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Basic Information
AGE eighteen
STATUS alive
SPECIES wizard
SEXUALITY bisexual
MODEL toby regbo


The Belfrey family has had their fortune for a long time now, for as long as the records have kept track of them. The Belfreys are known for birthing children who grow and branch out to become some of the most productive members of society, as entrepreneurs, lawyers, healers, government officials, etc. Over time, they've come together and amassed an unimaginable wealth, to which every Belfrey now has access to, contrary to the times where only the men in the family had access. Though they've always been centered in France & the United Kingdom, you're likely to find a descendant of the original Belfreys wherever you go - granted you know where to look. Lord knows the Belfreys breed fast, and at great quantities.

A key component of their family is the way they've come across throughout time. They're one of the original families in the world of magic - they've been in this Earth for centuries now, and thus feel a sense of superiority. It's not so much because they're of pure status - that's far from it. They've seen the rise and fall of many legendary families, great wizards and witches coming and going simply because they saw themselves as the best of the best, just because of the purity of their blood. That doesn't take away from the fact, though, that not all of them share the same mindset. Now think about how difficult it must be, living with a family that's ethically & morally diverse. The current Belfrey patriarch is a blood supremacist, despite his inclusive upbringing. He lived around the era of the Great Wizarding Wars, and has clung onto old ideals as an (undiscovered) former Death Eater. That, in itself, is bad enough.

His eldest daughter, Victoire Belfrey, is a prideful, arrogant woman. She strives to be one of the most powerful, one of the richest and most beautiful women to grace the British wizarding society. She's an over-accomplisher who married into the Yaxley family - a family known for their purity, their stance on muggle-borns and creatures, and the sheer amount of influence they have, what with all the political figures and lawyers they've spawned. Victoire is easily one of Bartholomew's favorite offspring; she understands what power is and strives to have it all. For that reason, her children's upbringing involved awareness of their status, and subsequently loads of tutoring on proper etiquette. They are, suffice to say, modern nobility - they have been ever since the rise into power of the Magical Monarchy. They need to look and act the part.

Laurence was one of Victoire's many children. A middle child. Similar to a few of his siblings, his beliefs were very different from the ones he was grown up with. His thoughts on politics and wizard "status" were quite contrast to his mother and father. He was always just more open-minded about life and thought about things a lot. Why does this make sense? What's the reasoning behind why this person believes this? Why does this person believe something different? He was always thinking and... blood supremacy didn't make a lot of sense when he thought a lot about it. When news had been revealed that Colette was actually a half-nymph, Laurence was a lot more welcoming about it than most of his family. He thought being a half-nymph was honestly really cool. So, was he ever a picture-perfect Belfrey? No, but that's never what he wanted to be.

Laurence was accepted into Hogwarts, sorted into Gryffindor. It was clear to him that he was a wizard at the age of seven, his first sign of magic being shown when having to clean the house when Victoire was gone. He had forgotten to do so and she could be home any minute, but he managed well enough and the house was clean perfectly once she walked through the door. He was excited to be sorted into the house of Gryffindor, hearing some about it from a few of his older siblings that had been sorted into the lion house. He did well in his house, did well in school in general. Though, what he wanted to do in life had to do more with Care of Magical Creatures than anything else. And, funnily enough, that was the class he excelled in most. His ideas occupation-wise varied throughout the years - all having to do with creatures, magical and muggle ones alike - but his decision was set in stone when graduating and pursuing the job. It had to do with one of the most interesting and dangerous magical creatures. So, now at eighteen, Laurence started working as a dragonologist.

Similar to a few of Laurence's siblings, the Belfrey traveled some right after graduating, studying dragons of all types around the world. But also similar to a few of his siblings, he ultimately decided to come back to be with his family when the new policies started to be made. His first thoughts went to his half-nymph sister, Colette. When he found out she was going back to England herself, Laurence was back soon after. It wasn't even him being much of a protective sibling. She was the older one. He just wanted to be with the family - the ones worth his time - while policies and such like these were surfacing and a whole new trash minister had taken power.




Laurence has always been quite open-minded. He wants to know the reasoning behind things before diving in head first and believing everything he hears. His beliefs often change, too. Never set in stone. A reasonable argument? Just learning new things in general? His brain goes haywire until he can think some and put together more pieces in the big messy puzzle that is his life and beliefs. His curious mind, really, has never showed too much with other people, but it's there. Always wondering and having him research more. Big reason why he became a dragonologist, too. Such interesting creatures that he wants to know more about.

Honestly, although he would't say so himself, Laurence is a little sweetheart. He's always thinking about other people before him. Always there if someone needs him no matter what. He's extremely trustable, and himself trusts easily back. This can cause him to be naive at times and be stabbed in the back easily, but there's also pros as well to not having many walls up when it came to trust. He's also quite the social one, always loving to chat and such. He's someone nice to go have a beer with and about either light-heated or deep shit. Maybe both. He'll always make someone laugh if they need to laugh, and his jokes are generally stupid, too. Pun, pun, puns. Though, some could say, the dumbest jokes are the best to hear when times are rough and someone's sad.

Commitment? Who? Laurence doesn't know. He's always sucked at commitment no matter how hard he tries. His relationships in school never lasted more than a month, and it was the same when he graduated. He's much more of a hookup once and never see again type of guy. So a bit of a f-ckboy? Maybe. The idea of something as deep as being committed to someone is - to be honest - quite scary (lmao) for Laurence. He wants a relationship. One day. Just, for now, especially with him being so busy in work and such, he'd much rather keep it easy going instead.




Other Information
MOTHER Victoire Belfrey
SIBLINGS Colette, Matheo, Ethan
BODY TYPE Slim but Muscular??? IDK UGH

Magical Information
SCHOOL Hogwarts Alumni
HOUSE Gryffindor

FAVE DRINK Butterbeer






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