Lyssa Laurent
Proud Ravenclaw

Lyssa is nothing if not prideful. She believes she can do anything better than anyone who's ever done it. Ambition, her mother called it. Sometimes Lyssa can be too proud, and she does things without thinking, and rushes on. She places an abundant amount of trust onto those she takes a liking for, and those who she knows can be trusted, although she can be cruel to those she doesn't like. She's very loyal to her friends, but is cautious and suspicious of new people she meets. Occasionally, Lyssa can even be mean without knowing. Or does she? Lyssa fires and shoots insults at anyone she thinks is insulting her, and that hurts her pride, especially when she finds out someone has done something better than she has done it. She acts sly sometimes, because she thinks she posses special knowledge that nobody else knows, but who knows?

Although Lyssa's good grades sometimes do come from magic, she enjoys to read extra and draw whenever she feels like it or when she has time. Lyssa loves to read about mythology, history, and architecture, being the result of her father once being an architect and her mother a professional writer. When Lyssa knows a job can't be finished, though, her lazy aspect takes over and she leaves it alone. She likes to drink frappucino along with doing her homework (explains those splotches of brown stuff on her parchment sometimes >.<). Lyssa's happy with being a spectator, but when she needs to take action, she recklessly charges in without a plan. She thinks that being unique doesn't mean that it's weird, but it means that your body refuses to take part of the crowd (and thinks its lame) and its trying to tell people that you can be unique as well.


Lyssa Laurent was born in France to two Muggles, but she inherited her grandmother's and grandfather's (her mother's side) magical abilities. Her father, Lant Laurent was an architect and her mother, Naomi Laurent was a novelist. They were rich, and Lyssa lived a luxury life, which maybe spoiled her a bit. She was only six when her father died because he felt dizzy and fell when he was doing some architect work. This had a huge impact on the six year old Lyssa, and it opened up a door of darkness in her paradise life. For two years onward, she remained bitter to the building her father was working on when he fell. It was about done by then, but Lyssa glared at it everytime she passed by. She still hasn't got over it yet. She had no siblings, and her mother remained a widow.

On her ninth birthday, Lyssa made a bad choice and the result was her cautious being around new people. Back then, she believed everyone was trustworthy and she wasn't as cautious as she is now. Unfortunately, one of her so called friends had come to her birthday party, and she was jealous about how much money she had! So, she told another friend that Lyssa had no clue about to come to her house. Lyssa met him, alright. His name was Albert, and he was greedy about money, and he loved to steal. But he acted all nice and cool and all that, and on that night, Lyssa trusted him so much, she eventually let Albert into her room to see her stuff (Her mother didn't approve of strangers going into her house's rooms so it was like a taboo for her). Just in time, Lyssa's mother called them down for cake. Lyssa, giddy with excitment, told Albert to "come down! There's cake! Oh my gosh, there's cake!". Albert shot her a sly grin and told her he had to use the bathroom. "Okay," was the reply Lyssa gave while she skipped down the stairs. Albert pulled out a bag and he stole everything he thought was priceless. He later then found Lyssa's "friend", gave her the stash for a bunch of money and fled the scene. It was only hours later Lyssa found out Albert stole her stuff. From then on, her feelings of regret, anger and sadness hardened into the Lyssa today: Always cautious and suspicious of new people.

Lyssa was delighted when her letter permitting her to Hogwarts came when she was eleven...but her mother was dumbfounded. Lyssa only then revealed to her that her grandmother (Naomi's mother) had told her everything about the wizarding world she could remember and sensed that Lyssa had some magical blood in her. So they went to Hogwarts. Lyssa is loving it there...but hating the obnoxious students there as well. She made it well through her first year and second year, making some friends and enemies, but most of all, acing it in mythology.

“Oh yes, we’re all just dying to know what you have to say, yet my brain is telling me what you have to say is what I have to ignore, and a smart Ravenclaw never ignores her brain.”

-None. Single. Sometimes looking.

"I might die young, but at least I'll die smart."




Basic Info
Full Name Lyssa Laurent
Nickname Lyssie, L, Ly
Birthday 15th October, 2006
Age 13
Nationality French
Home France, Paris
Status Single, sometimes looking but sometimes not looking
Sexuality Straight
Location WIP
Gender Female
Year Third
Titles N/A
House Ravenclaw
Species Witch
Family Blood Muggle-born
Wand Core {{{wandcore}}}
Wand Wood {{{wandwood}}}
Wand Arm Right-hand
Boggart losing a loved one
Patronus {{{patronus}}}
Model Ava Max
Gender Female
Eye Color Dark brown
Hair Color blonde
Height WIP
Voice WIP
Body Style WIP
Mental/Emotional State N/A
Mental/Emotional Disorders N/A
Physical Disorders N/A
Ethnicity N/A
"That's Queen Lyssie to you, peasant."
Fam & Gen
Mother Naomi Laurent
Father Lant Laurent
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Cousin(s) N/A
Aunt(s) N/A
Uncle(s) N/A
Niece(s) N/A
Nephew(s) N/A
Character Flaw Pride
Fear/Phobias losing a loved one
Personal Motto "If you try, then you might get better results than you giving up."
Faces Their Problems With wits and her pride.
React to Change "Oh sh*t, I'd rather change you into a lizard than change me"
Native Language French, English
Hobbies Reading, drawing, daydreaming and writing
"We all have our own differences and that makes us special. But your difference makes you stinky."


her friends, hot chocolate


her enemies, cold coffee

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