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Luisa Rasskazova was the product of a one night stand between Alena Schweinsteiger, a local girl, and Dmitri Rasskazov - infamous for his amount of kids, but the German was new to the area and had no idea, shrugging off her friends' warnings. A few vodkas were enough to make the beer-accustomed German a little less wary than she might well have been; and weeks later she found herself pregnant with a little girl. Alena was not too rich and was living in a small house with many of her family members who had left Germany, so she found Dmitri and appealed to him; he, surprisingly, consented to take the child. Two years earlier she'd had Gilbert Schweinsteiger with a Muggle Quidditch player, but she never talked about the love potion incident.

The Schweinsteigers soon disappeared back to Germany and Luisa never met her mother; she lived at EESM with her father, who she discovered was the headmaster. Luisa herself was mischievous and curious, as well as very childlike; a trait that would last her into adulthood. Her first sign of magic was that of relighting the birthday candles on her sixth birthday, since she wanted to blow them out again. Living with Dmitri Rasskazov was a luxury few of his bastard children recieved, although she never met most of the siblings she heard about some. Some seemed to be nice people, but some were people she'd never want to walk into on the street, sibling or not.

Luisa was sorted into Mielkute, which was no wonder due to her loud and obnoxious nature, and she had a blast at EESM. When she left, she was still very childlike as was usually characteristic of a Kute; she stayed on at EESM for a while and became a relatively successful singer, the bane of her existence being the annual dinners with the family upon her father's birthday. Spontaneity was her middle name, so she decided to move - initially to travel, but once she made the move to Germany the mood certainly suited her. She matured during two years of living in Berlin, but had begun to notice her little half-brother (who had been explained in an owl to Rasskazov) but didn't actually approach him.

His Quidditch career was blooming but she didn't want to mess up everything for him. Once the Harriers lost the world cup, Luisa decided to move to England to make contact with Gilbert other than her recent letters. She too had been playing Quidditch for a small team in the league below Gilbert's, but the team was going to be promoted - she recieved an offer from the Kenmare Kestrels which bolstered her move to the area.


Having grown up with the Rasskazovs, Luisa inevitably upholds many of the family values, including some that are mostly her father's. As a Mielkute, Luisa is inevitably opinionated and possesses a lot of charisma and artistic natures, though she doesn't quite share the noisy nature of most other Mielkutes anymore having matured, and it is a terrible idea to cross her.

She's never told her father (in fear that it might lose her his favour) but she was a hatstall between Boyanova and Mielkute, because Boyanova was her father's house and she chose Mielkute over it because it seemed more fun to her. She's not afraid to express her opinion to you - she can be very blunt about it too. If she has an opinion and thinks you need to know it, she will tell you it straight. She doesn't approve of lying - the truth hurts, but lies worse.

Luisa knows a lot about responsibility and duty. She knows that when there is a duty to be done, that takes preeminence over most other things. She has been brought up to tell the truth - never lie to her family - whether that be real or merely the friends that are family to her, and to keep her head held high. Never lose her honour - she cannot lose it unless it is surrendered. Luisa is kind and open, she has a certain sense of humour that seems to be common in the two Schweinsteiger children. But she is also very proud, and has always put herself before others, much unlike her brother.









"second place is just a nice name for first loser."

Luisa Dmitrovna Rasskazova
RPer Lilly Mara
Age 24
Birthday June 25
Nationality Russian/German/English
Ethnicity Russian/German
Species Witch
Blood Pure-Blood
Orientations Homosexual/Homoromantic
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Faceclaim Kristen Stewart
Height 5'4
Schooling Durmstrang
Year Alumna
Occupation Kenmare Kestrels
Wand {{{wand}}}
Wand Arm Left
Patronus Bear
Boggart Loss of identity
Affiliation(s) Gilbert Schweinsteiger, Rasskazov family, Kenmare Kestrels
Location Her apartment; Ilkley Moor
Most influenced by Dmitri Rasskazov
Languages English, Russian, German


Model: Kristen Stewart

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