This is where you approve different locations for the wiki that aren't counted as stores. If you wish for a store to be approved, please send them here. Places that are counted as locations are things such as foreign cities (such as Paris), beaches, parks or anything else you can think of. All would be approved by C&L.


Type of Location Location Username Accepted or Not
Botanical Gardens Lincliff City Time DENIED


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Type of Location Location Username Accepted or Not
Isla Vieja Lincliff Island Filoksenia ACCEPTED
Butterfield Green Playground Hackney, London Asteriea ACCEPTED
Nice Nice, France Filoksenia ACCEPTED
Edinburgh Edinburgh, Scotland Filoksenia ACCEPTED
Covent Garden London (muggle) BlueAndGrey ACCEPTED
Waterloo Station London (muggle) BlueAndGrey ACCEPTED
Westminster College London (muggle) BlueAndGrey ACCEPTED
Kew Gardens London (muggle) BlueAndGrey ACCEPTED
British Museum London (muggle) BlueAndGrey ACCEPTED

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