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Birthday September 1
Age 38
Status Alive
Pronunciation lay‧nah shmit
Family Schmidt Family
Handedness Right
Gender Female
Orientation Homosexual, Homoromantic
Nationality Welsh, German
Speaks German, English, Welsh
Species Witch, Human
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'7"
Model Angelina Jolie

Lena Cerys Schmidt was born to two ex-professional Quidditch players, the eldest of eight. Her mother was once a beater on the Holyhead Harpies, and her father a Keeper on the Heidelberg Harriers. The two had met before a match and an attraction had grown almost immediately. It wasn't long before they'd started dating and began to fall in love.

After two years of dating, the pair ended it. It was more Derrick's fault than Emily's, as after he'd won one of the most important matches of his career, he'd gotten very, very drunk. One of the team's biggest fans noticed this, and approached him. Thinking that the fan was Emily, he took her home with him, where the real Emily was waiting. She was so upset that she left without letting him explain, and after that expressed all her anger in her Quidditch games. This earned her quite the reputation as a beater.

On the other hand, Derrick could barely focus in any of his games. This would have cost him his career, if his teammates hadn't organised an intervention along with Emily's. They secretly recorded him recounting what happened, and passed the tape onto the Harpies to give to Emily. Fortunately, the plan worked.

After the pair had had a long conversation about the incident, Emily found it in her to forgive him, with the condition that he earn her trust. After a year and a half, the two got back together. Three years and they were engaged, and the year after that they were married.

Their first children were Aeron and Arthur, born in Berlin, Germany, where the couple had moved permanently. A year later, on a trip to Wales, came Lena Cerys. Another year, and Ansel joined the growing family, followed a few years later by Boyce and then Edmund, born on two separate trips to Wales. Last of all came Blake and Sadie, the youngest of the children. Lena always felt like she had a responsibility to look after her younger siblings, Blake and Sadie most of all, though she did love to tease her brothers, Ansel especially.

From a young age, Lena would play chaser alongside her mother, while Aeron and Arthur were beaters, Ansel the seeker and their father the keeper. They would practice daily until Lena left for the Eastern European School of Magic.

Upon starting school, Lena was sorted into Vorobyov and made quite a few friends there. She made it onto the Quidditch team as a chaser in her first year, but by her second year had started playing beater. She became captain in her fourth year, and held the position until graduation, where she was soon scouted by the Holyhead Harpies, her mother's old team. Nearly five years later, her little brother Ansel became Keeper for the Heidelberg Harriers, their father's team.
Lena is a party girl, and she knows it. She's generally quite blunt, like her mother, and she's very fond of teasing her family and friends mercilessly. She loves jokes and making people laugh, and in her opinion she's much better at it than her brother Aeron. Due to being one of the eldest, she sometimes mothers her younger siblings, and, even though she didn't pay much attention in school, she thinks that her siblings should at least try to get good grades. She's not flirty, per se, or at least not outright, but more... intoxicating. She tends to be very fond of alcohol, and has a formidable temper. Note that these are not linked.

Boggart One of those disembodied hands that crawls along the floor to grab you in horror movies.
Amortentia Eagle
Wand Sycamore, Dragon Heartstring, 10 3/4"
Interests Quidditch
Pet Peeve
Star Sign

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