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Feminine form of Livius, which was a Roman family name which may be related to either Latin liveo "to envy" or lividus "blue, envious".
From the name of the Greek primordial of the day.
Scottish origin, from 'Castelterres,' which is derived from Middle English 'casteli' meaning 'castle' and the personal name 'Tarres'. It means 'Castle of Tarres.'


Alastair Carstairs and Cordelia Whitelaw-Carstairs were a young couple from Los Angeles who longed for a child but were always denied by fate. Every single potential child of theirs ended up premature, stillborn, or miscarried. They were about to give up hope and turn to adoption when a blessing by the name of Livia Hemera Carstairs was gifted onto them. Upon Livia's birth, it was quite curious since she doesn't look like either of them and was often mistaken as an adopted child but Alastair and Cordelia were quite sure that Livia was theirs by blood.

Living in a Magical household, Livia had a golden magical childhood. At least, that's what her parents told her. Livia doesn't remember a single bit of her childhood at all. The family was apparently caught in a tragedy that took her childhood memories and sibling away. How many siblings did she have? She doesn't know. What she does know is that she's the 3rd child. That was why her parents forbade her from going out the manor without an escort, so Livvy respected their wishes. Livia forgot what her first act of magic was but apparently it was making all the lightbulbs in a 5 meter radius explode. Whoops.

Her parents worried so much that they opted to homeschool her rather than sending her to Ilvermorny so Livia grew up learning about both Muggle and Magical subjects. Her parents did everything they can to keep Livia busy, Alastair decided to add a specialized computer room in the manor to quench Livia's thirst for everything technology while Cordelia taught her about mnemonics. Her online friends and pen pals also kept her company, especially one Titania Watson.

Livia never got bored nor asked for any more companionship from her age group. Their library was vast enough for her and her mom's lessons on mnemonics were always interesting. She also picked up a lot of miscellaneous skills such as knitting, painting, martial arts, lock picking, etc. There was never a day where Livia would sit on her bed, bored out of her mind. Whenever she was on the verge of boredom, Livia would simply head to the library to grab a new book or surf through random Wikipedia articles.

Though eventually Livia ran out of activities to do and reading materials to, well, read so she started to perform physically dangerous activities to satisfy her boredom. More often than not, she will be found partaking in activities such as parkour and wall-climbing. There was even a recorded incident where she attempted to scale the perimeter of their manor. Her parents had started to worry about her dangerous behaviour so her mother decided to enroll her in a school for troubled witches, Willowby Academy for Troubled Witches.

Turns out there was one thing Cordelia failed to tell Livia; she was the Headmistress of said school. It was slow but Livia was able to adapt quickly, even meeting a few girls within her age group and getting acquainted with them. What was interesting is that all of them have one other thing in common; they have names inspired by the Protogenoi in Greek mythology. Hers was the protogenoi of the day, Hemera. Livia was the most chipper member in the group and was also their key to escape punishments unscathed, seeing as she had no qualms on using her position as the Headmistress' daughter.

Because of the abundance of British TV shows Livia saw, she became very interested about Britain and wanted to go there to see all the sites of all her favourite shows. It took her a long while but she was able to convince her parents to move her to Britain, hearing that Tania was also moving there was icing on the cake. The only problem was that they were in different years. But that's okay, Livia can handle it. There was also a cherry on top; her friends from Willowby had also decided to move to Britain and she was pretty sure they'd raise enough Cain in their new school so this year was bound to be a good one.

Though as the years passed by, they all drifted away and Livia found fun and comfort in Quidditch. Shortly after graduation, she tried out and was eventually accepted into the Holyhead Harpies as one of their Chasers. The team became her new family and Livia somehow convinced her mum and dad to become sponsors.


Livia is, in her own words, an anomaly wrapped in pretty blue contradiction and topped off by a bow of geekiness with a tag of mischief. For someone who hasn't experienced spending time around normal people her age, Livia is quite adequate in adapting to new situations and unfamiliar people. Thing is, she doesn't really believe in society's rules or, as she calls them, "illusions". She likes to say whatever she wants, or what she considers logical and sound, without having a drop of fear for the backlash. One would call it 'brutal honesty', she'd argue that honesty is perceived as brutal because everyone is used to sugarcoating the truth.

