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This Character Has Moved on Behind the Veil

This character is dead. They either died in battle or on a quest, but they have moved on to an after life beyond the veil.

Lowell Ormond

Primo Ministro italiano della Magia
Italian Prime Minister of Magic
(This Character Belongs to Bryans1008)



Born to a small pure-blood family only ten miles away from Florence, Lowell was always surrounded by magic. At age 11, like all wizard children, he began his wizard education. At school he was amazed by the pure majesty of the things that surrounded him. Lowell excelled in all his classes. However, there was one, in particular, that he was the best, in his year at least, at. It was History of Magic. Lowell, was known as the "silent genius" among his small circle of friends. He lead a rather normal school-life until his final year. He was reading on the court yard, alone. When a group of students began to shove him around, in a circle which they had formed with their bodies. Suddenly, Lowell had whipped out his wand and all the students were stunned and in a neat pile within a matter of minutes. After this incident, Lowell barely spoke a word for the rest of the school year. After graduation, no one heard for him for years.

Ormond is now the Italian Prime Minister of Magic. He is still rather quiet, but is capable of making rousing speeches.

Wizards Historical Preservation Society
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Species Human (Wizard)
Family Greggory and Lucinda Ormond
Status Alive
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Height 6' 0"
Affiliation Wizards Historical Preservation Society
Wand 10" 5', Ash, Phoenix Feather
Home Unknown


Evan is an overwhelmingly kind person. He grew up rather alone, but has always been, secretly, very empathetic and caring. However, he has a "second face." One which, he is strong, fierce, and cruel. When he believes in something, he becomes consumed by the thought and does everything in his power to preserve it.


Due to tremendous work, Lowell can:
Proud a hawk Patronus.
Deliver fiery speeches in front of innumerable amounts of speeches
Be clever with word play so that what he says has dual meanings.
Command a multitude.


  1. Excellent memory.
  2. Well spoken.
  3. Extreme hubris.
  4. Great writer.

His office