Lorelei grew up in a little house on the northern outskirts of Brighton, with a mother, father, and an older sister. Her mother worked for the Ministry, filing papers or something. Lorelei was never concerned with what, exactly she did. Her father also worked for the Ministry, but not at a desk. Oh no, he worked as an auror, alongside some of the best and brightest that England had to offer. Lorelei's father insisted on giving both girls lessons in practical things, like how to recognize magic from far off. Lorelei's mother, Susan, however, insisted on less "practical" things, as Hans, Lorelei's father called them. Languages and etiquette, as it were.

These lessons continued from speaking age until her sister, Heather, turned age 11, when her father found out that Lorelei's sister was non-magical. A squib, he called her. Her father claimed that Lorelei's mother and he did not have enough time in the day for a non-magical child, and found someone to have her adopted by a Muggle family.

After her sister's forced adoption, Lorelei's lessons increased tenfold. The first sign that Lorelei was a magical child came from a sign when her mother was yelling at her for a mistake on one of her French essays, and Lorelei was getting so angry that she screamed and pushed everything off of her desk, including the teacup full of the expensive tea that her mother always brewed for her to drink. As Lorelei watched it fall, the tea in the cup rippled and turned solid. It had become ice. Very much solid. Lorelei was seven at the time.

Instead of being angrier, as Lorelei expected, Susan was overjoyed. Lorelei knew immediately that it had something to do with the tea, but that was all at the time. As she grew, she learned that it was because she had shown the sign that she was, indeed, magical. Unlike Heather, she had shown the first of many signs of magic.

Aside from learning Latin, Lorelei's father was German (thus his insistence on a traditional German name), and her mother was British, so she had a lot to learn as a child. Though she can read and write Latin, Lorelei cannot speak it well. Then again, in this day and age, who can? Lorelei hopes to continue her studies while at Hogwarts, in order to continue bettering herself.


Though she hides in books, Lorelei is actually quite motivated to do things. Whether it be schooling, or personal. For example, though she was mildly burdened with learning French, Lorelei took it upon herself to also learn Latin. By the time she was 12, Lorelei was fluent in English, German, and French. She was learning Latin at this time as well. Lorelei is quite intelligent. Though she never had any sort of testing done, Lorelei knows it, and that is good enough for her.







Elective Courses taken: 4th Year: Study of Ancient Runes 5th Year: Theory of Magic

Currently Dating: Victoria Faye


Languages Understood

German: First language

English: First language

French: Second language

Latin: Third language

"Promises are just chains. Both meant for breaking."

Brooke Leann
RPer Noc
Age 16
Birthday August 23rd
Nationality Dual Nationality, Half British, Half German
Ethnicity White
Species Witch
Blood Pure-Blood
Orientations Bisexual
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Faceclaim Luise Befort
Height 5'7"
Weight 118lbs.
Schooling Homeschooled
Year Year 5
Occupation The Pretender of Slytherin
Wand 13.5 inches, pine wood, with a Dragon Heartstring core
Wand Arm Left
Boggart A seething, shapeless mass of tentacles
Languages English, German, French, and partly Latin
Tarot Card The Star

Model: Luise Befort

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