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baby i can't really miss you if i'm with you, and when i miss you it'll change the way i kiss youbaby you know time apart is beneficial, it's like i'm the u n i v e r s e and you'll be N A S A
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basic information

Full Name ||

Lysander Doyoon Point [Birth name]
여도윤 | Yeo Doyoon [Korean name]

Nicknames ||

Ly, Doyoonie

Age ||


Birthday ||

14 May 2026

Zodiac Sign ||


Assigned Sex ||


Gender Identity ||


Sexual Orientation ||


Romantic Orientation ||


Relationship Status ||

Species ||

Human [Wizard]

Nationality ||


Ethnicity ||

English [paternal]
Korean [maternal]

Birthplace ||

Brighton, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom

Current Location ||

Point Home, Kristianstad, Sweden
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
magical information

Blood Status ||


Magical Education ||

Durmstrang Institute of Magic [Years 1-3]
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry [Years 4-Current]

Year ||

Sixth Year [Hufflepuff]

Wand Wood ||


Wand Core ||

Phoenix Feather

Wand Length ||

11 ¾ inches

Patronus ||


Boggart ||

Everyone secretly hating him

Exotic? ||


Face Claim ||

Choi Beomgyu [Beomgyu, TXT]

Hair ||

Dark Brown, straight and neat.

Eyes ||

Dark Brown

Skin ||

Pallor Asian

Height ||

179 cm

Weight ||

55 kg

Body Frame ||

Tall and thin, not much muscle.

Tattoos ||


Piercings ||

Both ears, once

Voice ||

Baritone. Soft and gentle voice. Accent mostly British, with some Swedish coming out in certain words.

Scent ||

Sugar, Vanilla, Strawberries

Lysander is easily the shyest and most withdrawn member of his friend group. He is naturally introverted, and as a result it takes a lot for him to engage in any sort of conversation.

However, Lysander makes up for his quiet demeanor with a vibrant personality behind closed doors. He can prove himself to be just as mischievous as any of his TXT Squad friends, and can lend his own ideas to whatever wild thing they should do next.

Despite looking like the epitome of calm and collected, Lysander has his darker moments as well. He is well-known for his blunt honesty and sometimes harsh words. Delicate looks and sensitivity aside, he's not someone to be pushed around. He likes going his own way, and isn't afraid at all to be dismissive and reject ideas.


Lysander Doyoon Point was born the younger son to Elliot and Siryeon Point.


Father ||

Elliot Point

Mother ||

Yeo Siryeon

Full Siblings ||

Demetrius [older brother]

Half Siblings ||


Children ||


Other Relatives ||

Galen Yeo [Cousin]
Percival Yeo [Cousin]

Significant Other(s) ||


Best Friend(s) ||

Friends ||

Acquaintances ||

Enemies ||

  • In hockey, he supports the Tampa Bay Lightning.
  • Loves macadamia nut cookies.
  • His favorite color is lavender
    • Overall, he is fond of pastel colors
  • Is fond of wearing high-end clothes.
  • Loves cats, especially tabby cats.
  • Lysander finds beauty in liminal spaces.
  • His favorite time of the year are the months of October thru December.
    • His favorite season is autumn.
  • He is an avid fan of the Korean wizarding pop group Aurora.
  • He plays as a forward in hockey.
  • Due to his experience working at Honeydukes, Lysander is very organized.
  • Fluently speaks English and Swedish. He also knows bits and pieces of German, French, and Korean.
    • Due to his mother dying when he was young, Lysander can't really speak Korean fluently. He knows the basics, but his grammar is beyond-awful and he doesn't speak formally when he should.
  • Is a horrible flirt.
  • When Insomnia was active, Jungjeon was his favorite member.
  • Has an intense stare.
  • Uses people's stomachs as pillows.
  • Has calligraphy skills.
  • Loves vintage things, especially music from the 2010s.
  • His favorite drink is strawberry milk.
  • Likes wearing headbands.
  • Can play the guitar.
  • Sometimes, he wears face masks.
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