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Lina is the second oldest of of the six-strong Allegri clan, she does not take this to mean that she is at all old, or that she has to act like it. The Hat needed little deliberation to conclude that the family’s ‘piccola pesca’ (little peach) would fit best in Hufflepuff, despite being a somewhat fiery, awkward young woman whose piece of the puzzle did not seem to fit exactly in any of the houses Hogwarts had to offer. Mesalina never fitted the mafia image of her predecessors, aside from a short-fuse temper and a secret love of hand-to-hand combat, but luckily due to their move she was not considered a family disappointment, or indeed a risk. Her parents themselves were escaping their mafia image in this move that they have just recently made. What they think was better for their children, moving away from Italy, has actually thrown Lina somewhat off course. She is not entirely sure she will be able to make any friends in this new society, coming from Beauxbatons. While none of the Allegris were the quite classy people Beauxbatons is stereotyped for, all of them having their little flaws, Lina is more often than not the keeper of her siblings’ dirty little secrets, especially those of older brother Michaelangelo.

The tiny tornado of a girl that is Mesalina Allegri is mostly hidden behind a front of faux-responsibility, mostly to ensure that her parents never suspect her of anything. She is a handy little thief, second only to her brother, and has a love of fire that leads to her stealing her brother’s lighters just to flick them on and off. But she’ll often steal for sport, even if she simply likes the thing, or to mess with the person. If it’s the latter, she won’t keep it, she’ll just hide it somewhere for you to find. She cut her name short because it was too classy for a girl like her, her brother tried to lengthen it. He gave up, she didn’t. That is the thing about Lina; she’s competitive, perhaps a little bit of a dreamer, but she does not, ever, give up.

She’s usually chatty and animated. Likes to be funny. Talks in Italian about people, sometimes in front of people. Her smile is near-permanent, it’s kind of flirty while she talks. Yet the amount of emotions in her small frame, even now, although she has mostly pulled back the impulses, cause a little bit of accidental magic - her eyes flicking between colours. Brown, lilac, red. Brown normally, lilac when she’s protective, red when she’s angry. Lina wants to make a bunch of friends and is eager to please. Yet she wants to hang on to that small mysterious element she has left.

Okay, she’s an A* flirt, flirts too often not really caring exactly who she is flirting with. She’s a big believer in Italian as a romantic language and often plays the Italian card when she’s flirting. A fatal flaw is that she doesn’t actually care if the person is single, she’ll just go with it, she makes it her job to not know who’s dating and who’s not. The entirety of her flirting strategy was taught by Michaelangelo, and it’s pretty damn effective (thanks bro). It comes with her recklessness, her tendency to run headlong into situations without thinking, and her somewhat short temper for stupid people and those who aren’t her family.

What nudged her Hufflepuff-bound over Gryffindor or maybe even Slytherin is her protective nature towards her family. She’s always fashionably late to family dinner (actually, screw that fashionably, just late), hides her siblings’ secrets, loves her parents even though she’s always secretly bending their rules, and her real, raw passion for her womb-mate Enzo. When she was young, before the Mercury and Saturn incidents, she was a lot more the picture of innocence. After the loss of their imaginary brothers created to replace Michaelangelo, and Enzo’s recklessness that ensued, Lina felt the need to change too now that preventing it with “Piuma” had not worked. If he would like her better if she was the brother he’d wanted, a surrogate Mercury, then she would do anything - bend into shapes she’d never known to make him happy.

That day she exploded at him was the day she could not take it, when she was suddenly burdened and could not carry it. She screamed at him, threw things, the whole hullaballoo. She wishes she could say she did not mean any of it, but all that she can say is that she did not mean all of it. She has never left her womb-mate behind in quite the same way, this is why she is so fiercely defensive of him.

She could never be Michaelangelo, she knew this, and she was not reckless in precisely the same way. She was a different person for everyone, and moving to England she maybe feels that she can settle in at last, as herself. But she’ll always have the front that hides the temper. Lina is a girl who wants to entertain and be entertained, she wants to know everyone, to be liked by everyone even if that means being a chameleon still. Having a wide circle of acquaintances could be somewhat useful, anyway, right? She feels like she confuses people, she talks with her hands more than her words, “it’s an italian thing?” Lina loves TV, music and film, she likes to think of herself as a connoisseur, she spends too much time doing this truth be told. The loss of these hobbies when she comes to magical school is something that irks her, she wishes there could be an Italian day school when you could just go home. Lina is naturally jumpy, she reacts to loud and sudden noises quite badly, and overall hates bad surprises. Good surprises, like if you’re giving her food, are okay. Food is the way to her heart.

Lina is compassionate if you don’t annoy her. Once you’ve befriended her you can really make her care. Like you, love you, but don’t say you love her, because she might not say it back. Love for Lina has always been flickering and trivial, something because she wanted to know what dating is like, she has never really been in the butterflies-in-your-stomach not-whole-without-you way. Her one true love is space. Her dream is to die in space and become a space ghost. Lina dreams of the fantastical, and this is it; people crying over her young, immortalised, frozen body - roaming the unknown as a ghost forever, seeing wonders that no human has ever before seen. The stars, astrology, even zodiacs interest her to no end, she believes fiercely in zodiac and divination, she wishes she could be a Seer. Lina has a lot of wishes, and she’s determined - it’s like a bucket list - to do ALL of them.

