Linet Clarion Williamson

Lion Fourth Year 🎤 Singer & Dancer

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Basic Information
AGE 14 (May 12, 2024)
SEXUALITY Heterosexual
MODEL Melissa Benoist
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Jasper Williamson was a normal employee for a record company, while Piper was the songwriter/video editor for the same company. They knew of each other, for sure, but rarely interacted until one Christmas party. Thanks to a game of Truth-and-Dare from another employee, they were dared to do seven-minutes in heaven... Yes, even though it was a teenage game, but hey, they were drunk. That was the night that Linet was concieved... And as such, Jasper proposed to Piper barely two months later after he heard the news that she was pregnant. They married when she was six months along, and her bump showed proudly through the dress as she walked down the aisle that evening. Then, three months later, on May 10, 2024, Piper went into labor. She delivered almost forty-eight hours later, on May 12, into the world, their daughter.

The baby girl was named Linet Clarion, both musically-affiliated names, and she began her life as the eldest child of the Williamson family. From that day, she grew up around music. She started vocal lessons at the age of four, and dance at the same time. Her focus was on mainly jazz, but she could also tap and ballet with the best of them... Linet didn't protest anything her parents signed her up for, but remained focused on her singing and dancing lessons. It was when she was seven that things began to change. First came the news that Piper was pregnant, with a boy this time... Second was her magic manifesting at the pregnancy news. Her first sign of magic was turning the pillow in her arms into her teddy, and that startled her parents pretty big time. However, they didn't think much of it until her eleventh birthday. Her brother was four when things changed.

Upon turning eleven, she was immediately accepted into the resident school of magic in America, Ilvermorny School, and off she went. Linet was chosen by the Thunderbird house, due to reasons she doesn't know to this day why, and started her magical schooling. Despite this, she remained focused on her singing and dancing, hoping to get signed the next summer to her father's record company. And after her first year, she got the email she had been hoping for during the summer, that she was now part of the record label. Linet's career virtually took off from there, and she continued to teach herself singing and dance in her spare time between recording, school, and babysitting her brother. Then, her summer after her second year was when things changed again.

Jasper had been promoted to the new manager of a branch opening up in London, and he moved his family over there barely a month later. She survived her third year at a new school, Hogwarts, being sorted into Hufflepuff, and is currently going into her fourth year. Even now, her witchagram is being stalked and her career has taken off, soaring to heights that she had only just dreamed of barely three years ago... Now, things are becoming a reality for her.


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Linet is your celebrity that came from humble beginnings, and she doesn't ever forget it. She keeps things real, trying to stay away from drama and rumors. She always has a smile ready for the cameras, not minding the paparizzi trying to pry into her life. After all, there was really nothing exciting... Unlike other celebrities, she just wanted to graduate and go on into her career. Linet is highly focused, and intelligent, easily playing the word games that the other celebrities like to play, and has a pretty nasty pranking streak at times.

Linet is kind and hardworking, and always tries to get people to do their best no matter what things they encounter in their lives. She has a bright smile and compliment ready for anyone who appears to look like they need it. She is also quite willing to just sit and talk with anyone, but she does need her own private time at times. However, she has quite a nasty streak if she's pissed off or irritated enough, and can tear someone's throat out with her harsh words. She is a master of guilt-tripping and is not someone you want to irritate or mess with... Some people forget this since she appears to be so kind and sweet that they can take advantage of.


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Other Information
FATHER Jasper "Jazz" Williamson
MOTHER Piper Williamson
SIBLINGS Harper Williamson (Brother)
HOMETOWN Kansas City, Kansas, USA
BODY TYPE Delicate

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Magical Information
WAND 10", Cedar and Unicorn Hair
BOGGART Losing her ability to sing and dance
SCHOOL Ilvermorny School (Years 1-2)
Hogwarts School (Years 3-7)
HOUSE Thunderbird

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FAVE COLOR Black, Cyan, White, and Pink


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Linet Williamson - Lion Fourth Year 🎤 Singer & Dancer
-Little Miss Preppy
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