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Luca Braunne

Full Name Luca Milo Braunne
Pronunciation lu kah
Meaning "light"
Birthday September 16th, 2005
Status Pure-Blood
Wand Oak Graphorn
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Brown Bear Least weasel
Boggart Something bad he couldn't prevent happening to his sister
Occupation Keeper for the Wimbourne Wasps


Family Info[]

Sister Ilse Braunne
Mother Myfanwy Savage Father Lutz Bödeker-Braune
Grandmother Goleuddydd Savage (née Astley) Grandmother Lieselotte Bödeker-Braune (née Bödeker)
Grandfather Cadwaladr Savage Grandfather Petrus Braune

Ilse Braunne

Ilse and Luca were abandoned in the same orphanage in England by their biological parents. When Luca learned the little girl who looked a great deal like him had the same name he does he became insanely protective of her, of his sister. After he was forced to leave his little sister Ilse behind he became very bitter. She was still little, and he knew she couldn't understand him when he said goodbye, but he thinks she did. They share a home since she aged out of the orphanage, if ever she did forget him she must have gotten over it.

Adoptive Family[]

Zäzilie and Ladislaus Faerber

Zäzilie and Ladislaus were are Luca's (and his six brothers) adoptive parents. He was the "youngest" as one of the last boys to be adopted. Luca and his brothers did not learn much from their parental figures, but they were taught to play quidditch. Zäzilie and Ladislaus wanted all of the boys to play for the same team (the Bigonville Bombers) in the spirit of the Parkin family with the Wigtown Wanderers. That never happened for the Faerbers first set of boys.

Avram Israti, Eliade Cozma, Damaian Manole, Rus Hoban, Stan Iacobescu, and Vulcan Beldiceanu

Luca tried very hard not to be close to his brothers. They were not Ilse, they were not his real family. He repeated that to himself every single day and every single night. He did grow close to a few of them Avram, Rus, and Damian. He never confided in them, but he allowed them to trust him. He tried to never break their trust despite never quite extending the same to them.


Birthplace Mullendorf, Stiensel, Luxembourg
Type of Childhood Rough - he had to look out for himself and Ilse
Earliest Memory Using his magic to protect himself and Ilse
Likes Idolatry, partisanship,
Hobbies Quidditch, Boxing, Dueling
Comfort Food(s)
Person Secretly Admired
Most Influenced By
Immediate Goals
Long Term Goals
Greatest Fear
Most at Ease When?
Past Failures
Character Flaw Pathological liar


Luca is very, very untrustworthy. He likes to make it seem like he is "a good Samaritan", a person who helps people because they need it, and not because it makes him look good. He values security, and peaceful living, but he is not unwilling to put both at stake when he feels threatened. He is observant, and very perceptive of other's feelings. He tends to use a person's body language against them, taking in all they did not say, and everything they are trying not to say. He does not truly like himself and therefore does not like to be alone, but he will not admit it. He will often complain about needing to "time to himself" for the purpose of attracting the helpful sort of people who would seek to comfort him. He likes to be the center of attention. He loves to be praised. He feels comfortable surrounded by a crowd. He is a showman.


Luca Braunne5
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Brown
Height 6' 2"
Weight 157 lbs
Native Language English
Ethnicity Luxembourgian (Welsh-German)/English
Languages Spoken English, German, French
Clothing Style Casual
Shoe Size 12


Quidditch equipment
Assorted Ties





Defense Against the Dark Arts


Wimbourne Wasps

Bethany Westenberg
Emily Smith
Ren Moto
Ava Hallow
Sadie Cha
Athena Dreschel
Aeron Schmidt
Morgan Reese
Kasey Wallis


Luca resides primarily in Luxembourg with his younger sister Ilse, they also own property in England