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Luciana Montagna
italiana icebreaker
25 February
Francesco Montagna (father) Chiara Montagna (mother)
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"You guys have Google for a reason."
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rped by lilly mara

Luciana Montagna was a former Castelobruxo student before some rude asshole bit her. All vampire rules are anti-Italian rules, urgh.
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Italian, Spanish, English
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Childhood Fear

Don't ask Luciana Montagna for stories about 1851 or anything like that, this young, Italian vampiress is unfortunately as youthful as she appears. Her parents, Francesco and Chiara, met at a protest for vampire equality, ironically, proving you didn't have to be a vampire to agree. Francesco strictly wasn't participating in it, not that he didn't agree, until the Ministry intervened. Chiara grabbed his arm (it's not as terrible as it sounds) and very loudly and possibly quite impolitely asked him to get her out of there. So, they don't really have a romantic meeting story, they just met over a getaway Apparation. How the details happened, Luciana doesn't quite remember, but somehow they fell in love (she really doesn't understand this love stuff, okay?) and had their first child in February 2014. They lived in the stereotypically richer northern half of Italy, which was on occasion true, with the power quickly moving to Milan - but that's all unification history from the "states" of Italy, just a reminder she was not born then.

She was a normal-ish child, perhaps a little more reserved and an easier child to raise. Less demanding of attention. That was, until she nearly exploded in sparks after bumping into another child, chasing after a younger sibling, Mathieu, who was heading towards a road. Her parents had to do it, since the sudden magic had taken the girl aback. She was about six years old, and the bumping into led into an argument about safety, and where had those sparks come from? Luckily, the other kid's parent presumed they'd made it up and was just relieved Mathieu was safe. Her younger brother was, however, pissed when the number of magical outbursts and his parents' general magic usage went on the up, messing up the technology around the house to some degree.

At eleven years old, when the magic outbursts finally came to an end with her wand in hand, Luciana was off to the most convenient magical school - Castelobruxo. Beauxbatons was too prissy, Ilvermorny too far away, and Durmstrang...Durmstrang was even further if you looked at it, and too harsh for their liking.

Childhood with no vampire stress is not something she remembers well, purely because of, well, the stress. Seeing bad times and purely the pain from being bitten initially and the pain of the oncoming transformation, suffering alone out in a back alley having wandered off from her parents during this previous summer. That had proved to be the ultimate message for stranger danger despite being out in the Muggle side of Milan, accidentally coming across a vampire who had chosen the mundane world to quench his thirst for blood to avoid getting caught, or at least tried to. He'd just drained his first victim, a middle-aged businessman, it appeared - and he was granted the gift of the fourteen year old's distraction, just before her father (he was good at finding her) pulled her away from the hungry vampire.

But from the searing pain in her neck, she'd been able to tell it was too late - pulling away, and running, she can remember that she doesn't regret a thing. So, she went into the wizarding half of Milan she'd been shown so many times, and that was when she lost her wand on a trip to the Milan equivalent of St. Mungo's, her fifth year and chance of wizarding qualifications of any description at Castelobruxo jeopardised. Not lost as in lost. As soon as it was clear she was to become a vampire, the former witch lost her right to magic and it was snapped before her eyes. A wand was a companion, and she was certain it was no longer safe to return to her family. Upon receiving the 'adjusting to being a vampire' leaflet handed to her, Luciana began to notice that many more aspects of Italian lifestyle would not be possible in her situation. The life she'd enjoyed prior to now practically gone.

That sudden realisation that this lifestyle was not going to work came from this obscenely blatant "life sucks" propaganda and the opposite entirely; the excessive amount of sympathy radiating from this woman while Luciana lay on her side, half of her reading the advice given, the rest of the attention on the broken pieces of wand, or shards rather. You couldn't repair it, and if Luciana was honest, she was more worried about getting splinters if she picked up the pieces. She'd asked to keep it, and while she wasn't used to being overly sentimental that's a lie she was so damn sentimental before the change, she blames it on her heart stopping she felt some kind of connection to it, the beginning of the first, interesting new life as opposed to the second one fuelled by agony and being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It came in points, leading to the realisation that life in Italy was blatantly impossible. The first of these was the absolute inability to eat garlic, which was obscene since an overwhelming majority of Italian dishes contained it, and she didn't want to accidentally die because she'd eaten garlic. Of course, there was retracting the fangs, saying she had a deficiency, and that she was allergic to garlic - but that seemed kind of suspicious, or it might have just been her being paranoid. That, and retracting the fangs was kind of painful at that point. As for traces of incidents she'd heard about from severely allergic people (to other things) she didn't want to risk those. It was an acquired taste, but she had acquired it to say the least.

