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Lauren Anderson


Full Name: Lauren Anderson
Country of Origin: Scotland
Birthday: 8th April
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Species: Witch
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status:Single

School: Hogwarts
Country of Location: Scotland
House: Ravenclaw
Current Year: Graduate
Year Joined: 1st year

Blood Status: Half-blood
Wand Wood:
Wand Core:
Patronus: Tiger
Boggart: Failing


First Name Meaning: Feminine form of laurence meaning from Laurentum
Middle Name Meaning: N/A
Surname Meaning: Son of Andrew

Song:Classical music


Inspired by:
Where to Find Them:The library
Handedness: Right
Mother: Grace Anderson
Father: Bruce Anderson
Full Siblings: Jack Anderson Lewis Anderson Mia Matthews
Half Siblings:

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Since recovering from Scronfungulus, and seeing how close to death she was she changed a lot about herself. She began talking to people more, chose to make conversation rather than read a book. Which she still carried around with her. She lost interest in a lot of the things she'd done before the outbreak, such as her job, she found it bored her. She's still a rather outspoken person though, she doesn't think before she speaks

Lauren is the youngest daughter of two wizard parents. Her mother was a muggle-born whilst her father was a half blood meaning she grew up in the wizarding world. she had a reasonably normal childhood but was never like her older brothers or sister. she wasn't as sporty as one or noisy as the other. so whilst they got most of the attention she hid away and read. when she was 7 she showed the first signs of magic. her brothers were yelling whilst she was trying to read. she glared at them and the next thing they knew they were in a glass box. her parents had to reverse the spell afterwards but her brothers were no longer noisy when she was trying to read. she got her Hogwarts letter when she was 11 and spent the next few years of her life being the quiet girl that always studied and got good marks. she started coming out of her shell more in her 4th year and now talks to people a lot more. During her time at Hogwarts she made a grand total of 1 friend, A boy named Ray Snider. The two started dating and were together up intil 7th year. When he suddenly disapeared, and didn't return to Hogwarts. She graduated Hogwarts alone. Well apart from her sister who had returned to teach for the year much to her horror. After graduation she joined the Department for the regulation and control of magical creatures in the beast department.

Karen gillan

Model Name: Karen Gillan
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Eye Color: Blue




Lauren Anderson 2
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