Liliya Chakarova

Roleplayed By Kayle


Full Name: Liliya Elisaveta Georgieva Chakarova
Nicknames: Lili
Birthday: September 4th, 2018
Age: 15
Gender: Fluid
Nationality: Bulgarian, Dominican, & Puerto Rican
Languages Spoken: Bulgarian, Norwegian, English

Blood Status: Half-Blood
Species: Witch
Wand Details: Aspen, Dragon Heartstring, 6.5 inches
Wand Arm: Ambidextrous
Patronus: Chipmunk
Boggart: Roadkill
Amortentia: Tea, Moss, Blueberry Muffins

Schools: Hogwarts (1st-2nd, 4th-), Beauxbatons (2nd-3rd)
House: Ravenclaw
Occupation: Fifth Year Student
Current Titles: Orphan
Former Titles:
OWLs: (Not Taken)
NEWTs: (Not Taken)

Orientation: Demi-Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single
Anniversary: ...
Best Friends: Regan
Worst Enemies: ...
Pets: Tarantula & Stray Cat
Family: ...

Model: Melanie Martinez
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'6
Weight: 108 lbs
Body Type: Cinnamon Roll
Other: Braids/Buns


Liliya Elisaveta Georgieva Chakarova was born on September 4th, 2018 in Pyce, Bulgaria alongside her younger twin brother of only about six minutes (but she'll insist it was closer to seven for the sake of appearing older). By then, the family had slowly evolved from just a married couple to a household of six. Although it might seem like a lot, it never appeared to be that big of an issue with the decent income and huge house they had to take up the large family.

At first, it was Georgi Chakarov and Adrijana Chakarova. While he was a Pure-Blood wizard, she was a Muggle-Born witch. However, they happened to find enough similarities between them that led to them not only being best friends but much more. After a while, they started to have children beginning with Daria then Mikhail five years later and finally Liliya and Dmitri another five years after that. Although expected, the younger three were all fairly close while their eldest sister was left out of the loop with the age difference she held from the set of twins.

For several years, they were a relatively happy family. To her, Liliya and Dmitri were best friends, but she met Nevena Ivankova and Desislava Katranjieva at their Muggle elementary school. Immediately, the three were an inseparable trio who appeared to have their own miniature witch cult between them that aspired to be master duelists someday. Although attached to her roditeli, she was more attracted to hanging out with Georgi for Adrijana and Daria both seemed to dislike her abnormality whereas he appeared to appreciate it. After all, he supported her when she wanted to buy (quite a few) pet spiders and when she begged to take in a stray cat from the streets or when she demanded they accepted her as genderfluid. On the flip side, they seemed to only accept her when she was doing a ballet recital or practicing flying on a broom.

While Liliya was accidentally turning objects into rats, Adrijana was taking a trip down to Dobrich to meet with some old Muggle friends of hers in December 2027. Upon getting her car wrecked in a crash, her life was ended at the scene before she could be helped. Naturally, the family was devastated and was practically destroyed after having their foundation ripped from there. Quickly, she was developing attachment issues and a nasty mood disorder that was poorly treated with psychotherapy at just the young age of eight. Although it faded as time passed, it returned nearly three and a half years later.

Although she pretended to be okay, it rare fooled anybody which was the same situation with the entire Chakarov family including Georgi. Liliya and Dmitri had received their invitation to Durmstrang several months before, so they could finally follow Misha like both had aspired to since their young childhood years. After being set at the train station, the twins were patiently waiting for their older brother to come home from school while expecting their father to be returning to them. However, they were greeted with hours of nervously looking around until it was decided they had been abandoned.

At first, they waited a few weeks in case Georgi somehow appeared back up on the map. Then, they were officially marked the Chakarov orphans as they were being moved from Bulgaria to England where their eldest sister Daria was currently living for the 2030 Quidditch World Cup as she played for the Norwegian National Quidditch Team. Although it seemed weird to Liliya, she was willing to accept that her sister was their new guardian despite already feeling unwelcome and hating her separation from her best friends back home. While expecting to be staying in the United Kingdom, the youngest three were now expected to be attending Hogwarts where the older twin would be sorted into Ravenclaw.


While enjoying faking people out, she's presenting herself differently to accomplish the facade she's always desiring. Normally, she's showing a sweet innocent glow as she's pretending that she could be doing no wrong. Actually, anything terrible done on her behalf is quickly forgotten with several tears of distress that's bringing her siblings to her side to apologize and comfort her. Although she's appearing naive (and a bit of an idiot, in all honesty), she's actually just pulling all of the ditsy cuteness so she's leaving the rest of the world unsuspecting of the disaster that is her real self. Truly, she's a manipulator in the purest of fashions but she's not sure she'd really want to label it that. After all, she's just trying to make it through the all the battles in her life without showing some disgustingly selfish personality that she's already holding.

Honestly, she's really just needing a lot of help in the emotions department. While being terribly unstable with constantly fluctuating moods and feelings, she's struggling to feel like she's actually any use to this world. However, she's striving for the strong and intelligent features that her role models do she could be a skilled witch somebody. Although that's seeming rather unlikely right now, she's probably just being manipulated by the strong senses of insecurity constantly clouding her judgement. Truthfully, she's rather blunt and opinionated which is constantly causing disruptions and arguments and she's currently stuck hating that part of herself but she'll never learn to fix it. Until she's done healing her mess she's created, she's just going to stick with tugging at the heartstrings of the people to get what she wants from them.


Daria Chakarova (Older Sister) - Despite the assumption that these two are close sisters who love and support each other, that's unfortunately not really the case. After all, they're ten years apart and they couldn't be any more different. While her older sister enjoys quidditch and takeout, she enjoys playing with spiders (which causes several arguments between the two) and drinking tea with her imaginary friend. Besides, with the constant trash talk her sister sends towards her about anything from her saving a stray cat off the streets to wearing dresses themed by watermelon or cinnamon rolls, really hurts the younger of the two. Therefore, they really just don't get along and she chooses to try to avoid her sister more often than not.

Mikhail Chakarov (Older Brother) - Although they're not particularly buddy-buddy, she happens to look up to her older brother in some sense. After all, he was the cool one and she wanted to be the cool one. While they've kind of drifted farther apart, they're still holding some sort of nurturing feel for each other, because they're still siblings even if they've both got major trust issues now. At least she's allowed to call him Misha instead of that oddly serious name he makes people call him.

Dmitri Chakarov (Twin Brother) - While they were growing up, they both found an automatic friend in each other and they were often in the same vicinity for their entire lives. After the accident, they didn't appear so close anymore and they seemingly pushed each other away without realizing it. However, she realizes that she shouldn't do that to him just how he shouldn't do that to her and desperately tries to stay connected with him. To her, they need to stick together, since they're at the very least going to have to deal with each other until they finish school so they might as well keep it at a positive relationship.


  • When they lived back in Bulgaria, she had made several fairy gardens that she kept around their property to see if any real fairies would come visit, but she found that they never did and still kept them around anyways for decoration.
  • From age three to ten, she did ballet at the local studio and did several recitals over the years including holding the lead twice.
  • After reading a book on the Dark Arts, she became quite fascinated with it even as a young child, but she never aspired to do anything with it.
  • Her tarantula's name is Anka whereas the cat's name is Evgeniya.

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