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Leyti Lewis
(Character roleplayed by Sugar)
She was exhausted from her own self-deprecation and inner turmoil.

– Kimberly Derting

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Leyti Enola Lewis
Biographical information

May 4th, 2028
United States of America

Blood status


Also known as

Lethe Rivers


The Widow

Leyti Lewis signature
Physical information





5' 5"

Hair colour

Blonde (dyed)

Eye colour


Skin colour


Family information
Family members

  • Aletheia Rivers †
  • Honon Lewis
  • Cherelle Vincent
    (adoptive mother)
  • Kono Lewis

Magical characteristics

9⅛" Sycamore,
White River Monster spine






  • Lewis family
  • Rivers family
  • Blignaut family
  • Henry family
  • Draper family
  • Ilvermorny
    • Wampus

Leyti Enola Lewis (born Lethe Rivers) is a half-blood witch, the daughter of Aletheia Rivers and Honon Lewis. She has one sibling, an elder half brother; Kono Vincent. Her godmother is her aunt Litonya Lewis.

She was given the name Leyti for her paternal great grandmother Leyti Elsu, she began attending Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 2039, she was Sorted into Wampus.


Sometimes to change a situation you are in requires you to take a giant leap. But, you won't be able to fly unless you are willing to transform.

– Suzy Kassem

Early childhood[]

Leyti Enola Lewis was born in 2028, to Aletheia Rivers and Honon Lewis. She has one sibling, an elder half brother; Kono Vincent. She never knew that her mother wasn't her birth mother. Her father had an affair with another woman leading to the birth of a daughter. The baby girl was left with him and he was left to explain her existence to his life partner, Cherelle Vincent, the mother of a then 2 year old son they shared. Cherelle Vincent was an excellent replacement mother, Leyti never would've never known what she lost when her birth mother gave her away. She had a loving mother and a doting father. If things had been different it's unimaginable all the ways her youth could've gone wrong. She's shown proof of how terribly she can handle the expectations of society when she's left to her own devices.

Honon had his secrets that he kept from his family and from the world. Cherelle too was secretive and it was the easiest thing for little Leyti to absorb. Her parents were good people as far as she's concerned they gave her the gift of good memories. Holidays celebrated elaborately and as a family. She remembers one New Year' Eve in particular. Her father created an amazing ball drop display and her mother made a spectacular fireworks display inside the house. She remembers twirling around in a shower of sparkles. She had her big brother at her side for almost everything she's ever experienced in life as a kid. He was there to protect her from what scared her and he was there to pick her up when she got knocked down. She may not be standing if it weren't for him.

She knew about magic as a little kid, magic was used around her in regular basis even if she didn't see it happening. She didn't know if she'd have magic or not and she didn't care. When it finally happened for her at nine years old she was ecstatic. Her brother had already gone off to magical school leaving her trapped in their isolated home without him. She was busying herself with one house chores or another. She levitated a dish she just washed to keep it from breaking. She was so shocked by what she'd just done she didn't catch it in time. Just as she was trying to avoid, it shattered when it fell to the floor. She wasn't shocked or surprised at all, she wanted to mimic the event. She actually tried to do it again after it happened, all she managed to do was break three plates and two cups.

Ilvermorny Years (2039-2046)[]

Leyti Lewis began her magical education at Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 2039, and he was Sorted into Wampus.

First year[]

In 2039 Leyti attended magical school for the first time. Headed for Ilvermorny she was joined by: Clay Roach, Theresa Lin, Apollo Sanders, Helvetica Swain and Joel Bailey.

Second year[]

In 2040 she and Clay Roach were given and entire years worth of detention for attempt to duel with eleven and twelve year olds.

Third year[]

In 2041 her mother Cherelle was killed by a stray bullet. The news was a shock, she was quickly put into therapy.

Fourth year[]

In 2042 she struggled to get back into the grove of normal life without her mother figure. She started heading down a bad path.

Fifth year[]

In 2043 she was caught with narcotis and alcohol off of school property, she was shown lenient after manipulating the samaritan that caught her.

Sixth & Seventh year[]

In 2044 she and learned how to better hide her delinquent activity disguising alcohol in bottles of water and masking smoke smells with body spray. She also graduated early.

Adult Life[]

In 2045, after surprisingly graduating a little early from Ilvermorny, her father Honon was voluntarily institutionalized. She stayed near expecting him to get better soon. After Ilvermorny, which she graduated from early despite her personal setbacks, she milled about in her barren childhood home. She will never admit to being hopeful her father would return from his voluntary psych hold. She claimed she stayed in the US to be master of the house, since her brother turned and ran there was no one left but her. If the emptiness didn't drive her mad, her consecutive losses did. All the memories she made with the family that fell apart danced around her like ghosts. It was torment to live with shadows of people who didn't exist anymore and rather than be somewhere else she stayed there and rotted from the inside out. During that stint on her own she met and married a lonely, but very wealthy man. She turned heel and killed him while on their honeymoon in French Polynesia. There were an average of 600 sharks swimming in the water in Fakarava, she fed them his remains and inherited everything.

Physical description[]

Species: Human/Witch

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 5"

Hair colour: Black Blonde (dyed)

Eye colour: Blue

Skin colour: Light

She's got a helping of tatoos mostly on her upper body; on her face above her right eyebrow are the words 'get back' in cursive, above her left cheek bone are two small stars, across her throat are the words 'If you can see this your too close' in print. She has a crescent moon on her right ring finger and a single black feather on her left hand. She has a palm tree on the back of her right arm, a wampus cat on the outside of her left wrist and two crossed barrel pistols across her lower abdomen.
She's had a pair of customs fangs surgically implanted into her mouth.

Personality and traits[]

Leyti has always had a dark side, the love of the mother and father she had kept her light, kept her safe. That was a long time, things have changed since then. She doesn't remember a time when everything didn't hurt. She's constantly suffering from an unbearable amount of mental and emotional trauma. She's learned to mask her fragility by being as raw and damaged on the outside as she feels on the inside. She's never been good at expressing herself. She doesn't know how to handle the many things that she feels. She cries and laughs for all the wrong reasons. She lashes out at people physically for the littlest inconvenience. She hasn't been able to think of anything typically considered 'pleasant' since before she was eleven. She's a stunning conversationalist but she doesn't care to utter more than a few words at a time. Her worldview is the bleakest of the bleak, she's got a morbid fascination with death and she fascinates about her own demise.

Magical abilities and skills[]

  • Transfiguration
  • Dark Magic
  • Charms


  • Wand: Leyti's wand is made from Sycamore, a questing wand, eager for new experience and losing brilliance if engaged in mundane activities. Her wand core is made from White River Monster spine, known to produces spells of force and elegance.
  • Owl: Black Dahlia Snowy Owl
  • Guns {Bewitched & Muggle}



Lewis Family[]

Leyti's was told her birth mother died, that was how she came to be raised by her father Honon and his wife Cherelle. Her mother was a stranger to her, a woman by the name of Aletheia, who left her daughter with no memories of her face. In Aletheia's absence the woman she knew to be her mother died when she was 13 and she lost her father to mental instability after he was institutionalized when she was 17. She lost complete control of herself not long afterward.


  • Leyti: Miwok name meaning shaped like an abalone shell.
  • Enola: Meaning solitary. In English alone read backwards.
  • Lewis: From the post-Classical Latin name Ludovicus meaning victorious in athletic games (ludus, game; vicus, var. of victor, winner).