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lars (n.)

1. "hi im lars levanter thyr karlsson. my names spell out LLT so u can call me LIT 🤩🤩🤩"
2. why eat a proper meal when u can have poptarts and milkshake all day every day
3. Gay Enabler Extraordinaire™

basic information


lars levanter thyr karlsson
oh myung-bin [ 오명빈 ]

nickname/s binnie [ by family ]
age 18 y/o
birthday 14 september 2025
sex / gender male
nationality swedish
ethnicity korean [ maternal ]
swedish [ paternal ]
orientations demihomosexual
relationship status single
species human [ wizard ]

magical information

blood status half-blood
magical education durmstrang institute [ 1st to 4th ]
hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry [ 6th-7th; hufflepuff ]
year graduated
patronus otter
boggart [redacted] and his dark spells cutting off his other limbs
amortentia [redacted], swimming pool chlorine, winter breeze
exotic? no


parents oh myungeun [ mother ]
erik karlsson [ father ]
siblings lukas [ older twin brother ]
linnea [ younger sister ]
liselotte [ younger sister ]
extended family na
best friend/s lukas, [redacted]


model kai kamal huening [ hueningkai; txt ]
hair colour black
eye colour dark brown
height shorter than average
weight slightly underweight
distinguishing marks his prosthetics


lars is a ball of unrestrained energy. he is a walking, living pair of exclamation points who lugs around sunshine and happiness and rainbows. he is excitable and seems to always be ready for a new challenge, or an adventure. he's also quick to slip out of any scoldings or punishment. lars only needs to flash a smile and apologise sweetly to be let off the hook before running to cause more chaos again. being asleep for almost a year and a half never lowered his energy levels. in fact, it's like they've doubled with lars wanting to experience anything and everything he's missed.

his bright, blinding aura makes it all too easy to hide any cracks in his smile. he's still deeply traumatised by the events that drove him to a coma and cost him his arm and foot.



— he has two prosthetics: his right arm and his right foot

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