Levi Aurelian Chen



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King of Hearts, French Heartthrob, Elegant Viper, Looks like he could kill you and could actually kill you made by Aera.






February 21st








Paris, France






Magical UK


Silencio Records Artist


Beauxbatons Alumnus



Family Blood


Wand Core

Dragon Heartstring

Wand Wood


Wand Arm









Oh, you think I'm cute when I'm angry? Well get ready because I'm about to be gorgeous.

King of Hearts, French Heartthrob, Elegant Viper, Looks like he could kill you and could actually kill you made by Aera.


Cai Xukun

Eye Color


Hair Color




Distinguishing Marks




Mental State





Oh, you think I'm cute when I'm angry? Well get ready because I'm about to be gorgeous.

King of Hearts, French Heartthrob, Elegant Viper, Looks like he could kill you and could actually kill you made by Aera.

Favorite Color


Favorite Music Genre

Hip Hop; R&B

Favorite Food


Favorite Animal


Favorite Book


Favorite Drink

Sweet tea; Bubble tea

Favorite Song

Heaven Can Wait by LSD ft. Labrinth, Sia, Diplo

Favorite Movie

Pitch Perfect

Favorite Sweets

Bismark; Long john




Singing, Rapping, Dancing


Songwriting, Choreographing


French, English


Levi - harmony
Aurelian - golden
Chen - morning


Li Chunhua Isabeu Deveraux-Chen


Marius Chen, Wang Zhangwei (step father)

Full Siblings

Younger sister

Half Siblings



Li Xiajun (grandfather)




Oh, you think I'm cute when I'm angry? Well get ready because I'm about to be gorgeous.

King of Hearts, French Heartthrob, Elegant Viper, Looks like he could kill you and could actually kill you made by Aera.

Grandson of a notorious underground criminal, you can already guess what kind of person he is right off the bat. If you were hoping I'd do a little plot twist and make him an absolute cinnamon roll, well I apologize because there's nothing cinnamon or roll-y about the broken boy I'm about to tell you about. Levi Chen maintains his King of Hearts title while being a certified prince carved from ice. Everything about his on camera persona is artificial down to the corners of his fake smiles. The whole construct of Levi Chen is fake to everyone he meets. The Levi Chen you meet can either be a sweet angel or a deceptive asshole. The mask he wears, he wears to keep people where he wants them to be. If he doesn't want you to close to him, trust me, you'll be a million miles away. He's able to entangle people in his web, just close enough to eat but too far away to be touched.

Cold and calculating, if there's a will, there's a way. Levi's ambition is unmatched at a fierceness like no other. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants done. Using other people as stepping stones, sabotaging the ones ahead of him. Everything is a competition, and the only place worth getting is "first" for him. His hard work and passion equally match this. He puts his everything into his everything, and not a single bit of energy is wasted doing something that won't benefit him in the future. That's why when he doesn't get there the first time, he becomes his worse critic. He can't even handle being a close second. Being second means being inferior, and he still spends his life believing his inferior, so any proof that he really is inferior makes him break down. He stresses himself out worrying about success, even if it's guaranteed. No one sees this side of him, he makes sure of it, but his anxiety rules king inside his head.

A broken music box with a heartbreaking tune is the best way to fully capture the essence of Levi Chen. Blessed with the likes of every idol, you'd think he'd be on top of the world right now. Instead, he's still succumbing to the unfortunates of his circumstance. For someone so hard working and determined, he really does deserve success, but all he's been given is dogshit, and it shows how much it affects him. If not right away, it's shown in subtle ways. It's been rumored before that Levi Chen doesn't sleep, which is partially true. He doesn't. He can't let himself sleep. It usually resorts to someone forcefully putting him to sleep or him passing out at this point. But part of the reason why he can't sleep is due to his over-reaching anxiety. It's like his anxiety is a security checkpoint at an airport, and nothing he does can let him get through, no matter how many times he's scanned for dangerous items, or in his case, insecurities.

If you even manage to dig past his artificial construct, rip of his mask, slip past his cold exterior, you'd find Levi's one and only true desire: love. His father killed, his mother abandoning him to the likes of his grandfather and his stepfather, his psyche shredded apart. Abused and manipulated and lied to and crushed over and over again until the hope of anyone loving him finally went out like a candle's low flame finally flickering into darkness. Not only has Levi given up on love, but he's given up on loving himself. He hates himself so much it's physically conceivable. He wishes more than anything to be better than he is, and doesn't see how to escape the pit he keeps digging for himself. He's surrounded by self-doubt and darkness and doesn't know how to find his way out, and in that, is the true tragedy of Levi Chen.





Oh, you think I'm cute when I'm angry? Well get ready because I'm about to be gorgeous.

King of Hearts, French Heartthrob, Elegant Viper, Looks like he could kill you and could actually kill you made by Aera.

Isabeu Deveraux was once Li Chunhua, daughter of a notorious criminal within the Chinese magical society. Once she was old enough to escape the shadow of her father, she did, moving to France and taking on the name "Isabeu Deveraux" to start a new life. It was here that she met the love of her life, Marius Chen. Their relationship was an estrange of sorts, and and by estrange, they seemed to isolate themselves from the outside world as they fell deeper in love. Just three years after meeting, they married in the land of the Eiffel Tower. Two years after wedding, Isabeu gave birth to Levi Aurelian Chen, her pride and joy, as well as everything she had been afraid of becoming. Three years followed, and they had another child, a girl this time. They were a happy family of four for a year or so until Marius' death hit.

