Seeker for the GNQT

Leonie Förstner

(This Character is Role-played by MerisaMist )


Leonie Förstner



Vital Statistics
Age 19
Date of Birth December 5, 2010
Birth Place Berlin, Germany
Ethnicity German
Species Human/Witch
Blood Status Muggleborn
Home tba

Physical Characteristics
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'9"
Weight "Uh....rude much"

Affiliation & Relationships
Father Aleksander Förstner
Mother Harriet Weber
Siblings Bradford Förstner - older brother

Janeca Förstner - older sister

Other Important Figures
Relationship Status Single
School Durmstrang
House n/a


Leonie Förstner is the youngest daughter of the Förstner family.

Leonie was born on a snowy December day to Aleksander and Harriet Förstner in Berlin, Germany. She grew up with high expectations. After all, a neurosurgeon and an engineer couldn't possible have a child that didn't excel.

Leonie grew up trying everything that she could to do her own thing, which just happened to be sports. Of course, her parents encouraged her. Just not in the right way. After a game of Fußball when she was seven years old, her parents talked to her about why her team didn't win. Of course, and rightly so, frustrated her. The lights in her home grew brighter with each sentence spoken until they exploded. Her parents chalked it up to them being faulty. That was until she got a message from Durmstrang.

Her school years were uneventful for the most part. She got average grades much to her parents disapproval. However, there she discovered Quidditch. She learned the game and happened to be pretty good at it. She found, when she actually cares, she has an eye for small things. So of course, she was the perfect candidate for seeker. And she was good at it.

She played the game for five of her seven school years and was soon approached by the German National Quidditch Team as their new seeker. She gladly accepted.


Leonie is a stubborn girl. She hates following expectations set and loves to do her own thing. When actually motivated, she has an incredible eye for detail and has really quick reflexes. She's definitely headstrong and isn't afraid to share her opinions. She can be difficult at times. She loves to just sit and talk with people to get to know them. She's not a big 'actions speak louder then words' kind of person. She's trusting. However, if you break her trust then your in a lot of trouble because she will never trust with something important again.

Skills and Abilities

Leonie Förstner is a pretty good Quidditch player. She also is a fairly decent singer.


Leonie Förstner

♦ Meaning ♦
  • Leonie means "lioness".
  • Förstner means keeper of the forest

♦ Nicknames ♦


First Language German
Other Languages English
Accents German
Handedness Left
Special Habits She bites the inside of her cheek when nervous
Allergies Peanuts
Wand Ash with Unicorn Hair Core 11 2/3"
Patronus Lion
Boggart Unknown

Personal Motto "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"
Amortentia Pine, Polished Wood and Ink
Mirror of Erised Unknown
Hobbies Singing
Likes Flying and Singing
Dislikes arrogant people, know-it-alls
Fears Dying
Comfort Food Chocolate
Colors Brown
Pets Salem the black cat
Quidditch Team Obviously GNQT (and the Norway team)


Her father can be extremely annoying.

Same applies to her mother

He's alright.

She's pretty cool.

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