Laiken Aurora Shepherd



who would marry a person they just met? me. i would. please marry me.

life of the party, best friend™, fun and fresh and never pressed made by Soc.


Lailai (LeyLey), Laikey




April 1






African American


New York, United States of America


Single; Alive











Family Blood


Wand Core

Fwooper Feather

Wand Wood


Wand Arm



Losing her voice when she needs it






who would marry a person they just met? me. i would. please marry me.

life of the party, best friend™, fun and fresh and never pressed made by Soc.


Keke Palmer

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Hair Color




Distinguishing Marks




Mental State

Stable but she makes you question



who would marry a person they just met? me. i would. please marry me.

life of the party, best friend™, fun and fresh and never pressed made by Soc.

Favorite Color


Favorite Music Genre


Favorite Food

Breakfast food

Favorite Animal


Favorite Book

100 Dumb Jokes for Smart Kids

Favorite Drink

Apple Juice

Favorite Song

Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Favorite Movie

The Little Mermaid

Favorite Sweets

Coke ICEEs


Laughs all the time, Panic makes jokes, Dances herself away from uncomfortable conversations, Chews gum constantly, Immediately makes a character of everyone she meets


Making people laugh, good at basketball, Tying cherry stems with her tongue


Writing, technical skills, animal care


English, a bit of Mandarin


Laiken (LAY-kin): lake, pool • Shepherd (SHep-herd): sheep herder


Aurora Johnson O'Driscoll


Michael "Mikey" Shepherd

Full Siblings


Half Siblings



Aunt Kelly and Aunt Zoe

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who would marry a person they just met? me. i would. please marry me.

life of the party, best friend™, fun and fresh and never pressed made by Soc.

  • b r i l l i a n t
  • loves animals and actually knows how to take care of them
  • joker™ - loves a good joke and is constantly making them
  • definitely a "humor hides the pain of the past" kind of person
  • doesn't hold grudges - forgive and forget
  • mini author
  • loves writing and building characters
  • creative af - gets ideas from everything she sees
  • obsessed with magical creatures and muggle animals alike
  • knows more than the average joe about mechanics
  • good at seeing how things work and how pieces fit
  • puzzles are lit, thanks
  • always seeking adventure and a good time
  • laughs at everything but its okay because she has a cute laugh
  • headstrong like her momma
  • is she part of the Mickey Mouse gang? because she goofy
  • generally a happy person - you won't know if she's sad though
  • can low key cook well but only random foods you don't eat everyday
  • fashion masacre - will wear crocs with a gucci belt
  • always chewing gum
  • that kid in the classroom that whips out a pack of gum and everyone becomes their instant friend
  • loves to dance but is horrible at it
  • tbh she's kinda a mess but we love her



who would marry a person they just met? me. i would. please marry me.

life of the party, best friend™, fun and fresh and never pressed made by Soc.

Mikey Shepherd was a young and bright kid. While he didn't come from a very rich family, he held a lot of promise. He was smart and charming - a little clumsy too, but nothing that couldn't be looked over. He made it into NYU and afforded it solely on scholarships. That's where he was studying to be a veterinarian and also where he met the love of his life. Her name was Aurora. The only problem was that she was engaged to another man. Aurora was from a wealthy and well-established family. She was betrothed to this other man before she was even born. Despite loving Mikey, she had to marry this suitor from the O'Driscoll family. Mikey was heartbroken and so was Aurora.

Despite knowing how wrong it was, Mikey and Aurora secretly began to see each other. They couldn't resist the opportunity to be with their love. The two were excellent at hiding the relationship until they found out Aurora was pregnant. Aurora wanted to just run away with Mikey and their baby, but Mikey was reluctant to the idea. He was afraid he wouldn't have enough money to support them. He was still only an assistant at the vet office near his rundown apartment building. Not to mention the O'Driscoll fury they would have to face. As afraid as Mikey was though... nothing compared to the idea of a future without his lover and their child.

