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grand duke leontiy of russia
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Leontiy Konstantinovich Romanov
full name
Leo, Lyonya
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Wizard / Animagus
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St. Petersburg, Russia
Leeds Castle, UK
current residence
Russian, English, Tatar, French
languages spoken
27 June 2019




[ Romanov Family History ]

Tsar Nicholas the II ascended the Russian throne in 1896 and even confessed that he 'knew nothing of being a ruler' and was dreadfully unprepared to take on the throne for he lacked the strength and willpower of his father before him. Even the day of his coronation was a foreshadowing of the tragedy that was his reign. The death of more than a thousand people during the coronations festivities and the following public fallout over the imperial court's response set the stage of the final moments of Tsarist Russia. Scandal after scandal, bloodshed after bloodshed, plagued the next twenty years with Nicholas being nicknamed 'Bloody Nicholas' after Bloody Sunday that invoked the failed revolution. Nicholas ruled with the belief that god granted him the throne and that it was his duty to rule as an autocrat so when the people pushed for a state duma, who were voted in, he was firmly against it and revoked as much power from it before it opened in 1906. Revolution was brewing under Nicholas's nose and the issues the population suffered from was only exacerbated when the first world war broke out in 1914.

One of the most frequent rumours that plagued the royal family was the presence of Grigori Rasputin. Employed to help try heal the youngest son's hemophilia, he had a reputation of being a womaniser and a drunk. The rumours surrounding he and the Tsarina were abundant and many people assumed the two were sleeping together. What the muggle world did not know was that Rasputin was a Russian wizard and was highly versed in wandless magic. Though he hid behind the facade of being a religious man, he used his magic to heal afflictions impossible for muggles to heal on their own. Russia's muggle and magical world was often interwoven with one another, Rasputin, a wizard, being in such a high influential position in the muggle world was proof of how the lines between the worlds were blurred. The Russian magic of ministry often caught flack from international bodies at the time about their constant interaction with the muggle world and that they were breaking the statute of secrecy. In 1913, Alexandra gave birth to her sixth and final child, Grand Duke Nikolai, or Nicholas the III. In truth, however, Rasputin was the true father but Alexandra never figured it out as her son looked too much like to her features for it to be obvious.

The young duke was kept out of the public eye completely due to how unstable both the political world was and Alexei's health was. If Alexei were to die from an injury then the duke would be a viable replacement to become the tsarevich. So Nicholas the third was removed from history and any public records, telling people he was a ward whose parents had died. In 1916, Nicky the third's true father, Rasputin, was murdered by Felix Yussupov through poison and shooting him at a short range before finally drowning. After his body was found, a certain body part was immortalised by his daughter who made a memorial around it in her home. One year later, the provisional government would have taken power from the Tsar and placed them into home arrest.

In July, 1818, during the civil war, the Bolshevik's executed the Romanov family in Yekaterinburg where they had been placed under house arrest. The white's had been closing in and the reds refused to allow the opposition to have a symbol to unify them. Nicholas the II, Alexandra, Anastasia, Maria, Olga, Tatiana and Alexei were all shot and buried in a forest nearby. However, their youngest son, five years old at this point, was not there with them. For just after she found out her father abdicated in 1917, Alexandra knew their time was running short and sent Nicholas to England with a noble to keep him safe. No one knew, except this one noble, about Nicholas's true identity and so he was allowed to depart Russia for England. The initial plan was to follow him there soon after but this dream of the Romanovs was shortly lived.

The last remaining Romanov child grew up in England knowing full well who he was and what he had lost. The noble, who he called his affectionately called his uncle, was well aware of the magical world for he was a squib but his family had ties in the muggle world that he was still able to flourish in the muggle world. So he wasn't too taken aback when he realised Nicholas, who went more by Kolya, was a wizard by the time he was eight. Kolya flourished in Hogwarts and everyone was well aware of his heritage. (Surely it was no wonder then that rumours that a secret child survived the execution were rampant in the muggle world, though people believed it to be Anastasia rather than a second son). He never returned to Russia for they often closely mirrored the events occurring in the muggle world, a consequence of interacting so much-the ideals and ideas seep into one another, and they had quickly eradicated the autocratic ministry in the years following the Russian Revolution in the muggle world. Thus, it was quickly made clear that Kolya was not welcome back in Russia. It was even believed they'd try assassinate Kolya but the protection of the British ministry and the royal family ensured that no harm came to Kolya.

