeya. As a child at the age of 4 or 5 Corbin, my father appeared in front of me and joined my tea party.

Alfreda Xavier, my adoptive grandmother witnessed this, she watched our interaction and determined he was of no threat. That was when I began using my ability to change my eye color to a soft violet and my hair color to a vibrant blue. Eerily reminiscent to the trademark look of my father. Occasionally, I like to play around with the hair and eye color of my mother. While I do love having her grey eyes, I have never felt like her blond hair particularly suits me and I always go for something more similar to my natural red, something like a pomegranate.

About Laela[]

The House of Greyson and The House of Hammond were pure for generations. My father Corbin Hammond comes from a very rare family of Metamorphmagi and my mother Adélaïde Greyson was born into a Pure-blood Supremacist family. Alaistaire Greyson, my grandfather, my mother Adélaïde's father despised my father Corbin's father, my grandfather Torvulhd since their own years together at Hogwarts. Even though Alaistaire's younger sister, my Great Aunt Elorah has fallen in love with and married a metamorphmagus man. Alaistaire found this unforgivable and convinced their father to disown her.
With that Elorah was wiped from the family tree. My parents Corbin and Adélaïde had always been very good friends even though they knew their families did not approve. They had always had a connection since their first encounter as children at Hogwarts. Even when apart this young couple was determined to last no matter what anyone else thought of them. During their last year at Hogwarts Corbin and Adélaïde become very serious about their relationship, so much so as to become engaged. Unaware that she was on the same path as her aunt before her.

Alaistaire had to reach out to his banished sister when he learned Adélaïde was with child, she was pregnant with me. With the family shame looming, Alaistaire pleaded for shelter and protection of Adélaïde while he and his wife Yvaine sought out safety for her and Corbin. Alaistaire and Yvaine were killed that very same night.

Torvulhd Hammond loved his son, my father more than he hated the Greyson family. He and his wife, my grandmother Kaeya gave their son blessing to live with Elorah and Iain. After the funeral of Albus Dumbeldore, then her own mother and father. My mother Adélaïde and my father Corbin prepared for the arrival of their only child (b. January 1) a daughter they named Laela Celestine Hammond. Corbin and Adélaïde made plans to find a home of their own for their little family. Having learned the Animagus transformation, both were in an animal form when they were attacked while on a very rare 'date night'. I became an orphan soon after I was born, my Great Aunt Elorah and her husband Iain have raised me as their own from then on in our family home Greyson Manor.


I will be the first to admit, I am bit of a wild card. My bright blue hair, and glittering violet eyes should be a give away. I don't always use my best judgement. I'm a let my heart lead the way type. Ruled by my emotions more so than by my brain, and what "common sense" tells me. I am not gullible but I can be a bit naïve. I am not apprehensive, but I do have a tendency to be very, very slightly cautious when danger is all too obviously imminent. I'm not fearful. Like a true Gryffindor I am actually quite bold. I have this habit of being sarcastic without even noticing, it is one of those things about myself that I like.

Spell List[]



My first name; Laela is Arabic and it is a variation of the name Layla or Laila, It means born at night or night fall. Other meanings include; intoxication, dark, or dark beauty. My middle name Celestine is French and it is a variation of the name Celeste it means celestial, heavenly, of sky. My (maternal) last name Greyson is English and it means gray-haired: son of the Gray family, son of Gregory or watchful. My (paternal) last name Hammond is German and it means high protection, ancestor protection, or home.

Greyson Motto: Hoc securior
Motto Translation: Safer by this
Hammond Motto: Per tot descrimina verun
Motto Translation: Through so many dangers