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Lance Rosen
6th Year - Ravenclaw
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Biographical Information
Gender Male
Age 16
Relationship Status Single
Sexuality Pansexual
Hometown NYC
Ethnicity American
Nationality American
Current Location Hogwarts
Alignment Ravenclaw
Familial Information
Family George and Juliet Rosen (Parents)
Physical Description
Height 6'0
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Handedness: Ambidextrous


Lance was born to Julie and George Rosen, two noble pure-bloods. He grew up to be a bit spoiled, as he had a rich family, and was an only child. Other then his parents, he never truly experienced any forms of love. He would get anything he wanted, but it was just to fill up an empty void roaming in his heart. Lance was raised in a vacation cottage his parents owned, as they disliked the city. Over the years, he grew more mature then before. His parents would invite his colleges home, and they would bring their own children. They were often female, making Lance somewhat "woo" them by flirting, just for fun. The relationships never last long. Even before coming to Hogwarts, his father taught him how to control magic! and he was often harsh during the process. As he turned 11, he finally went to Hogwarts, attending RavenClaw.


Lance is quite arrogant. He always talks back when offended, with more logical replies then brutal ones. He gives the impression of holding everyone in disdain. He has a chivalrous way with the ladies, despite his attitude. He can also be very sarcastic if he wants to be and is shown to be very confident about his looks. He is also known to be a bit self-centered; however, when it comes to justice, he is willing to make sacrifices and the right decisions.



Lance can cast the following spells with his Redwood Wand: Template:LanceSpells