The second was the lack of reflection. It had become routine to look great for everything she did, mostly accountable to beauty standards of girls her age and year. Being susceptible to this...she doesn't really know why, but Italian beauty standards were quite set, as were those of her yearmates. Now, she couldn't even rely on a mirror to look at to fix herself up. She supposes she's meant to look more naturally beautiful as a perk of this whole thing, but it doesn't make her immune to awful bedheads or scrapes or anything like that. How're you meant to clean blood off your chin?

The third was sunlight. Milano was so sunny that people were pessimistic when it hadn't rained in a while. Save always hiding inside with the curtains closed and letting the chips fall where they may, she was left with little option to move to somewhere...milder. After her newborn thirst was quenched from blood banks, and the organisations of more with the British Ministry, as well as her forced re-meet with her parents, they moved across. She'd had English knowledge from classes with her parents and Castelobruxo (which she'd also had to learn Spanish for, so sometimes she'll speak some mishmash of the three, damn) so the language barrier was less of a problem.

In the early days she'd consume more blood than she needed to lower the risk of her attacking anyone - she'd feel awful if she did, not to mention that it would make her a criminal of sorts. At one of these blood bank situations, the Montagna family came across the Wilde family, or rather oldest sibling Mississippi, bringing her sister Marie-Aurelie along for a re-stock. This meeting was awkward, to say the least, but upon learning of the nature of the Wilde family...she spent a lot of time there. Marie and one of her siblings, Rachelle, tended to understand her troubles and this concreted more secure feelings that are beginning to take hold. Marie is probably her best friend, since neither are social, and Luciana tries to appreciate that her story isn't as tragic as her friends. The Wildes make her feel less like a freak, and it's worth the companionship when everyone goes to Hogwarts and they're just alone.

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She is an INTJ.

The fewer people, the better. At least one, though, she doesn't enjoy total isolation for long. Like when your parents leave you home alone, and then it gets uncomfortable. She's most comfortable alone when she feels the need to recharge her social batteries after a long period of social interaction. Organisation is a must, so that she knows where everything is, especially her storage. If that gets touched, she's likely to go Super Saiyan on your ass. This includes everything from time-keeping to tidiness in her room, she's so meticulous because she notices things. If you're late, she's likely to be polite to you, but her smile might be twitching because she's been there an hour, even if she's only been there a few minutes really. However, a job isn't really necessary, although she's aware that it needs to change before she turns seventeen. Finding a job as a vampire won't be easy, so she maybe needs to be starting in her search, but for now she's happy lounging on the sofa doing whatever idle habit she feels at the time. Usually, she'll be on the sofa next to Marie, arm extended out to the side so that Marie can draw on it, watching some sort of anime. Serious TV used to be her forte, but it's just not, since her life became serious. Being hyper-aware has its repercussions. She jumps at sudden noises of the door unlocking, phone ringing, something being dropped or such like. Because of how annoyed she gets, friends and family try to be extra careful when she's around. She's quite antisocial and spends a lot of time either inside or in the Shrieking Shack, her favourite haunt. It's quite difficult to make her excited about most things unless it's a film, and the only sign of this is her obliging to have a real conversation about it in a normal tone. She doesn't shout or squeal about it like your average aficionado. She still owns a Juventus FC shirt for when she was able to live in the real world, and doesn't think her parents have forgiven her for not supporting Inter yet. She occasionally makes an effort to learn Muggle English, Maths, Science or even Wizarding History. Being friends with Marie, who for sure always has a recommendation, has gotten her into literature and film - now she's sort of a buff. She's interested in phenomena, space, and the origins of life. She's not averse to breaking the rules of the house, but the law is something she treads by carefully. Luciana blocks her feelings out by choice. Literally, Marie tells her that she is the embodiment of Let It Go. When this happens, Luciana reminds her that they both have 'frozen hearts' by definition, and the conversation on this usually ends. She's firm when she makes a decision, unless you have any influence on her life at all, in which case when given a real argument she might change her mind. She never does things in a hurry - she has a to do list. And if they get done, they get done properly. This is why she's excellent at doing chores, people.

If she wants something, she gets it. She's literally the worst at waiting for things she wants. Yes, she's aware that's the textbook definition of 'spoiled brat', but the rest of her is so humble, and she's definitely not spoiled. She's a vampire, for helvede.

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