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Full Name: Leif Amadeus Reichert
Country of Origin: Germany
Birthday: August 1st
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Wizard
Sexuality: Heterosexual, heteromatinc
Relationship Status:Engaged!!!

School: Durmstrang
Country of Location:
House: N/A
Current Year: Alumni
Year Joined: 1st

Blood Status: Pure-Blood
Wand Wood: Alder
Wand Core: Dragon Heartstring
Length: 15 inch
Patronus: Leopard
Boggart: His upset brother
Amortentia: Beer, fish, chips


First Name Meaning:
Middle Name Meaning:
Surname Meaning: Reichert is a Germanic spelling of Richard.

Food:Fish and Chips
Song:You Know You Like It by DJ Snake & AlunaGeorge
Possession:His beater bat
Person: The Harriers
Book: N/A
Show/Movie: N/A

Food: Anything with onions.
Song: N/A
Possession: A golden snitch.
Person: N/A
Book: N/A
Show/Movie: N/A

Inspired by: N/A
Where to Find Them:Harriers House
Handedness: Right
Mother: Sandra Reichert
Father: Alain Reichert
Full Siblings: Lars Reichert
Half Siblings: Courtney Holland, Annaleise Holland, Amber Holland

Relatives: Cecilia Holland-Reichert, Mathia Holland-Reichert, Ebberla "Emma" Dachshund, Maersk Family

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Leif is somewhat like his brother, Lars. In only one aspect. He had charm as well. But otherwise, he is quite the talkative person, and can occasionally be a little annoying. He can be a nuisance often, as he was to his parents. He is also quite sensitive, and tends to curse occasionally. He tries to control it when he can, and if he is to curse, he does it in German.

Leif, born Leif Amadeus Reichert, was born in Germany, to a Swedish wizard and German witch. His first language, unusually, was German, and he spoke nothing other than it. It was said at one point that Leif is "the most German member of the family, second to his own mother."

Upon reaching school-age, his family wished to move out. Leif said no. There was a huge argument, until a compromise was reached. It was decided that Leif shall live with his mother's dad. He settled for that, seeing as how he did not know his grandparents.

At one point, Leif saw his grandpa watching something that caught his own eye. He asked what it was, and his grandpa went off on a long tale about Quidditch. He said the local school - Durmstrang - didn't really have Quidditch, so he genuinely asked Leif if he wanted to play.

Leif agreed, but he didn't understand the game. So his grandpa taught. He also spoke - a lot - about this team, called the Heidelburg Harriers. He claims that they are Germany's best, and that none can match with them. This, of course, may not have been completely true, but Leif believed it nonetheless. His grandpa had made it a life mission to get Leif to play for the Harriers.

During his years in Durmstrang, Leif tried to spend as much of the holidays as possible to learn how to play Quidditch. He even had his grandpa buy him a book about Quidditch. He learned much, and even created a move or two of his own.

Upon his graduation, with flying colors, he received a number of gifts, including a full Quidditch practice set. Leif had studied and learned to play just about every single position, except Beater. He never understood how to play Beater right.

Leif signed up to play with the Heidelburg Harriers after he turned 20. He initially started off as a reserve, but later got an unexpected surprise. On his 22nd birthday, which somehow coincided with a game, he was brought out on the field, on the one position he didn't understand, Beater.

After several years - 10 to be exact - he finally learned the ins and outs, and never regretted this. He had became his dream that he had 20 years ago - to become part of the Heidelburg Harriers. He now plays professionally with them.

As Germany came to a defeat and the World Cup came to a close, the Harriers lost touch as a team, and split up. Leif chose to move to a local team; Puddlemere United. Thankfully, his versatility won him a spot as a Chaser, even though Beater was more natural for him, but he indeed recalls that he makes a good Chaser.

Leif took another turn in life, this time, he joined up with the Kenmare Kestrels, and after a slow and rocky season, he can't say that it was super worth it on his part. Things got worse when Leif discovered that his close friends Gilbert and Julchen (who was partly the love of his life) got a rare case of double amnesia. At that point, Leif was about ready to admit that he basically lost everything he had...

Until he found love in someone else... a teammate called Hazel Albertson. He began dating her... and about 2 years later, he proposed to her. Life might actually look up for Leif...

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Model Name: Thomas Müller
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'10

Weight: "Forget you."


Hazel Albertson

Leif has proposed to her... and truly accepts her as a piece of himself and as much more than a friend or girlfriend.

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