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Lukas Kåre Ostberg
First Year Hufflepuff
Age 11
Birthday 17th May
Nationality Norwegian
Ethnicity Norwegian
Accent Norwegian
Blood Status Pure
Sexuality Undecided
Roleplayer Elsa

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Lukas Kåre Ostberg
First Year Hufflepuff
Species Human; Wizard
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Model Joseph Darcey-Alden
Height -
Weight -

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Lukas Kåre Ostberg
First Year Hufflepuff
House Hufflepuff
Year/Occupation First
Wand -
Wand Arm Right
Patronus -
Boggart -
Affiliation Norway; Ostberg Family; Nordskov Family; Hufflepuff; Lisbeth & Lucia

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Hufflepuff Crest (Gif)





Marita Nordskov married Mathias Ostberg in the fall of 2009, at age sixteen. Three years after their marriage, they had their first child, Laila, followed by Linnéa a year after. One year later there were twin boys Lars and Lasse. A year after that, triplets Lisbeth, Lukas, and Lucia. Born into a royal family their cordial titles are of Princes and Princess, but their cousins Jaina and Jenna are next in line to the throne.

It was in the Norway Day 2013 celebrations that Marita went into labour with the triplets. Hastily taken, full entourage, in a car to the hospital (much to the disappointment of the crowd) Marita gave birth to healthy triplets. To be known as Princess Lisbeth, Prince Lukas and Princess Lucia of Norway.

When they were small, Jaina used to create snow for them and her sister Jenna. When it led to an incident with Jenna, all four's memories were removed and none of them remember a thing about it. All three of them very much like their cousin and wish they could be closer, but Jaina was far too introverted after it happened for any more fun opportunities (or what they considered fun.)

Lisbeth was eldest, and she never let her siblings forget it. The other two were quite disgruntled that mere minutes put Lisbeth ahead of them, and weren't afraid to vocalise this. All their siblings were steadily sorted into Hufflepuff like their parents (them being too young to go) and the attention suddenly turned to them again. Lisbeth, first and foremost, bathed in the sunlight, but was secretly desperate for her first sign of magic.

Lukas, the middle triplet, was continuously called "Princess Lukas" by his sisters, even though he'd remind them constantly that it was actually Prince because he was a boy and not a girl, as much as they would probably like that. People often think he's lonely because he's the only male triplet but none of the three see why he would be.

Lucia, though the youngest, was one of the loudest as a child. She was the one who messed with all the crayons, wrote on the walls, and sometimes threw paint on her siblings. She was constantly picked on for being the youngest, sometimes amde fun f for messing up. She'd usually just brush it of as a child. She loves her family all the same

They were each a hatstall upon starting Hogwarts. Lisbeth for Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, Lukas for Slytherin and Hufflepuff, and Lucia for Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.


A natural extrovert at heart, Lukas has a knack for making friends. He's generally happy, loud and mischievous, and people have predicted that he'll be a flirty one when he's older. Adults seem to like him because he likes to say rather intelligent-sounding things ("thank you, Lucia"). He isn't entirely Hufflepuff, however, and was a hatstall between it and Slytherin, whereupon he chose Hufflepuff so as to not be an outcast within his all-puff family. He's very ambitious, and already has not-so-small aims in life, and very manipulative, though most don't notice. He really does try to not manipulate people, but hey, needs must.




Lukas's faceclaim is Joseph Darcey-Alden.


Marita Ostberg (née Nordskov) - mamma
Mathias Ostberg - pappa
Laila Ostberg - søster
Linnéa Ostberg - søster
Lars Ostberg - bror
Lasse Ostberg - bror
Lisbeth Ostberg - søster
Lucia Ostberg - søster

Jaina Nordskov - kusine

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