Her lack of human interaction aside from her parents had made her quite uninformed about things such as bullying, betrayals, and all around psychological trauma for those who have experienced the former two. As such, she really doesn't get the point of people unearthing another's negative traits and using those as a weapon for dominance and how people are so disheartened to hear about their worst traits. Though many of her former schoolmates had called her out on using her mother's position for her to gain access and do things they aren't supposed to do in the first place, she'd argue that hey, she has this kind of ability, why waste it? They'd argue back that she wouldn't be able to do those things once her mother isn't headmistress anymore and she'd reply that she can find other ways. For Livia, if you have something you can use to your advantage, then use it in the best way you bloody well can.

Livia doesn't really have the aura of an infamous Willowby student, what with her naturally chipper smile and innocent disposition along with her relatively clean record compared to her former schoolmates, but that's because you see but you don't observe. Her longtime exposure to computers and technology has made her develop a hobby of slipping through firewalls, obliterating websites, and collecting data on numerous people around the world. She could destroy other people's lives with just a few codes but she'd rather gain access to the live cameras around the world to sneak a peek of her favourite shows' sets.

But Livia wasn't sent to an academy for troubled witches for nothing, she has her own dose of crazy as well. She is easily bored and will do crazy stunts to relieve her boredom, most of which are self-destructive and would leave a few bruises and injuries on her skin and a slasher smile on her face. She knows that her injuries can be easily cured with a wave of a wand and a few days in the hospital wing so if she's asked why she did those stunts, she'd just shrug and say "Why not?". Evidently, she is the source of many people's headaches.

People like to think that all Livia got from her mother was her intelligence and method of thinking but they seem to forget that the Whitelaws are certified Homo glacies, only her father's genes was able to tone it down a notch. With the right triggers and right buttons being pushed, Livia can and will be as cruel and cold as Cordelia, from the sharp look in her eyes down to the ram rod straight posture to the scathing, unrelenting remarks, Livia has it all down. And she didn't even need any training for it, it just comes naturally to her whenever she's royally pissed.

TL;DR Livia may be the face of innocence but dig a bit deeper and you'll find that she has the potential of becoming the next Headmistress Cordelia Carstairs of Willowby Academy for Troubled Witches.


Livia's a short bean with long blonde hair and dark brown eyes. She would usually dye her hair either black or brown using a Colour-Change Charm depending on her mood but would stick to blonde more often than not.



Alastair Carstairs

Livia's father. Livia's relationship with her father is a rather good one. She's a daddy's girl who would exploit her father's fondness of her more often than not, but not in a malicious way. Livia respects her father very much and is still eternally grateful that he provided the first steps of her discovery of hacking.

Cordelia Carstairs

Livia's mother. Livia is quite sure that she is the only one beside her father to be able to wiggle through her mother's hard walls and unearth Cordelia's warmer, loving side. Despite her mother's harsh criticism and strict teachings, Livia knows this is her mother's way of showing her that she loves her and she's quite fine with that.


Holyhead Harpies





  • She can't survive without chocolate
  • Constantly spewing random references left, right, and centre
  • She's an early bird


Method of Loci
Livia uses this method to remember virtually anything she cares to remember. Her mind palace is similar to that of her family's manor with a few rooms dedicated to her fandoms.
Livia definitely spent too much time in their manor's specialized computer room and was able to pick up helpful things on a lot of things ranging from coding to hacking, but hacking is definitely her sphere of control.

"Falling's only natural, just spread your wings and fly"

Livia Hemera Carstairs
RPer your favourite mango
Age 19
Birthday January 30
Nationality American
Ethnicity American
Species Witch
Blood AB+
Orientations Sapiosexual homoromantic
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Occasionally dyed brunette/black
Eyes Dark brown
Faceclaim Kirstie Maldonado
Height short bean
Weight just right
Schooling Homeschooled (formerly)
Willowby Academy (formerly)
Year Graduated
Occupation "Hacker for hire!" Jack-of-all-trades for hire
Wand n/a
Wand Arm Left
Patronus Koala
Boggart Losing her mind palace/forgetting everything
Affiliation(s) Carstairs family, Hogwarts, Slytherin
Location "My Mind Palace!"
Most influenced by "Books and TV shows"
Languages English
MBTI idfk


Model: Kirstie Maldonado

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