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Leona Jane Rosseau-Gold
Leona Reese
"Devil child" (Not really but it's what most people call her)
Hufflepuff Student
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Frost's
Status Alive, Single
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 4'6 ft
Affiliation Hogwarts Student
Wand Rosewood and unicron hair 12 inches
Species Witch
Home Lil Bundles

Leona Rosseau-Gold (Continued)


  Tiger (will be)


Dark Wizards and Witches


Good Wizards and Witches


Her birth mother






Amber-Marie_Rosseau-Gold (Former Adoptive Mother)

Hufflepuff crest

This character is a Hufflepuff!


She was raised by foster parents for as long as she can remember. She faintly remebers her mothers voice before she was taken to a foster home. She never knew who or what her birth family was like till she found out and she resented them for being so dark. She is 11 years old now and would love to be a part of a family who loves her for her. She is very kindhearted so she could not hurt anyone or anything. She would love to help others before helping herself. Her first sigh of magic was when one of her foster sblings had scared her and her hair changed to a bright gold-yellow and the person who told her about hogwarts was one of her foster mothers who was a witch named Levi Withers.

Leona's flaw is that she doesn't have any self loyalty and perfers to have friends by her than to be alone. She loves everyone and everything., but doesn't want to talk about her family of dark witches and wizards. Even though she bears a strong resembalnce to her mother and father. She has her mothers hair and fathers eyes. Every foster home she's been to the kids have been afraid of her and wont go near her. She spends most of her tume locked in her room only comes out to eat or take a bath till it's time to go to another foster home. The foster parents she had sent her to and apartment place to meet her soon to be adoptive former mother Amber-Marie Rosseau-Gold. Leona knew she was going to like her from the moment she saw her. She now lives with Amber as her adoptive daughter. She is now a permaninte member of lil bundles till her true family arives.


She is Kind, Trustworthy and Very Humble to others and noble to everyone who is nice to her. She would not be able to harm a fly is how kindhearted she is. Some people would think she's to softhearted to do any damage to anyone but they wont trust her because of her birth family. She has a little bit of her mothers personality and a little of her fatthers as well but she keeps that hidden.