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Lunara Stambouli
Lunara Stambouli
Birthdate May 1st, 2026
Birth Place Ildırı, İzmir, Turkey
Hometown Ringland, Norfolk, England
Accent English
Heritage Turkish
Bloodline Part-Human
Family Stambouli
Wand Arm Left
Wand Length 8¾"
Wand Wood Hazel
Wand Core Phoenix Feather
Boggart Being unlovable
Patronus Skunk
Amortentia Coffee, Roasted Green Peppers, Tomatoes and chili
Hecate Grimm

Luna Stambouli - Magical Farmer
Send Me an Owl! - “Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.”
“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.”

Vital Information

Lunara Stambouli is a Turkish-born Half-Blood/Half-Veela witch of English and Turkish-Jewish descent. She is the daughter of Caria Kaplan and Aslan Stambouli.

Full Name: Lunara Ayeleen Stambouli
Meaning of name: Lunara — "Pomegranate flower"
Ayeleen — "Halo of the moon"
Nickname: Luna
Birthdate: May 18th
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Type of childhood: Peaceful
First memory: Fresh picked cherries
Most important childhood event: Living off the land
Why: Renewable resource for her and her family
Her yere gidebilirsin.

– Caria Kaplan

Ve mutlu olmak.

– Lunara Stambouli

Life Before Hogwarts

She was born into a family operated farming family. Due in part to the fertile soil, adequate climate, and abundant rainfall found in Turkey the Stambouli family has contributed to the exportation of agricultural produce such as; hazelnuts, chestnuts, apricots, cherries, figs, and olives. Her father, Aslan, is the carrier of Veela blood, her biological mother, Sila, is as well. Aslan and Caria had a spat early into the marriage which led to a trial separation. During this separation Aslan strayed, he had a short fling with another woman. This woman was Sila, Lunara's birth mother. Disgusted with Aslan and his unfaithfulness, Caria could not deny the child. The dissonance in the relationship between Aslan and Caria stemmed from their struggle to start a family. Lunara was everything they wished for. Caria took on the role of mother and the family was whole once more. Shortly before Caria became pregnant with the first of Luna's younger brothers, Kaan, they moved to from Turkey to England. Caria's family had their own farm land in Norfolk that needed to be take over from her father Edric. It should have been her brother Baris to do it, if he could be trusted.

Luna and her father did not immediately enjoy their life in England. Not until progress of their crops did they began to show happiness about the move. Aslan did not expect the wheat, turnips, barley, peas, beans, or strawberries to grow. He and Luna planted the apples, salad crops, flowers and shrubs. Aslan encouraged Luna to become more familiar with the family farming practices. He easily won her over showing her how the majority of the food on their table came from the crops they grew and harvested. It was a simple equation that she never put together until she became an integral part of it. Prior to the birth of Luna's youngest brother, Zeki, she convinced her parents to expand into more magical plants. She learned about them in Turkey from her uncle Neval, her father was an excellent Herbologist, her mother to. It was a matter of putting the effort in and they were not unprepared for the endeavor. After Zeki's birth Luna, her father, and her uncle Baris were tasked with caring for the crops. Baris inability to handle the job came to light and Aslan quickly got rid of him. He was lazy in the eyes of Aslan, and with three children to provide for he could not have a liability such as Baris around.

Her first sign of magic happened when she was eight, while helping take care of her brothers. Zeki was having a bath and Kaan was having a snack. Kaan knocked over a cup of milk splattering it across the floor and his legs. He began to cry at the sight of the mess, Luna made it disappear. A few short years later she receive her acceptance letter from Hogwarts. Her father discussed with her at length her options. He informed her she could go to Hogwarts if she wanted. However, if she wished, she could go back to Turkey and have the honor of attending The House of Life in the Arabian Desert. Luna knew it was her father's desire for her to attend the school he graduated from. She felt a strong obligation to follow in his footsteps. When she spoke of this with her mother, Caria told Luna it was her choice. She did not have to pick either school, they could find another for her somewhere else. She inevitably chose Hogwarts for one reason, to be close to her family. While she heavily romanticized the idea of The House of Life, she would have been miserable trying to survive the distance. She knew her mother never would have failed to write and send pictures, the visits were what she wanted most.


