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"I'm an Aquarius. That's the first thing I'll say about myself. I'm Austrian, I have a really annoying Austro-Bavarian accent, and I was born in Vienna (the capital of Austria, it's big, and pretty) on the seventeenth of February two thousand and sixteen, so I'm eleven years old and some. The family live in Vienna in a big house but it's really big and empty because I'm scared of the dark and I share a room with my little sister Azure Rosalina Emerson. She's only a little baby, well two years old, and she's cute and we're both scared of the dark, so I like her a lot. I wouldn't say she's my favourite because that's my amazestacularful brother Vikram who looks after me, but she's cool."

"Vikram is my big brother, and he cares a lot for me and Azure, because he's nineteen and he's responsible for Azure and I most of the time. So, I'd say we were an average family, except, well...we live in a Muggle area, my parents are ghosts, and we're being looked after by our older brother. I feel like I forgot something - oh, ugh, Quinn. I have a twin sister but she's not magic, she's a squib and she was the weaker twin so my mum let my second-cousin-something-or-other have her for her and her wife, and we don't have twin telepathy, and I'm ninety eight percent sure she hates me and is plotting to murder me. Cheerful, aye?"

"My birth name is Braelynn Hartley Emerson, but seriously, who would go by that? It's awful. The name's Lynn Hartleigh. L-e-i-g-h is prettier than l-e-y, so I decided to write it that way - I never got it legally changed, but my Hogwarts letter addressed itself right, so something's good. Well, it's Vasilyeva now. Learning to say it."

"I think it was cold in Vienna and I was overdue, like a late birthday gift for my mum (the best one ever)...and Quinn, I guess, but she doesn't matter. She was the weaker twin in the womb like I said and she died for like two minutes, and my mum gave her to my infertile relative who wanted a kid (also, she was with a girl at the time, like I said). Dunno why she did it, but for everyone who goes on about twins, I'm just fine without one."

"Dad died first and I still think he was an epic ninja, he died a long time ago in a secret undercover mission. Vik was nine and I was one, but I still grew up with Dad, cause you know, he stayed as a ghost. Mum was more recent, two years ago, giving birth to Azure. She's a ghost too, unfortunately they all seem to stick around. We all pretend they're alive when anyone comes, it ain't hard to fool the muggles."

"So like, apparently I get to go to Hogwarts now. All them cousins tutored Vik because obviously he had to stay home, but like, he decided there's no reason I shouldn't go to Hogwarts. But Vik left in the summer, with his girlfriend, so...I had to come here because the wizards came..."

"But this awesome family took me in, and that's nice. They live in a huge house and the sisters are kind of great."

  • She doesn’t see friends as a necessity, so she’s not going to change herself. If they don’t like her, big whoop, they can get out of her life. They’re a darn sight better than a twin, though, she doesn’t see why twins are so overrated. She’d rather have this magic than a twin anyway.
  • Lynn will never back down from a fight (unless it’s a battle of wits, and she’s too lazy.)
  • Such a water baby; she’d swim in the Black Lake in mid-December if she could get away with it. The idea of drowning interests her - she wants to know, does your life really flash before your eyes? Like a really interesting movie - almost like the credits scene.
  • Her amortentia is the smell of chlorinated water, like in a swimming pool, mixed with the slightest hint of warm pastry, perhaps the smallest sniff of bacon, and the sugary smell of golden syrup. Mostly the water, since she doesn’t eat much, despite saying she needs food.
  • Lynn is an avid star gazer and perhaps puts a little too much stock in them - give her a break, she’s eleven. A great believer in the zodiac, she collects people’s birthdays so she can watch the events of the day unfold. Lynn believes in zodiac compatibility, so don’t be surprised if she turns you down because ‘we don’t match right’ or, ‘it just doesn’t check out.’
  • She’s an excellent liar when she wants to be, so don’t be surprised if she’s lied to your face in her first meeting; she’s had to lie about her parents being dead for two years now. A girl’s gotta learn.
  • She wishes she could be colourblind, so awful colours like vomit green didn’t exist. She doesn’t realise how awful she would feel if she couldn’t see a rainbow, either.
  • A professional slacker and doodler - she couldn’t care any less about grades, she’s too busy living life for that. Other people’s problems are simply not her problem and she won’t deal with them.
  • However, she exercises too much and wouldn’t dare slack on that, and definitely eats too little - she just fuels herself occasionally on Nutella, Marshmallow Fluff, and Cheetos. It’s not good for her, but she doesn’t care.
  • She misses the romance of the good old days and can recite the whole of Coriolanus but strangely enough for a romance lover, cannot remember a single monologue from Romeo and Juliet. She’s not such a fan of cliche.
  • She loves to imitate accents, but she definitely has an Austro-Bavarian one and she hates it. Honestly, she just wants a Cockney accent because it’s so posh and wonderful. She knows she probably speaks far too quickly for it to sound good, but she’s a dreamer.