Kolya lived a relatively quiet life compared to his ancestors. He became an academic and spent his time studying what he loved-the history of centaurs. However, he remained in high standing with high society, especially the Sacred 28's despite his modest career and wealth. When he was nearing his thirties, he married Nina Shacklebolt. A quiet life. In 1935, they welcome their first daughter, Maria Nikolaevna Romanova, who was soon followed by their final child, Yekaterina Nikolaevna Romanova. For the next sixty years, life was pretty normal. Kolya didn't talk much about his heritage and they never returned to Russia. Deep down, Kolya felt disenfranchised in his mother country and didn't have a high opinion on the country that murdered his family. Maria married a Peter Crouch but they struggled to have children and it wasn't until the early years of 1995 did they have their first child.

Yet in 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed. For a period of time, this didn't affect the magical side of Russia but the domino effect had began. Of course, unlike before, this revolution was not from below but from the top. The Soviet Union collapsed because of internal factors and nationalism and magical Russia was no different. They were left without a proper ministry and it was soon becoming a vacuum for power and the remains were desperate for some stability. So the collapsing ministry looked outwards and realised that the family that they once scorned could be their solution. They contacted the remains of the Romanov family and, like the French once did themselves, offered them back the throne with the condition that it would be a constitutional monarchy. Whilst they would have influence, the ministry would have the majority of the power. Kolya rejected this completely. He'd grown bitter in regards to Russia and it could collapse for all he cared. So they asked Maria, his eldest daughter, who, to the surprise of everyone, agreed. Agreed to move to Russia and leave behind her life in England with the hopes of improving Russia, building it into a better, democratic state. Kolya never spoke to her again.

For the next fifty years, Magical Russia was as stable as it could be, especially compared to their muggle counterpart. Maria's children married happily and had children. By the time the grandchildren were born, there was almost a small army of them running around. They only had two palaces to move between and so the children were all raised together and there were times they forgot they were cousins rather than siblings with one another. Ilya, named after his uncle, Romanov was the tsarevich, still remaining that it was always the first born son who ascended the throne, although it was made sure that if the reigning tsar birthed no sons then the daughter could ascend without it passing to an uncle or a cousin.

When Maria was 102, she decided to step down in favour to her son, Pyotr, to take the throne when he was 42 years old. Revolutionaries had always been a thing. Not everyone agreed for the Romanov's to take back the throne but it was never an issue for decades. Russia had slowly become more and more progressive with civil rights, though they considerably lacked behind surrounding countries. Pytor had six children over the years but only had one son, Ilya. The Russian royal family had never been the happiest family. They all drank a lot and multiple members had been lost to a multitude of incidents. Pytor's own brother, Alexei, committed suicide when he was 33, having given birth to only one child. Eudoxia's partner was murdered in a brawl in 2043.

However, the worst happened in 2044.

As the country became more and more progressive, more and more open to the outside world, the more people began to wish to return to the old days, return to communism. They believed that it was the ministry who decided it was a failure-not the people. They believed that they gave up to quickly and that they should give communism another go but ensure that the central government wasn't a dictatorship. If anything, their ideals aligned themselves with the Mensheviks rather than the Bolsheviks ideals of a communist state. Yet, with the reestablishment of the throne, their dreams were essentially crushed. It's difficult to say they hold the majority of people's views but there was enough to launch an attack.

It was during a Christmas parade and all the royals were attending as well as key ministry officials, including the minister of magic. By this point, Vasilia, the third in line, had married Polina after same sex marriage had officially been legalised and recognised in magical Russia only a few years before hand. Whilst it caused some tremors through Russia, it wasn't quite a scandal considering there was little chance that she was to ascend the throne.

Everything happened so quickly. There was flashes of light, explosions, before people started screaming.

The aurors managed to best the revolutionaries, some dying but most being arrested.

The aftermath, the number of dead, wasn't able to be confirmed for nearly a week. However, amongst those numbers, was Pyotr, his wife Margaret, his two eldest children, Ilya and Olga, and his younger brother, Konstantin and his own wife Khristina. Eudoxia's youngest child, Tatiana, was crushed to death by the crowd after falling out of the carriage during the fight. The minister and another official died as well.