She was Sorted into Gryffindor and she could not have been more ecstatic about it. She always felt that she was looked at as tame or cautious and rather timid. She may have been a Hatstall between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, but she definitely thinks the hat got her Sorting 100% correct! She played qudditch as a first year scoring an off bench Chaser position. She transitioned to Seeker in her fourth year, but continued to sub as Chaser. She was drawn to Herbology immediately due to the family business. It being something she took to when she was a young child waiting for and watching plants grow with her father, and then her brothers, made it a class that she always arrived early for. Transfiguration and Charms are loves she grew into as she learned to help her mother around the house. The more practical applications of the spells in the aforementioned classes were household staples. She had no idea she was already well versed in them thanks to offering a helping hand to her busy mother. She decided that wanted to learn Apparition impulsively, and shortly before she graduated. She began applying her Healing techniques a lot while helping in the Hospital wing as an apprentice Healer as well.

Additional Facts

Lower education: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; Gryffindor
Higher education: O.W.L. Results
Charms — O
Transfiguration — O
Herbology — O
Defense Against the Dark Arts — A
Ancient Runes — P
Potions — A
Care of Magical Creatures — A
Astronomy — P
Divination — P
History of Magic — A
Muggle Studies — P
N.E.W.T. Results
Charms — O
Transfiguration — O
Herbology — O
Defense Against the Dark Arts — A
Ancient Runes — P
Potions — A
Care of Magical Creatures — E
Astronomy — P
Divination — P
History of Magic — A
Muggle Studies — P

Talents (hidden or not): Herbology, Transfiguration
Extremely skilled at: Charms, Healing
Extremely unskilled at: DAtDA
Good characteristics: Cheerful, Encouraging
Character flaws: Naïve

Color: Green
Food: Raw food; fruits and vegetables
Music: Turkish Folk
Clothing style/Outfit: Bright colors, bohemian style
Literature: Poetry
Expressions: “Barking Up The Wrong Tree”
Quote: “And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”


Patient - Loving, Supportive, Compliant, Dewy-eyed

Annoyingly patient is the most perfect way of describing her. She could watch paint dry and be happy to do it. It is a trait that applies heavily to her belief that people think she is boring or plain. Her patience is on full display at a time like this, however upon closer inspection her creativity is as well. She is usually painting a deeply intricate picture inside of her mind in these moments. Typical she crates a tree, if not a forest, or leaves blowing gracefully in the wind. She is a social creature by nature, but she can be left alone and thrive without resistance. She is a loving person with a bit of a playful side. She likes a little bit of mischief in her life, she approves when times get stressful. She dislikes stress as much as people hate scary things or lovey-dovey things. She is cheerful and enthusiastic about almost everything, she got excited and did a celebratory whoop for a pop quiz once. She loves to be encouraging and is always willing to be there for someone as emotional support if they are feeling nervous or afraid She is terrible at jokes because she forgets the punchline or she laughs too early and ruins its.

She is too loving, and far too sweet. She can be a bit aggressive and irritating in her desire to change people for the better. She will wait for people to realize what they need on their own terms in their own time, she will never give up no matter how difficult. She is a horrible judge of character, she trusts the wrong people with her heart. She has a slew of bad-ex's, male and female, who have taking her passiveness for granted. She does not play around when it comes to who she allows herself to love. Her exes are people no longer in her life, she can converse with them, but they are not friends. She keeps people in her life even if they are more distant and termed 'acquaintance' because she thinks connections are important. She worries that her mother loves her brothers more and it has given her bit of anxiety about her relationships. She wants to be appreciated by someone who is going to care for her unconditionally as she does for them. She fears that love is not something she is worthy of, it scares her so much it is and will always be her boggart. She tries to work hard on herself, always striving to be a good person, someone who can be happy even without the things she wants the most.


She has a mystifying exotic look, her Veela traits are truly evident in her otherworldly beauty. She has a slender face, thick eye brows and wide set dark brown eyes. She has tiny lips and a sweet smile. Her hair is dark brown and slightly wavy, she keeps it short, she often wears it shoulder length. She has a few hidden streaks of pink and orange colored hair mixed around on her head. She loves wearing bright or pastel color patterns. She doesn't dress up very often but when she does, she does it well. She as an atrophic scar, and indented scar, above the bridge of her nose on the right side of her face. She fell trying to get out of a bathtub, in a panic she healed herself. The skin however was unable to regenerate tissue. As a result, it left behind imbalanced scarring. She remembers none of this.