Observing the rules strictly is no fun, she likes to tweak or bend them or find a place where nobody can find out the rules have been broken. This is a habit she has picked up from both Mac and Enzo. It’s not difficult to get her excited about anything. Lina doesn’t want to miss anything that she could do in her split-second life. She loves people despite how they trigger her temper, there is a deep love for them all somewhere in there that she is good at expressing. She’s a hugger, vocally protective of her own views and those of her siblings’. She’s not above getting intensely angry about petty things. While she pretends to be responsible a work ethic is simply something she does not have. Unless it’s Astronomy. She’s a procrastinator, professional, spends most of her time in the room of requirement with a secret stash harbouring a sweet tooth so that she has hidden her stash there. Classes tend to bore Lina unless they are class debate or practical spell-casting. Learning Incendio she was a little too enthusiastic. It burned her a fair bit, let’s say. (She wants to learn the Fire Protection Potion so she can stand in flames and look badass.)

She needs the validation of other people near-constantly. A lack of self-esteem seems to present itself as over-confidence and she often needs to ask her siblings questions to which there should be obvious answers. Being the center of attention and knowing she is still interesting and loved is her fuel. She has her black days, days she scarcely gets out of bed, feeling insecure; she often talks to Enzo during these times, or her mother. She’s an experimenter, someone who wants to try things no matter the fallout. The only thing consistent seems to be her love of space. She has a near-lack of control over her desires, especially romance and anger, they seem to overcome her.

Lina looks for opportunities and adventure, and love and security; even though she’s battling fear here in England, she still feels that it is her responsibility to protect the world and all those she knows. It would be awesome to be a superhero; but at the end of the day, she’s just one girl, who’s animated and chatty one moment and a firestorm the next.

'Piccolo Pesca' was born while the peach was in season, perhaps nicknamed after her mother's pregnancy cravings for the fruit, or perhaps the fact that she is always blushing a little bit pink either from cold, heat, embarrassment, or romantic feeling. She is mere minutes older than her womb-mate Enzo, the differences between them can make it feel like months or years. She was born in Palermo, Sicily, to ex-Mafia Emilia and Santino Allegri, the second of the clan.

Mercury and Saturn, their fictional younger twin brothers, came into being when Michelangelo was one day too busy to play. Both were male since neither were able to find Michelangelo in their blood twin. Usually Lina was able to stop her brother from doing anything stupid by calling him 'Piuma' (feather), it was a safeword of sorts. It didn't work and Mercury stepped up to join him. That was the day they lost Mercury. Lina had left Saturn behind in Italy so Mercury could have a playmate, and here was where she found out that Enzo had lied to her. Despite the fact she had matured beyond Mr. Nobody she still felt betrayed, and when he grew more and more reckless she was too sensitive to watch.

She exploded at him in the first full-on fight they had had. Said many things she did not truly mean in the heat of the moment. It started off rationally but grew hot as her brother refused to see reason. At the end of it all she avoided him for a full week, would not talk to him until Santino coerced her into doing so. She immediately felt guilty for it and has never really left her womb-mate behind in the same way. They both cried and it hurt both of them quite substantially. That day she exploded at him was the day she could not take it, when she was suddenly burdened and could not carry it. She screamed at him, threw things, the whole hullaballoo. She wishes she could say she did not mean any of it, but all that she can say is that she did not mean all of it. She has never left her womb-mate behind in quite the same way, this is why she is so fiercely defensive of him.

That was the day Lina changed herself. She started hiding Michaelangelo's many secrets, became more reckless for Enzo, learnt self-defense in return for Mac's secrets and began to steal little things. There was no real way back for Lina as she found there was no answer to the mystery as to why it hadn't worked. If her first magical sign had been then she feels like it could have been far more catastrophic than the harmless hot-chocolate-pouring itself happening than it was. She did not want to ruin her parents' vision of the perfect child, like they had a normal kid when Michaelangelo showed the mafia influence he had never had when he became dangerous. This worried both Santino and Emilia, and she was worried recklessness had rubbed off on their other children as they grew older. She pretended, and still does, that this was not the case. She doesn't think that it's fooling Emilia anymore.

When they went to Beauxbatons they formed a club called I pazzi; the crazies. It was kind of meant to be Fight Club-esque. What happens there stays there, and you never talk about it. She practiced Incendio once in class and it was sort of a little catastrophic and ended in burns. She likes fire. She wants to work out how that would work. She took up Chasing as a skill and Beating as a way to release pent-up anger, she had no skill in the latter it was just brute force. When the family announced they would be moving to England Lina moved none too happily - kicking, screaming. Italy is her home and it always will be, she will be keeping her dislike of England none too quiet.


Her FC is Francesca Michielin.







"tell your boyfriend, if he says he's got beef, that i'm a vegetarian and i ain't f*cking scared of him."

Mesalina Cerise Allegri
RPer Lilly Mara
Age 15
Birthday February 14
Nationality Italian
Ethnicity Italian
Species Human/Witch
Blood Pure-Blood
Orientations Pansexual, Panromantic
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown

Red (when angry)

Lilac (when protective)

Faceclaim Francesca Michielin
Height 5'3"
Weight "i'm sorry, was that 'i want a fist in my face?'"
Schooling Beauxbatons (1-4)
Hogwarts (Years 5 -)
Year Fifth
Occupation Student
Wand Cocobolo, Dragon Heartstring, 12.5 inches
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Tonkinese Cat (thx pottermore)
Boggart "Piuma" not working again to the grievous injury of Enzo...and herself afterwards.
Affiliation(s) Allegri Family, Hufflepuff, I pazzi
Location Hufflepuff Common Room
Most influenced by Enzo or Michaelangelo Allegri
Languages Italian, French, English

Model: Francesca Michielin

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