Vasilia almost didn't survive the attack, in fact she's been told it's a miracle she did. It took three months for her to fully recover. A wing of the most private palaces had transformed into an infirmary designed to heal the royals who had survived the attack. Of course, now they were heavily protected with the ministry finally cracking down on the rebel groups. It wasn't just royals and officials who'd been hurt, it had been innocent civilians who had come to watch the parade. Vasilia, even though she was in a coma as the healers worked to heal her, was declared the heir to the throne. Of course, being in a same sex marriage didn't ease the flames of civil descent and more conservative groups spoke out against this announcement, thinking it should go to the next male family member, in this case Ilya, but due to one of Maria's reforms, it had to go to Vasilia. By the time she recovered, a month after she woke up, her coronation was already being prepared. The quicker they got the crown on her head the better.

In April 2045, Vasilia was crowned the empress of Russia.

She decided to take the name Ekaterina as her royal name, a nod to Catherine the great, in hopes that it would ease some worry over her rule. As the ministry worked to stabilise Russia once more, they suggested to the royal family that they take some time in England, especially with their own coronation occurring, as it would be good to help build connections with foreign ministries. Their relationship had been very good with England, considering their connection through Kolya, who had only recently passed away. Whilst he never made up with Maria, he did meet his grandchildren, some of them even attending Hogwarts, and many holidays to England had been made across the generations, so going for an extended holiday in England made sense. Plus, if you went far back through the royal lineage, you'd find that they're all connected somehow through the muggle royal families. Now, in 2045, they're situated in England, barely a year after what has been dubbed 'Bloody Christmas'.

  • born 27 june 2019 in st. petersburg, russia
  • born to konstantin and khristina romanov
  • spent much of his childhood in/around the palaces
    • as he got older, he got more involved with his parents' charity efforts
    • liked to spend xmas mornings w/ his mom at the local homeless shelter
  • his first sign of magic was at seven
    • he made a lil snowcloud in his room
    • it wasn't snowing outside :( so he made it snow inside!
    • it was short-lived, so not much mess
  • attended koldovstoretz
    • did reasonably well at school
    • had a lot of trouble concentrating when ghosts were around, so he spent a lot of time in his first few years going places the ghosts didn't usually haunt
      • as a pureblood, and a royal at that, people thought he was odd for being so scared of ghosts
        • valid, honestly.
      • tended to be late to classes, since if he saw a ghost ahead he would detour to avoid them
      • some of the ghosts found his behavior a bit rude
        • also valid
      • that's how he met kseniya kirova! they got off to kind of a rocky start, but she did help him get over his fear of ghosts
        • good thing too ;)
    • played tree quidditch as well! very good at handling a tree in the air, but a regular broomstick not so much. different physics
    • became an animagus during his final year
      • almost had to start the process over because of an accident during a game that all but shattered his right leg
        • he was out for the rest of the season, but ultimately okay. and his leg doesn't usually bother him, but every now and then it aches a bit when a front moves through
  • became a healer right out of school! rlly wanted to work with kids. he loved tutoring younger students at school & decided early on to go into pediatrics
  • made an exception to his usual christmas day procedure in 2044
    • the attack happened so quickly he'd only just drawn his wand before he was thrown by an explosion and knocked out cold by hitting his head when he landed
      • probably saved his life tbh
    • on top of losing both his parents and several other family members, he also lost his boyfriend in the attack
    • does go back sometimes to visit the ghosts that haunt the area
  • worked at a hospital in st. petersburg until 2045, after which he moved to the uk & st. mungo's
    • which he affectionately calls st. mungys

Leontiy considers himself quite close to all the family he knows, even if they don't really return the sentiment. He's very much a family man and is willing to take a lot of bullshit from blood relations before he gives up on them. Family is family, you know? Even if they do shitty things sometimes.

He's fairly quiet and easygoing and has quite a calm presence, which helps especially in his line of work. He likes to keep violence as a last resort and would prefer other people do the same as well, but he does understand that there are some situations where it's unavoidable. He can think of a few people he'd like to rip limb from limb - but he doesn't. Think about it, that is. He doesn't like to get angry; he hates the feeling of it.

He does his best to remain positive about everything, even if only for his own sake. His own negativity gets to him quite quick, and often takes him into feeling angry or feeling guilty, both...nasty.

He loves hugs! He loves getting them, he loves giving them, and it feels like a genuine accomplishment when someone lets him hug them for the first time.

Growing up, Leontiy was far enough from being first in line to avoid any substantial training for the throne, and he definitely isn't leader material. He's much more suited to supporting roles, something he both aware of and content with. He's happy to call the shots when it comes to his patients, but on a larger scale? No thank you. He'll gladly contribute his own expertise as applicable and help where he can, but the decision-making can go to someone else.


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