She didn’t really want to go to Hogwarts, she wanted to go on transfer exchanges to places where there wasn’t so much bloody rain. (She’s prone to complain about this.)

  • Lynn has been known to sleepwalk (and do rather dangerous things while sleeping), so she never had anyone over for a sleepover. Yes, it was a bit of paranoia on her parents’ part to worry that she’d murder the friend in their sleep, and yes she’s pissed off about it. But, they know what it’s like to be dead.
  • She’s still scared of the dark, although she fervently denies this, and positions herself facing towards the strongest source of light when trying to sleep. To get to sleep in the first place, she has to use her weighted blanket, relaxing ‘sleep music’ and several tablets.
  • A big fan of aesthetics - that’s why she wanted to use l-e-i-g-h to spell her last name. She dots her i with a heart and curls the ends of n and m.
  • She doesn’t mean to be rude, it genuinely just comes out that way because she’s very, very stubborn. That, and she loves the outlook of being a sassy feminist whose cup of care is simply empty.
  • Lynn writes well, she keeps it all in a notebook and takes it out whenever inspiration strikes (because who cares if she misses the notes she was supposed to make about Switching Spells? She’ll ask a Ravenclaw about it later, and pretends to be interested.)
  • Winter’s her favourite season - she loves the snow, and skating on the lake, and the winter wear is so warm and snuggly. It’s the only time it’s okay to wear three sweaters on top of each other.
  • Having tried vegetarianism and veganism and having failed on both counts, she’s decided to stick to meat eating.
  • She’s short, and not enjoying it, and gets hopeless crushes on tall people no matter the gender. There’s just something attractive about tall people - she especially finds it hard to keep eye contact with them.
  • Her patronus memory would be her first sign of magic, when Vikram pushed her out of the tree by accident, and she bounced. Because not dying is very cheerful.
  • To her, her own internal dialogue makes an interesting story.


Leona Rosseau-Gold
Leona was nice enough, but she didn't seem too interested in the stars which makes Lynn doubt her just a little. She's willing to make an effort to be friends, though, because it appears the girl needs some.


i’m too busy working on my own grass to see if yours is greener.

Braelynn Hartley Emerson Lynn Vasilyeva
RPer Lilly
Age 11
Birthday February 17
Nationality Austrian
Ethnicity Austrian
Species Witch
Blood Pure-blood
Orientations Pansexual; Panromantic
Gender Female (cis)
Hair Blonde
Faceclaim Karley Scott Collins
Height 5'1
Schooling Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (slytherin)
Year Second
Occupation Student
Wand Arm Right
Patronus TBD
Boggart Losing her family
Affiliation(s) Slytherin; Vasilyeva Family
Location Hogwarts
Most influenced by Vikram Emerson
Languages English; German; French


Model: Karley Scott Collins

credit to kibeth for page & brocky and red for inspiration/code