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Lysette Winston
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I am one of those people who just can't help getting a kick out of life — even when it's a kick in the teeth.

–- Polly Adler

Lysette Winston – Hufflepuff Hufflepuff crest
TALK – “Tá mé ar cheann de na daoine nach féidir leo cabhrú ach a fháil tús as an saol - fiú nuair a tá sé cic i na fiacla.”
I'm Lysette Winston. Who the heck are you?

Quick Info[]

Lysette Davina Winston
Lysette Winston4
Gender Female
Family Winston, Devon, and Newell
Birthday July 22nd, 2005
Wand Mahogany, Dragon Heartstring
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Unicorn
Boggart Her spells backfiring
Blood Status Half-Blood


Early Life[]

Tate Levi Winston, my father met the beautiful and charming Magnolia "Maggie" Devon Newell, my mother while they were students at Hogwarts. She was in Hufflepuff and he was in Gryffindor, my father Tate the rebel was fascinated by my mother Maggie's tenacity, and her bitter scathing wit. My mother who hated to be called Maggie had been aware of Tate since first year, he was one of the last in their class to be sorted, and he was a halstall.

Maggie and Tate did not begin seeing one another until their sixth year. My father Tate was filling his second consecutive year as Prefect, and my mother Maggie was a Reserve Seeker for the quidditch Team. She was Hufflepuffs secret weapon. He watched every single one of her games, because they always put her in. He said she could fly though the air like she was born with wings, she looked like she supposed to be in the sky.

My mother was the Seeker for the Scottish National Quidditch team, she was phenomenal until she hit a mental wall. She fell off her broom after a bone breaking collide with another player. They both fell through they air, the other player knocked unconscious. My mother was fully awake and completely unable to move, all she could do was scream. She woke in a hospital, forced to stay for "treatment". She was having terrible hallucinations that gave her violent mood swings.

Our father did not want my sister and I to forget our mother, he also did not want us to have to suffer along side himself and out mother through her bouts with insanity. Nora and I responded differently to our mother's mental state. Nora could no longer see our mother for who she was, and I would never ever forget her. We as a family are not the same without my mother either. I have her strong self will, according to my father, and have not changed because of it. Visits to St. Mungo's might go wrong and have our family leaving with our heads hung low, and sadness in our heart. On those rare perfect days I am not the only person to leave my mother's side feeling like she might one day come back home. I want to believe my mother will get better, and I keeps a positive outlook on life in general in the hope that she will. It is optimism, I know that, and my sister Nora never misses a chance to tell me that it will never be enough.

Hogwarts Life[]

First Year[]

I was sorted into Hufflepuff, that came as no surprise to Nora or Dad. Nora said she expected because I'm an optimist. She thinks it shows that I'm a pushover. I was a little shy at first I went to all of my classes early and I always sat in the farthest corner in the back so that no one would see me. It was Nora's fault, she made me nervous. She told me that all the other houses hated Hufflepuff, she convinced me that Gryffindor and Ravenclaw liked Slytherin more than they liked Hufflepuff.

Second Year[]

I learned a little better by second year, I hadn't met anyone who hated me because I was in Hufflepuff. I did meet a few people who thought they way, Supremacists. Nora wasn't wrong there. My focus was my House, Hufflepuff. Whoever wanted to be my friend was my friend, and everyone else could begone. That mantra worked out everywhere except classes where we needed partners like DAtDA, and Charms, sometimes Transfiguration. It was okay, I could work much better by myself.

Third Year[]

Being my best friend still wasn't working out in partner classes, some of the teachers started assigning partners which was embarrassing when I was forgotten about. What was worse than being in the three person group was was breaking up a group to be two two person groups. The person stuck with me was always angry, the hurt feelings did set me up with a lot of practice for Dueling Club. And or course I was skipped over. I'm okay with it, as long as Hufflepuff wins.

Fourth Year[]

I joined the Potions Club, and I thought about joining the Gobstone Club, then I changed my mind. Potions Club was cool, I met a few of my housemates officially there. The weird Slytherin who talked to himself, I told him he was mumbling and now he does this even weirder thing where he smirks, with this face like he is having a conversation in his head. I may have broken him. There was another Hufflepuff, a guy he reminded me of a fluffy little lamb, I call him Lambchop.

Fifth Year[]

Divination was supposed to be Nora's thing, I took it fifth year to spite her. When she took it she was a massive failure she is way too narrow-minded for something like Sight. I had a thing for scrying, it was fun until I could actually do it. The first time I was able to locate Nora, I was a little off, but I was right and it was astounding. I tried my hand at crystal gazing, it never turned out to be anything from the future the only thing I could ever see were images of my mother's fall.

Sixth Year[]

Family Members[]

Tate Winston (Father)

Magnolia "Maggie" Newell (Mother)

Nora Winston (Sister)


My hair is long, a little past shoulder length, it is dark brown and has a bit of wave to it. My eyes are very much the same, dark brown and my skin is light with hint of color. I have thin lips, the bottom being a little fuller than the top and a pointed nose. I have three moles on my face, one towards the left of my chin, one on the top of my right cheek and another on the bottom left side of my cheek.


I just have faith in me. I am courageous intelligent and ambitious, the daughter of my Hufflepuff mother and Gryffindor father. I think I'm the best! I'm awesome, everyone says that about themselves, or they should I have complete confidence in myself even when I fail. I don't have a high opinion of myself and I'm not arrogant. I like to think that I'm approachable but I know that my affectionate nature can push some people away.

Magical abilities and skills[]

My sister Nora and I picked up our love of Charms from our father Tate, and our mother Maggie. It was more entertaining for me to a charm one of the toys to play itself than it ever was to play with it normally.

Nora started taking Divination lessons first, and she didn't take to it quickly like she does with everything. In my endless messing about I picked up where she left of and stumbled upon the little known family skill in Pyromancy.

Spells List[]



I was given the first name Lysette as a variation of my grandmother's name Lisette. It is a diminutive of Elisabeth and it means "my God is an oath" or perhaps "my God is abundance".

My middle name is Davina, it is a feminine form of David, it means "beloved".

Our surname Winston is derived from the Old English name Wynstan. It means "joy stone".



Hufflepuff crest

Lysette Winston is a Hufflepuff!


History of Magic

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