Isabeu's father had relocated her after eleven years of searching. Despite Isabeu's efforts to keep her and her family hid, she was found anyway. It's best to say that Isabeu's father didn't approve of her husband or else the story wouldn't make much sense. Regardless, Marius was quickly removed from the equation, and to appease her father's anger and protect her children, Isabeu remarried Wang Zhangwei, her father's handpicked husband. Zhangwei wasn't as heavily involved in the crime ring that her father ran, but was involved enough to keep an eye on her, his only purpose at the time. Distraught from Marius' death, Isabeu isolated herself from her children and more importantly, her new husband. She spent many nights alone and in tears until one night, she heard the cries of her daughter. It was simple motherly instinct that snapped her out of her stupor and encouraged her to accept her new reality.

Isabeu's life remained heavily watched and controlled once more, which quickly became the reality her children lived in as well. At her father's order, Levi was given specialized tutors to make sure he exceeded far beyond his classmates when the time came. In fact, her father was so convinced he'd have magic that got his grandson an illegal wand for his sixth birthday. Levi never ended up using it, in fact, it still sits over the mantle in the bedroom of his childhood home to this day. While Isabeau was able to keep her daughter far from the influences of her father, to do this, she had to sacrifice her intimacy with her firstborn. And it tore her apart every minute of the day to see her son raised by criminals who wouldn't know what was best for him like she did. It was the only way to keep them off of her daughter, however, so she left Levi to the sharks and hoped he'd float long enough to be rescued. Despite her hopes, he became one of the very sharks she'd hoped he would fight.

The influence of her new husband and her father on her son became quite evident around the time of his first magical sign. Seeing the eight-year-old turn a cup into a fountain (even if it wasn't on purpose) had them elated, but for Isabeu, it just made her more nervous for the future. Three years later, Levi was admitted into Beauxbatons, and holy hell did Beauxbatons hate him. He wasn't a troublesome child or anything, quite the opposite actually. He excelled just like his grandfather wanted, and stole the show wherever he went. But for some reason, his teachers hated him. Maybe it's because they sensed a wolf in sheep's clothing, or a snake getting ready to shed its skin. Levi didn't have to wait long to flex his skills of deception and manipulation, taught by his grandfather himself. It was second year and he had received a lower than expected grade on a paper. Even though it was still a high grade, he demanded it be higher and when the according professor didn't oblige, he quite literally made them through unknown means.

It was already second year and he had made it clear he wasn't a force to be reckoned with. It was in second year that he also signed with a French based music label, which just happened to be run by a friend of Levi's grandfather. When Levi's obvious talent in singing arose to the table, his grandfather saw a new avenue to expand his criminal outreach and pushed his grandson toward a career in music. At first, it seemed like Levi's grandfather was really feeding Levi's dream of becoming a household name, touring the world and sharing his message wherever he went. But as time went on, it became obvious he had other interests. Especially because the label Levi was signed too was complete and utter shit. What could you expect? So was the grandfather. The whole system was corrupt, and while Levi was promised to officially debut by the time he was in fifth year, debut wasn't even discussed until he was in seventh.

Levi met the light of his life in his sixth year though. A fourth year transfer student from who knows where named Caspian. He was everything Levi wasn't, and the older became enamored with him. Before he knew it, he had fallen head over heels in love and couldn't even begin to dream of a world without the other. They began dating the following year, and it seemed like the younger was slowly making him a better person. The moment Levi opened up to him about his family and his home life, he realized they would never work. Caspian would try to hard to fix all the damage his grandfather caused, and Levi would try too hard to keep him out of it. So deciding that he was acting for the interests of both of them, which was really an internalized fear of his grandfather, he broke up with Caspian, essentially lying to himself to stop himself from going back to the other.

In the process, a case of ice grew over his heart, and he swore from that moment he'd never let anyone love him like that again. He spun lie upon lie upon lie, anything to bury his desire to mend his broken heart, anything to hide his broken heart and hold it together before it tore him apart from the inside out. The lies piled up and blurred together and became a monster that Levi couldn't control, that was slowly eating him up bit by bit. It went from "They're not worth my time" to "I'm not worth their time", "I'm too good for that" to "I'm not good enough for them" until he was facing an ever-changing enemy, one he believed he could only suffer with alone. He'd use anything to feed this monster. When Caspian debut as a solo artist under Silencio Records, his jealousy turned into self-crucifixion. When he was continually abused by his manager for a whole year without a single word about his pain, his anger turned to self-punishment.

Whether he liked it or not, Levi would never let himself be happy. And perhaps there are two people to blame for this. After a year of straight abuse, and past years of repeated abusive occurrences, he finally filed a lawsuit against his label and transferred to Silencio Records. He not only won the lawsuit, but put the whole label out of business. Of course, this didn't happen without his grandfather behind the scene pulling strings, even if Levi's testaments were truthful. You see, the CEO of the label and Levi's grandfather had a falling out of sorts, which just foreshadowed their eventual fall. While his grandfather would've preferred him to go elsewhere besides Silencio Records, Levi made the decision before his grandfather could even get a say. Like his mother before him, he was finally trying to break away from the controlling life he had lived for eighteen years, but he would soon learn just like his mother, that it wasn't that easy.





Oh, you think I'm cute when I'm angry? Well get ready because I'm about to be gorgeous.

King of Hearts, French Heartthrob, Elegant Viper, Looks like he could kill you and could actually kill you made by Aera.

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