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Full Name: Lillian Amelia Arcanus
Country of Origin: Switzerland
Birthday: December 10th
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Species: Human/Witch
Sexuality: Gynesexual, pomoromantic
Relationship Status:Single

School: Hogwarts
Country of Location: Scotland
House: Slytherin
Current Year: Graduate
Year Joined: First

Blood Status: Pure-Blood
Wand Wood: Spruce
Wand Core: Phoenix Feather
Length: 14 inch
Patronus: Python
Boggart: Defeat
Amortentia: Chocolate, swiss cheese, wine


First Name Meaning: Lillian is Latin for lily.
Middle Name Meaning: Amelia is derived from the name Amalia, which in turn, is derived from the Germanic Amala. The root of Amal, means work.
Surname Meaning: Arcanus is Latin for secret.

Food:Dark Chocolate
Song:Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande
Possession:Her beater bat
Person: None.
Book: Lord of the Rings
Show/Movie: Regular Show

Food: Garlic
Song: N/A
Possession: Books
Person: N/A
Book: N/A
Show/Movie: America's Got Talent

Inspired by: No one.
Where to Find Them:N/A
Handedness: Right
Mother: Amelia Arcanus neé Serpentes
Father: Arthur Arcanus
Full Siblings: Tabatha Arcanus
Half Siblings: Sakaros Family

Relatives: None.

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Heliel is a cunning intellectual and is arrogant and harsh. She may appear kind at first, but she has a short temper and can anger easily. She is often kind to people, that she feels like don't deserve a hard time.

Heliel has exceptional self-control, and is often able to avoid raging. She is rather stern and direct in her words. She, unlike most Slytherins, is not a blood supremacist and does not discriminate anyone by their looks, or their blood purity.

Heliel simply hates overachievers or try-hards as she knows them. She believes that try-hards simply do too much to impress others, and they are screwed when they try to relax. She also does not like people who try to impress others.

Heliel was born into a wealthy family in Switzerland. Her father was a kids magician. She always had a passion for dominance and magic. She wished that one day, she could bend the world to her own will. Heliel was a smart girl, always able to outwit her bullies in school. Heliel got her short temper when several kids in her school teased her and she couldn't avoid it.

This is Heliel's life story as Heliel knows it:

"I hail from Switzerland. That's obvious, cause of my Swiss accent. I'm an only child. My parents simply never had the love time to get me a bro. I didn't want one anyway. Having a bro would make me look stupid. Cause, of course, who would favor me over someone else? Nobody. Cause of who I am. I am Heliel.

"The question Why on earth did we get this girl as a child?, was being repeated over and over. Cause my parents think that I was a genetic mistake. I was like Your problem. Deal with it. Despite the fact whenever I said Deal with it., I meant it seriously, and the next thing that happened? I was punished. For being stupid.

"To be honest, I don't even know why I was able to stand them for so long. First off, they were annoying as h*ll. So what did I do? I stole their money and ran away. Period. I was pretty much a run-away at large. They put a bounty on my head to find me alive. What a stupid mistake.

"They should have realized, that I did not run off to any sort of place. I ran away to England. I pretty much became a street rat for a while. Till someone decided to take me in. I remember not the name. At least I wasn't back home in Switzerland.

"It was no surprise to me that I had inherited magic. When I, by mistake, unblocked my foster's throat. Later that same year, I received a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I decided that it was my best option to go to Hogwarts. At least I would be able to live by myself. And what happened next, is anyone's guess..."

"My first year was rather interesting. I tried out for the Slytherin Quidditch Team... and made it. As a beater. It was then that I learned that I secretly had a love for Quidditch, and I stayed with the team, even till now, and will remain with it for the rest of my time here. In my fourth year, I first became captain of the team, leading us to victory against Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, but I couldn't get us to win against Ravenclaw. This is my fifth year. Still Slytherin Quidditch Captain. Still as a beater. But the season has barely begun... Only luck can tell the rest..."

"It's my seventh year, and I'm so excited!!! I've been trying to meet many new people, and already know what I want to be after I graduate; a teacher. Not just any teacher, but a Charms teacher. I cannot explain how much I love that class. It's just... yeah. This year, I went for a different position in Quidditch, Chaser. And this time, I'm not the captain, but instead, one of the fellow teammates that I'm proud to play with. She is learning well, I can say that for sure.

"I honestly have no words to explain how this year is for me. I happened to run across a little girl in the Stone Bridge Tower, and she was probably the sweetest and cutest person I've ever met. I'll never forget her, and hope to see more, when I start teaching next year.

"To be honest, things have changed since. I taught for a year, but that... didn't quite work too well for me. Might do it again... but then, there are other things on my mind. I returned to Switzerland for a while, and discovered that my parents had passed away. From the reading of the will, I was meant to inherit everything. I didn't refuse it, but the thought of my parents dying... made me cry. Yes, they did not like me, and I didn't like them, but they were my parents.

"I returned to England, and not too recently, found out that one of the Quidditch Teams was looking for a new manager. Knowing my background in Quidditch, I decided to take it up. Whether or not I can make a difference and create something amazing, that I wouldn't know...

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Model Name: Ariana Grande
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'1

Weight: "Um, excuse me?"




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