They had planned to run away after Mikey sold his contract on his apartment and before Aurora started to show. Unfortunately, there was a bump in the road. Charles O'Driscoll, the husband of his love, found the ultrasound photos. Charles thought the baby was his and confronted Aurora. In a panic, she told him the child really was his. If she'd said anything else, Charles might've had Michael killed. But now, they were faced with another problem. The O'Driscolls would never let that baby go. No matter how far Aurora would run with the child, Charles would come after her and the infant he presumed to be his own.

Aurora was with Mikey when she went into labor eight weeks early. There wasn't enough time to notify anyone even if Aurora had wanted to. But maybe this was better. Just her and Mikey. But with the baby coming so early, Aurora's life was now in danger. Michael was ready to take her to the hospital, but Aurora refused. Mikey didn't understand. He needed to get her some help. But Aurora didn't want Charles or anyone else knowing about their baby being born. If she had the baby here and left her with Mikey, she could tell Charles she had a miscarriage. It wasn't a terrible plan, except for the threat of losing her life in the process.

Through blood, sweat, and tears, Laiken was brought into the world. She was so young and frail, but she survived. So did Aurora. At least for a while. Aurora almost died giving birth to her baby girl and became deathly ill. Mikey brought Laiken to a hospital where they took care of the premature child for a few weeks until she was at a healthy size and state. Meanwhile, Aurora was taken to another hospital where the nurses tried everything they could to take care of her. When Charles arrived, Aurora told him that she miscarried the child. He was devastated but his focus was now on keeping Aurora alive.

Several weeks after Laiken's birth, Mikey was able to visit Aurora. Her condition had only gotten worse. As a last plea, Aurora wished for Mikey to take their child away and raise her well. She knew she was dying so it didn't matter if they left to start fresh. Mikey wanted to refuse her, but Aurora was hard-headed and insisted. She gave Michael the information to a secret account that held more than enough money for Mikey and Laiken to get away. The very next day, Mikey received word of his lover's passing. Shattered and broken, Michael complied to Aurora's last wish and took Laiken all the way to England where Mikey's sister Kelly lived.

With the money Aurora had gifted them, Mikey opened up a new practice where he could work as a vet while Kelly and her girlfriend Zoe helped raise Laiken. The three of them taught Laiken about life, new hobbies, and magic. Zoe taught her how to write. Even when Laiken was young, she wrote all sorts of little books and poems. Granted, the spelling and grammar took some time, but it was something she loved to do. Kelly was into mechanics and technology. Laiken was able to pick up a few skills from her aunt that way. She was never as good as Kelly, but she could hold her own. Her dad enlightened her on all there was to know about animals. Laiken would visit his office and help him with all the furry patients there. Though she didn't have a mother to learn anything from, she was quite content with the small family she had.

When Laiken was seven, she found one more thing to learn about from her Aunt: magic. It happened when she was at her dad's office. There was a bird there that she loved talking to. It was the kind that would talk to her too. Long story short, she became best friends with Pepper. Mikey had left the two in another room while he took care of a doberman until he heard loud giggling and squaking. When Mikey walked back in, Laiken was floating around the room while Pepper flew. Michael safely got Laiken down and decided it was time she have a chat with Kelly.

Kelly was a witch and was constantly roaming between the wizard and muggle worlds, so when Laiken started showing signs of magic, Kelly was thrilled. She began taking Laiken on visits to the wizard world whenever she went with Zoe. Laiken was amazed and began taking everything in as fast as possible. When Laiken turned eleven, she got her letter to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Though Mikey was reluctant for her to go, he wasn't going to stop her from doing something she was so excited about. At Hogwarts, Laiken was able to thrive. She still practiced writing and mechanics like before, but now she could add magic to the list. As far as her love of animals... well, now she had a whole realm of magical creatures to fall in love with.

who would marry a person they just met? me. i would. please marry me.

life of the party, best friend™, fun and fresh and never pressed made by Soc.

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