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Laura Causer
The Lady of No Mystery
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About Me

Laura is still a student in Hogwarts
Laura was born to Pure-Blood parents Annabelle and Archibald Causer.
Laura was born as the second child to Annabelle and Archibald Causer, Desmond being the first. Born as a cousin to Emilee and Juliana Stanton, Annabelle chose to send Laura to Hogwarts like her cousins. However, being younger than her cousins, she was a first year when Emilee was a second and Juliana a third. Laura was used to it, however, even she knew that she probably won't be with Emilee and Juliana that long.
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The Lady of No Mystery
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Vital Statistics
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Gender Female
Born November 29, 2004
Family Emilee Stanton (Cousin) Juliana Stanton (Cousin)

Wilson Stanton (Cousin)

Status Alive
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Height 5'08"
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Affiliation Stanton Family Hogwarts
Wand Alder and Hippocampus Scale
Wand Hand Left
Home England
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Patronus N/A
Boggart Death of Family


Laura is somewhat tall, with brown hair and brown eyes.


Laura is a typical girl. She is sweet and loves her family. She is sometimes arrogant, but not always. She is rather social, and may be the first to get in a conversation.