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Personal Information

Full NameLucy Alaska Frazier
BirthdayAugust 30th
Zodiac SignVirgo
Sex / GenderFemale / Female
Sexual OrientationPansexual
Romantic OrientationPanromantic
Relationship StatusSingle
BirthplaceNew Orleans, Louisiana
Living SituationHogwarts Dorms
Languages SpokenEnglish, Spanish, and French (sort of)

Magical Information

Blood StatusHalf-blood
Wand WoodSilver Lime
Wand CoreUnicorn Hair
Wand Length10'
PatronusBottlenose Dolphin


Lucy is a ray of sunshine. She's positive and has a bright and positive outlook on everything. Even if one of her visions turn out to be quite dark, she always can find a way to be optimistic about them. ('hey, you were definitely crying in my dream, but maybe those were happy tears!!!' sort of stuff.) She's extroverted and isn't scared of introducing herself to make friends or get someone to be apart of her tarot reading. She isn't the purest or sweetest person around, but she can often come off that way to others. Especially adults. Adults love her.

Attention often makes its way to her, and she'll take all the attention she may get. Lucy is, what some might say, that person who always gets the lead in the school play or could easily win the school's talent show. People can be drawn in by her bubbly personality, which is good for the divination user who wants to read in on as much people's futures as can get. In every school she's attended, there are always students she can leave surprised and excited about her readings. Though, Lucy often struggles with tasks that may involve her needing to be independent, and would much rather do those sort of things with a partner or two, easy or not.

From all the many traits and tricks Lucy has picked up from her mother, being a little mischief is one of those. Lucy is clever in the sort of way that she's good at making people believe just about whatever she says. If she wants to scrap up some change, she may trick someone into believing that she had a vision of them just a few moments earlier when, in truth, there was none at all. Truthfully, her dreams and visions are extremely spontaneous, only come when she least expects for them to, and usually pretty useless.

Despite not having much control on her future-telling gift, Lucy would still consider herself a good seer. At the age of fourteen, she dabbled with just about every form of Divination as she could, learning from either school, her mother, or books in muggle libraries and her school's, preferring tarot as her favorite in the end.


Lucy was, in the term used by her biological parents, was a bastard child. This shouldn't have been all so terrible, right? Her parents could move on and love her all just as well, couldn't they? Well, to Edward Flint, her biological father and only a sixth year at the wizarding school of Hogwarts at the time, and his family took this child very seriously. Not only was he not out of school nor wedded, but the mother was a muggle-born 'nobody' who brought shame to the entire Flint legacy. Luckily, the Flints and Edward were able to keep this problem a secret as the muggle-born he had taken to bed with did not have any want to raise such a child either. So, the muggle-born flew to North America for some months until having the child and putting her up for adoption in a regular, ordinary orphanage. This child would be given the name Lucy in the orphanage and it stuck when being adopted at the age of two by the muggle fortune-teller, Ximena Frazier.

Ximena pretended to have the magic that Lucy would eventually turn out to actually have, so the two becoming a family was just about fate. The new mother played the part as a fortune-teller and traveled all over the world to read people's fate. Her whole job was about show and leaving the consumer satisfied and impressed. She may have had customers leave questioning if her words were true, but never someone regretting their purchase. Adopting a child was a spontaneous decision of hers, the wanting for a child yet wasn't interested in waiting until she was wedded. She traveled too much to have time for falling in love.

Lucy would begin to learn all the tricks Ximena had up her sleeve from the age of four, and made it her goal to become just as clever and talented as her mom. She did just that. Though, it would be soon realized that the young fortune-teller's child had no need to entertain the customer with made up ideas every time. At the age of five, she would have her first vision in a dream of her mother falling down the steps. It was vague and a simple image in her head, yet still a surprise to find it happen exactly how she remembered a few short hours later. She'd share this with Ximena after it happening a few more times, leaving the fortune-teller just as astonished.

The second gift of Lucy's would arise when she was six, and turned out to be something even more unexplainable than her visions. The event occurred out of an angry Lucy playing with a pack of tarot cards at school while a boy was annoying her with how her and her mom's 'magic' wasn't real. Surprise showed all over his face when he stopped mid sentence to realize all of his fellow classmate's cards were now floating around him by themselves. Truthfully, Lucy was as clueless as the boy was, but found it a lot more fun to pretend the magic was her's and scare him off. Some months later and she found herself doing random acts of magics accidentally, and a year later she was able to somewhat control little bits of her magic like having her cards fly around. About opposite to many muggles or no-maj parents in this position, Ximena was excited every single moment Lucy's magic and visions occurred. Lucy learned all the different forms of Divination and magic tricks her mother knew, and became just as talented with it all. In fact, even more talented since Lucy actually contained the magic. Neither Frazier had an explanation about Lucy until she was ten.

A wizard arrived at the Frazier's apartment and explained the existence of magic and wizardry a few minutes after being let in. Ximena and Lucy were surprised, of course, but not nearly surprised as most families with a muggle-born. Ximena's entire job consisted around somewhat of magic and truly believed in Lucy's when it sprung up four years before. The only difficult part to take in was the idea of her daughter needing to go to a magical boarding school for seven years, but came to terms with the idea that it was best for her wizard daughter.

Being that they were in the United States at the time, Lucy began her wizarding school life by attending Ilvermorny. It was during her second year that she found a book on Seers and Divination, making her realize that she had this special gift. Her time at Ilvermorny hadn't last, the two Fraziers having the travelling bug, and the two somehow managed to figure out of Beauxbatons while spending a year in Paris. A year later, Lucy and Ximena took to themselves to move over to England for some time, Lucy starting Hogwarts in her fourth year.


Face ClaimAmandla Stenberg
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBrown
Weight125 pounds
Voice Type
Blood TypeB+
Distinguishing Marks
Body Style
PiercingsEars, Nose

Family Information

FatherEdward Flint
MotherLaura Ainsley (biological)
Ximena Frazier (adoptive)

Full SiblingsNone
Half SiblingsUnknown
Guardian(s)Ximena Frazier
Other RelativesN/A


Significant Other(s)N/A
Best Friend(s)N/A

Name Etymology

Given [ Lucy ]
Middle [ Alaska ]
Surname [ Frazier ]


Nickname(s)Lu, Alaska
Favourite ColourYellow
Favourite MovieHocus Pocus
Favourite SongLucy And The Sky of Diamonds
Favourite FoodFrench Toast
Favourite DrinkSweet Tea
LovesDivination, He Mother,
First Kiss
First Crush
First Love
First Time
Sports Played
Instruments Played
AddictionsN / A
GoalsN / A
AchievementsN / A
Biggest HopeN / A
Biggest RegretN / A
Best MemoriesN / A
Worst MemoriesN / A
Mental IllnessesN / A
Criminal Record
Medical Record

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