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above the pink sand, above the rainbow sea, let’s d r a w out a fantasy dream. whatever it is, it’s b e a u t i f u l here — let’s walk on water, above the rainbow sea. let’s hold hands and d a n c e like crazy, night and day
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basic information

Full Name ||

변재원 | Byun Jaewon [Birth name]
Leo Emil Meier [Adopted name]
황재원 | Hwang Jaewon [Korean name]

Nicknames ||


Age ||


Birthday ||

28 February 2026

Zodiac Sign ||


Assigned Sex ||


Gender Identity ||


Sexual Orientation ||


Romantic Orientation ||


Relationship Status ||


Species ||

Human [Wizard]

Nationality ||


Ethnicity ||


Birthplace ||

Incheon, South Korea

Current Location ||

Meier Home, Kristianstad, Sweden
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
magical information

Blood Status ||


Magical Education ||

Durmstrang Institute of Magic [Years 1-3]
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry [Years 4-Current]

Year ||

Seventh Year [Hufflepuff]

Wand Wood ||


Wand Core ||

Unicorn Hair

Wand Length ||

10 ½ inches

Patronus ||


Boggart ||


Exotic? ||


Face Claim ||

Choi Yeonjun [Yeonjun, TXT]

Hair ||


Eyes ||

Brown [Monolid; mischievous looking]

Skin ||

Pallor Asian

Height ||

181 cm

Weight ||

62 kg

Body Frame ||


Tattoos ||


Piercings ||

One on both ears

Voice ||

Baritone [German-Swedish Accent]

Scent ||

Hot Cocoa, Honey, and Cinnamon

Byun Chanwoo and Hwang Hyojung were your typical childhood friends turned lovers story. They grew up in the same wizarding community in Incheon, and were each other's proclaimed 'best friends'. However, the pair grew apart during their early years at the East Asian School of Magic. It was a natural thing: they were both growing up and finding friends that better suited their interests. They still greeted each other in the hallways, and they both found it comfortable to talk to each other when paired up for class activities and projects. Nothing was amiss, they were still on relatively good terms. Until that one day Chanwoo realized that he found Hyojung talking about their Potions ingredients cute. The way her long straight hair flowed in the wind attractive. The way he wanted to reach for her hand so badly when they got an O for their project and she was smiling at the professor's praise. Byun Chanwoo saw Hwang Hyojung as a woman. And luckily for him, Hyojung felt the same way.

The couple were said by many to be soulmates.


Father ||

Byun Chanwoo [birth father]
Timo Meier [adoptive father]

Mother ||

Hwang Hyojung

Full Siblings ||


Half Siblings ||

Noah Meier [younger brother, maternal]
Elias Meier [younger brother, maternal]
Julian Meier [younger brother, maternal]
Byun Jaeyong [younger brother, paternal]
Byun Jaehun [younger brother, paternal]
Byun Jaemin [younger brother, paternal]

Children ||


Other Relatives ||


Significant Other(s) ||

Best Friend(s) ||

{{{Best Friend}}}

Friends ||


Acquaintances ||


Enemies ||

  • Leo doesn't acknowledge that he's the only full Korean child in his family. Everyone else just acts as if he's half-Korean.
  • Is fluent in German, Swedish and English.
    • His mother stopped speaking to him in Korean the moment they moved to Germany, and they never spoke it at home. The reason for this was so that if his biological father ever came back into the picture, they wouldn't be able to speak to each other due to the language barrier. He knows bits and pieces because of TXT Squad, but overall his Korean is terrible and he has a noticeable German accent when he speaks it.
  • Leo always has fun facts to give out.
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