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Lydia Constantinou
the firecracker
December 2
Katherine Constantinou (mother)
Alec Constantinou (father)
Aurora Constantinou (younger sister)
Name Pronunciation
LID-ee-uh cun-STAHN-tih-new
Blood Status
Witch, Metamorphmagus
rped by alex

Lydia Constantinou is a fifth year Gryffindor and Prefect at Hogwarts.
Eye Color
Varies, usually brown
Hair Color
Varies, usually red
Clothing Style
Stylish, girly
With her brightly colored hair, Lydia isn't hard to pick out from a crowd. She has a very distinct look that few people could pull off from her extremely short height of 5'0 to her color changing eyes and hair. Lydia likes to keep her eyes at a chocolate brown and her hair fire engine red, which suits her fierce personality well. She has a fairly stable control of her emotions, so she does a pretty good job of maintaining the red color of her hair, however it will change if she is feeling one emotion particularly strongly. Every now and then Lydia likes to switch up her appearance a little bit, and has tried out blue, blonde, and purple hair but decided that red fits her best. Her doe-like eyes are captivating, and she makes the generally dull color look enticing. Lydia's model is Ariana Grande.

Native Language
English, Greek
Earliest Memory
Playing on the shore of the beach
Type of Childhood
Childhood Fear

Lydia Wren Constantinou was born on December 2 to Alec and Katherine Constantinou in Santorini, Greece. Both Alec and Katherine are wizards themselves, Katherine a Slytherin Alumna and Alec a Durmstrang graduate. Alec and Katherine had met during the Triwizard Tournament years ago went they were young and fell in love immediately. They started dating throughout their years of schooling and continued to after they graduated. As soon as they graduated, they bought a small house together in Santorini where Alec had grown up. Both Katherine and Alec went to work as aurors and were as happy as they could be. Life became even better once they got married at the age of 25. From there, they decided to start trying to have a child. Soon enough, Lydia was born a year later one day before her due date.

Alec came from a long line of Durmstrang graduates himself. Katherine lived in Wimbourne, England all her life meaning Lydia is of both Greek and English descent. Lydia grew up in Santorini for most of her childhood and knew how to speak both Greek and English after her first word. Once Lydia was 7 years old, her mother got pregnant again with her soon to be younger sister, Aurora. Katherine and Alec decided it would be best for their growing family to move to Katherine's hometown in Wimbourne as it was more of a family environment. Despite coming from two fairly different backgrounds, Lydia is proud of her heritage and does a good job of celebrating both her English and Greek ancestry. Every summer, her entire family goes to spend a month in Greece to visit her grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and other family.

Lydia lived a mostly normal and happy childhood. She showed her first sign of magic shortly after being born with her hair changing colors. Katherine herself was a metamorphmagus, so it wasn't a surprise to Lydia's parents that she turned out to be one herself. Lydia never really abused her shape shifting powers, as tempting as it could be at times. I mean, think of all you could do being able to control your appearance and look like whatever or whoever you want. Lydia liked to keep her hair at its natural brown color for most of her childhood, but it would still change with her emotions. Nowadays, she enjoys sporting the red head look instead and has a fairly good control over her emotions. However when she is feeling one emotion in particular very strongly, she tends to lose this sense of control.

Growing up as an older sister from the age of 7 and up, Lydia took on a sense of responsibility and leadership at quite a young age. With both of her parents being busy, Lydia was stuck doing chores she never had to do before and helping take care of her baby sister. She loves Aurora with all her heart, and misses her dearly whenever she has to leave for Hogwarts. Lydia doesn't get to spend a whole lot of time with her litte sister as a result of their fairly large age gap, Lydia being 7 years older than Aurora. By the time Aurora goes to Hogwarts Lydia will be working herself, so she treasures the time they get together.

Lydia was thrilled when she got her Hogwarts letter the summer before she turned 12. She couldn't wait to go and learn how to use magic. Lydia does fairly well in most of her classes, however she can't seem to get a good grade in Transfiguration no matter how hard she tries. While she isn't exactly the smartest witch in her year when it comes to grades, Lydia does have a quick wit and is an intelligent young woman.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Charismatic, selfless, individualistic
Worst Qualities
Unorganized, reckless, gets distracted easily
Most Influenced By
Her younger sister
Lydia is compassionate, independent, and charismatic. She always puts her friends and family before herself and will go above and beyond to protect them. Lydia is always the shoulder to lean on and is the living breathing definition of friendship.

While Lydia is caring and almost always responds well to new people, if someone comes off as mean or rude to her, Lydia will retaliate without hesitation. She tends to be quite feisty and won't let people push her around. Lydia has no problem sticking up for herself and telling people off, but isn't really one to initiate problems.

She is brave-hearted and loves new experiences and opportunities. Lydia is one to try new things and defy people's expectations of her by doing something totally insane. She tends to be quite reckless. Lydia is her own person and doesn't like being labeled one way. She wants to be remembered as a risk taker and hopes that stories of her adventures and good deeds will be told long after she leaves Hogwarts.

Lydia is quick-witted and almost always has a sarcastic response ready no matter the situation. Despite her bite, Lydia is probably one of the kindest people you'll ever meet.


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Lydia Constantinou - Gryffindor Prefect ♡ Chaser
- "Live passionately curious"
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skills and magical abilities
Shape-shifting: Lydia is a metamorphmagus, so she can change her appearance to look like whoever she pleases. Her mother, Katherine, is also a metamorphmagus herself so it is no surprise that Lydia took on after her. While she could use this to her advantage by being able to impersonate anyone she wants, she chooses not to and instead takes advantage of her color-changing hair and eyes. Lydia's bold personality is a good fit for her shape-shifting skill sets.

Quidditch: Lydia is really good at Quidditch despite not having a whole lot of training with it. Her father had played Quidditch at Durmstrang, so she must have gotten it from him. While Lydia can play any position, she prefers playing seeker or chaser. Lydia is quick on her feet which translates well into flying and is always smart about her movements.

Wand: Cedar, Veela hair, 7 inches. The witch or wizard who is well-matched with cedar carries the potential to be a frightening adversary, which often comes as a shock to those who have thoughtlessly challenged them.


*Her favorite colors are pink and red.
*Lydia is a huge daredevil.
*She hopes to travel to South America one day.
*She either wants to be a professional Quidditch player or a healer once she gets older.
*Lydia loves going to social events and meeting people.
*She has broken her big toe, right wrist twice, middle finger, and left arm.
*Lydia would rather see the movie than read the book.
*When she was in her first year, she was dared to jump from a high place onto a broomstick and ended up with a broken arm but it was totally worth it.
*Her best subjects are Herbology and Potions.
*Lydia's favorite Quidditch team is the Wimbourne Wasps.
*Lydia may not have the best grades, but she is quite intelligent.
*Lydia has ADHD which makes school harder for her.

Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Pomosexual, pomoromantic
Relationship Status
Single pringle!
Being stuck in a small place
Cedar, Veela hair, 7 inches
Favorite Drink
Pink lemonade
Favorite Sweet
Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans
Amortentia Scents
Cinnamon candies, ginger snaps, and rich tobacco
Favorite Song
You're Such A by Hailee Steinfeld
Colors by Halsey


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