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This character is dead. They either died in battle or on a quest, but they have moved on to an after life beyond the veil.

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Lillith Jenner is a pure-blooded witch lived in France before she went to go find her loved daughter at the age of 35.- though she knew Morgan would refuse to see her.

Lillith Jenner


December 1, 1977


Paris, France






Maple, Dragon hearstring, 9 inches


Morgan Jenner (Daughter)


Her history is filled with stupid things. She got pregnant with the love of her life's daughter at 25, against all of her family's wishes. She had lost contact with her sisters, her parents, and all of her family then. When she was around thirty years old, the love of her life had died horribly. She never talked of the accident, she blamed herself- and she felt her daughter did also. She kept all that to herself until a muggle came along. She had no hurt feeling towards them until a few years later, the muggle had been caught cheating. She wondered if she wasn't good enough, and she realized how horrible she had been to her daughter- who in the marriage, was forgotten, and eventually came out a troublemaker. She blamed muggles for everything now- she hated them. She did not want muggles a part of the wizard race at all, and she wanted her daughter back....

She has recently left the WHPS.


She had grown from happy and sweet, to self-doubtful and quiet, to.. herself. She was a rather sweet woman, but she was easy to judge, and didn't take any crap. She protects herself, and her family. She's smart, loyal, and couragous. She'd do anything to make sure she gets what she wants and needs.



She has brown hair and grey eyes

her wand is Maple with Dragon Heartstring

Her birthday is on December first