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Full Name: Leon Vladimir Akira Schmidt
Born: 25 February 2001
Age: 26
Status: Single/Alive
Gender: Male
Species: Wizard
Part Spirit Nymph
Nationality: German
Ethnicity: German-Spanish
Accent: German
Blood Status: Half-breed
Orientations: Pansexual biromantic

Father: Marius Schmidt
Mother: Hiyori Yamamoto-Schmidt
Siblings: Katja Schmidt (younger sister)
Tobias Schmidt (younger brother)
Regine Schmidt (younger sister)
Other Relatives:
Most Important Person Before: Hiyori Schmidt
Most Important Person Now: Tie between all his family members

School: Durmstrang
Best Core Class: N/A
Worst Core Class: N/A
Electives: N/A
Quidditch: Nope

Wand Wood: WIP
Wand Core: WIP
Wand Length: WIP
Pets: None
Animagus/Patronus: N/A / Dolphin
Boggart: wip
Amortentia: N/A

Occupation: St. Mungo's pediatrician
Loyalty: Schmidt family, St. Mungo's
Organizations: N/A
Alignment: Good neutral


Hair Colour: Black
Hair Style: Well-kept
Hair Length: Short
Eye Colour: Brown
Ethnicity: German-Japanese
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Voice: Baritone
Eye Sight: 20/20
Health Status: Healthy
Clothing Style: Comfortable
Most Notable Accessory: His scarf
Distinguishing Marks: None!
Takes After Which Parent?: Equally from both parents
Posture: Straight


Leon is naturally very shy and reserved, much like anyone with Spirit Nymph ancestry. His replies consist mostly of a few words, some phrases, and rarely a full sentence. When he's comfortable around you, he may speak a bit more. Around his family, he certainly speaks a lot more and will reveal his natural dry humor. Around younger children, he is a lot more gentle and soft spoken.

As a half spirit nymph, he is unusually adept at understanding other people's emotions, an asset that helps him a lot in his job being a pedia. He is really good with children and loves to be around them, which is why he enjoys his job so much. His naturally friendly aura draws children towards him. His favourite place to visit is Lil Bundles, which is where he usually goes to when he's not in his office.

Leon is extremely protective of his parents, siblings, and extended family. He would verbally lash out at anyone who hurts his family. Though he might not say it out loud, he really loves his big family. He acts as a peacekeeper for his siblings whenever they have a misunderstanding or a fight.


Everyone knows about the famous Schmidt family, the Kardashians of the Magical world. The Quidditch star family consisting of the managers for the Harpies and Harriers and their eight children. However, that's only one branch of the Schmidt family. Let me introduce to you the lesser-known part of this famous family. It's a lesser known fact that Derrick has several more siblings and an even lesser known fact that said siblings have children of their own.

One of these siblings is Marius Schmidt, who is 3 years younger than Derrick. Marius was a bit of a wanderlust and was well-known for jumping from National Quidditch Team to National Quidditch team every 2 years. This trait earned him the epithet Marius of a Hundred Teams and made him very skilled in Quidditch due to the amount of exposure. It was his time in Japan and the Toyohashi Tengu when he met the Spirit Nymph Hiyori Yamamoto.

Marius fell head over heels for Hiyori, but Hiyori didn't immediately reciprocate, so Marius decided to go down the long road. He worked hard to become Hiyori's friend and subsequently repressed his romantic feelings for her as a way of saying "It's okay, I'll wait for you.". The nymph appreciated his actions and accepted his request to become friends. They stayed like this for a year and a half, Marius still patiently waiting for Hiyori. After a year and 8 months of waiting, Hiyori finally reciprocated his feelings and they started dating.

It was quite hard trying to keep up in a long distance relationship when Marius moved to Italy after his two years in Japan, but they managed. Marius offered Hiyori to come with him in his journey across the world but Hiyori declined, thinking that she would only be a nuisance if she accepts. But after four years of not seeing each other, Hiyori finally relented and followed Marius in Romania. From there, they continued their journey across the world, Marius proposing to Hiyori in Russia.

The two were married in Germany, Marius' home country, surrounded by Marius' friends and family. Although she was shy at first, Hiyori eventually warmed up to the Schmidts and their friends. This was the start of Marius and Hiyori Schmidt's new life.

A year after the wedding, Hiyori became pregnant and the whole family was ecstatic, especially since Emily Schmidt, Hiyori and Marius' sister-in-law, was pregnant too. Nine months passed and Leon Vladimir Akira Schmidt was born, exactly 5 days after Arthur and Aeron. True, Vladimir and Akira weren't German names, but they chose them in remembrance of Russia, the place where Marius had proposed, and Japan, the place where they first met.

Leon grew up being a shy and reserved child, silently observing his cousins play Quidditch beside his mother. He was much more interested in the nymph powers he inherited from his mother and practiced them every day. With the guidance of Hiyori, Leon eventually became quite good at reading auras, but he isn't up to Hiyori's level yet.

Three years after Leon was born, Hiyori became pregnant again. Leon was skeptical since he would often see his cousins get into arguments with their younger siblings and how the babies often become very loud at random times. But he didn't voice his opinion since he felt how happy his parents were about the new baby. His opinion soon changed after he first laid eyes on his new sister, Katja Schmidt. Unfortunately, it was soon apparent that Katja didn't inherit her mother's powers, which the family didn't care much about because the important thing is that they love each other equally.

Eventually, he tried playing Quidditch and quickly found out that he had the same skill in it as his cousins, especially on the Keeper position. So whenever he's not practicing, he's off in the skies with the rest of the Schmidts, playing with them. He and Katja became as close as two peas in a pod, never seen without each other. It was when Leon was 9 and Katja was 6 when they got another sibling, Tobias Schmidt, who, like Katja, didn't receive his mother's nymph powers too.

He got into Durmstrang on his eleventh birthday. Leon led a normal school life, concentrating on getting good grades and strengthening his nymph powers. He was also responsible for Katja when he was in school. In his fourth year, he, Katja, and Tobias received their youngest sibling, a girl named Regine Schmidt. He tried out, and got in, his house team as a Keeper. He also had at least one girlfriend in 5th year and a boyfriend in 7th year. Eventually, he finished his seven years there with no problems.

Straight out of school, he tried out for the Appleby Arrows team as a Keeper and got in. Three years into his Quidditch career, he and his boyfriend broke it off because the stress of professional Quidditch was straining their relationship. After seven years of playing, he decided to quit and move to England, deciding to just be a spectator for his cousins' matches.

Eventually, he ended up going to Lil Bundles and interacting with the kids, sometimes helping with the kids who had more... complicated backstories than the rest. He became quite friendly with the kids and discovered that helping kids was making him happier than when he was playing as a Keeper. Though eventually, he landed a position of pediatrician at St. Mungo's and has been working there ever since.


Leon Schmidt Ω Durmstrang Alumnus Ω Half-Spirit Nymph Ω Pediatrician
-"Ich hasse dich nicht. Ich bin nur nicht über deine Existenz erfreut."
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Leon Vladimir Akira Schmidt is the son of Marius Schmidt, brother to Derrick Schmidt, and Hiyori Schmidt, a Spirit Nymph, making him a half Spirit Nymph. Out of the four Yamamoto-Schmidt kids, he is the only one to have inherited his mother's powers. He is a former Keeper for the Appleby Arrows and former helper at Lil Bundles. He is working at St. Mungo's as a pediatrician.