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Louise Irving
Vital statistics
Title -
Gender Female
Age 11 (b. August 12)
Height 5'0
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Grey
Race Human Witch
House Hufflepuff
Year 1st
Wand Pear, Unicorn Hair, 11 inches
Wand Arm Right
Family Elizabeth Irving (neé Thomas)

James Irving (father)

Adrian Irving (older brother)

Charlotte Irving (older sister)

Affiliation(s) Irving Family

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Hufflepuff House

Name Etymology

Louise is the French feminine form of Louis

Brianna is the feminine form of Brian

Irving is a Scottish surname meaning 'green water'


James Irving and Elizabeth Thomas met as co-workers in a Muggle coffee shop. After 5 years of dating, they married and had their first child, Adrian James, a year after. Three years after Adrian's birth, Charlotte Rose was born and two years after that, Louise Brianna completed the family. 

Louise grew up like any normal British child, messing around with her older siblings. Louise was rather babied by her parents, being the youngest of three. She was rather close to her older sister Charlotte, they being the girls of the family, but she also had a special relationship with her older brother Adrian.

When Louise was around four, Adrian accidentally had a display of magic in front of her. She thought nothing of it, but two years later, the family found out that Adrian was a wizard. They were all shocked, but grew to the idea.  But three years later, Charlotte didn't get her letter, resulting in a fight between the two siblings.

Louise had her first displays of magic during that time, and was afraid to reveal the fact that she was a witch. When her letter came, Charlotte began getting better about it, still jealous, but she congratulated her and her relationship with Adrian is slowly getting better. Louise is in her first year.


Louise has long blonde hair, but it's darker than her siblings' hair. She, however, shares the same grey eyes with all of them. Louise is very girly in style, she hates wearing jeans and is more comfortable in dresses. She loves er hair, she wouldn't ever cut it off.


Louise is a nice, quiet, shy girl. She's very understanding and a great listener. She is very selfless, and is watchful of other people's feelings. She hates making people uncomfortable and she would never hurt someone's feelings intentionally.



James and Elizabeth Irving

Louise gets along with both of her parents, but she is a daddy's girl.

Adrian Irving

Adrian is Louise's older brother, she gets on well with him.

Charlotte Irving

Charlotte is Louise's older sister, and Louise is very close to her.

Spell List

First Year

  • Mucus ad Nauseam


  • Louise knows how to play the piano

  • Louise is a huge baker

  • When she was younger, Louise would play dodgeball nearly everyday with her friends. Needless to say, her friends grew scared of her.

  • Louise speaks some Dutch.

  • Louise's model is Cleo Massey