Age 19
Status Alive
Pronunciation Livienne Yu
Family the Yu family [Albert Yu, Alena Yang]
Handedness Left-handed
Gender Female
Relationship Single
Nationality Chinese
Speaks Mandarin, Korean
Species Witch
Blood Status Half-blood
Eye Color
Hair Color
Model Miyeon [(G)I-DLE]
Livienne Yu was a mistake. She was never supposed to happen.

Albert Yu was a faithful husband to his wife, Alena. However, he would always drink and would wound up drunk and dazed when he came back home. Alena didn't let that ruin their relationship though, and always accepted the fact Albert was and always be like this.

On a stormy night of August 26th, 2021, Albert was lost and somehow found himself in a pub, drinking as usual. He didn't know which pub he was in, but he didn't ask - there was beer to keep him company. Albert was confused - he didn't know what was happening, and days later he discovered a secret - he'd accidentally made a woman pregnant during that day.

Albert had no idea what to utter to his wife - what would she say? She would be so disappointed in him, and after all these years his wife would surely leave him. Yet he forgot one thing - Alena was an amazing, faithful and kind person.

Alena had been hoping for a child ever since she and Albert had gotten married, and after Albert broke the news to her she didn't know what to say. She was half delighted, half confused, although after learning Albert didn't mean to do that she forgave him - only because she wanted to raise a child. And the only problem was whether the woman having the baby would want to give them her baby.

Turns out the lady was freaked out about being a single mom, and she was glad someone wanted to get rid of it adopt the baby for her. On April 18th, 2022, in Seoul, Livienne was born.

Livienne didn't learn about this until she was ten. But she didn't care, she had amazing parents anyway. She was a very happy girl living in America (her parents had moved after Livienne was born) until they decided to move (again) to China when Livienne was 5. Livienne didn't exactly like the idea at first, but her parents told her she could get a cat when she moved there, and immediately she was hyped about the move.

She named the furry thing Auburn, and started liking cats after that. Livienne thought she was the luckiest girl in the world when she learnt Alena had been diagnosed with cancer.

It was just a normal day. Livienne was eating with her parents when Alena started choking. Alena managed to say she had trouble swallowing and this continued for a few days until the family decided to check her at the hospital. And the hospital gave them the information that would ruin Livienne's life forever.

Livienne, being a smart girl, knew something was wrong. Cancer was fatal, and before they knew it Alena was gone.

Livienne wasn't stupid, she knew what was going on. And to make things worse, her father decided to move to England to live with Alena's parents.

One time, when she was eight, she was so angry with her father because he was about to throw out one of her favorite plushes that was a gift from her mother she broke a nearby glass vase without ever touching it.

As soon as she did that, Livienne expected to be scolded at. But nothing like that ever happened. Albert stood there, stunned, as Livienne's grandparents rushed over and led her over to the kitchen while explaining what had happened.

Turns out Livienne had magical blood and only her grandparents knew about magic. Albert was a squib, and the other lady was a witch, although she didn't say that, of course. Albert didn't involve himself in magic ever since he realized he was a squib, but after his daughter had her first magic moment Albert was ready to be in the magical world once more.

Livienne was invited into Hogwarts, and once she was there, she was sorted into _______. She liked Hogwarts, but she figured out she wasn't really good at anything other than Charms. She excelled at it more than any student, even though she didn't let that make her into an arrogant person.

After Livienne graduated, she didn't know what she wanted to be, but she finally settled for a hair stylist. She trained for a year and finally learnt all the basics.

Now she wishes to open her own shop, and get enough money to do so.
Livienne is a helpful person to have around. She's very loving towards her family and will do anything to protect them. Even though she might seem very fragile at first glance, she can be very intimidating. Livienne can be feisty, but she can also prove to be vulnerable at times. She has a mind of her own and won't obey random people who aren't worth it. If she does something wrong, she has no regrets. No shame, nothing. She does make mistakes, because she's not perfect. Yet she takes them lightly and moves on, which is a lot harder for other people. Livienne is super pretty, but she's never actually noticed. She's also very levelheaded about things, although she can be a bit immature at some times. She can be super flirtatious. And she enjoys to tease people. In addition, Livienne does a lot of things for her family and people she cares for and does anything she can in her power for them if it helps them.
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Patronus Tonkinese Cat
Wand Cedar wood with a phoenix feather core, 9 ¾ and brittle flexibility
Interests Playing with her cat, shopping, overall just being a fancy girl who likes makeup and jewelry.
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