the empress.

Camille Antoinette
Blood Status
Mixed Blood
Human, Seer
This character is roleplayed by SoA.

Camille Antoinette is a seer witch who was the Head of HUfflepuff and Divination Professor in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


She has long blonde hair that falls to her elbows, and brown coloured eyes. She usually wears velvet soft dresses, and it is not unusual to see her with flowers on her hair.

She was born in Paris, France. Instead of going to Beauxbatons, her parents sent her to Hogwarts, the more prominent school of witchcraft and wizardry. Camille was placed in Hufflepuff house.

Dunstan's bubble was soon to be burst abruptly. He was about to get a reality check that would scar him for the rest of his life. Perseus, the eldest child, and heir to the le Fey name. Perseus had involved himself with dark wizards, and had turned a traitor to the Ministry. The group of Wizards had been targeting ancient families - destroying their lineage and looting their homes. The noble house of Merlin was their next target - and with Phoebus wrapped around their fingers, it was almost too easy.

Camille flourished at the more physical subjects, and played quidditch for the Hufflepuff team, as a Chaser. She passed her NEWTs with Outstandings in Ghoul Studies, Defence Against the Dark Arts and Potions- and Exceeds Expectations in Ancient Runes and Mythology.

Camille is very soft-spoken, most of the time, and tends to remain quiet while others argue. However, when crossed, she has a fiery temper, and fiercely defendant and loyal to those who she loves.


friends, acquaintances and enemies

Paige Turner ✝
Paige was one of Camille's closest friends. The two seers worked together on multiple occasions, and Camille still remembers her friend after her passing on a daily basis.

Nora Déonté
Nora and Camille have butted heads on occasion during Camille's tenure as head of Hufflepuff. Camille feels that the pressures of teaching and being a head of house are too much Nora, and she worries that her teaching style is... unorthodox.



*She is a Pagan, and therefore strongly believes in the Occult
  • Camille's Patronus is a Spider
  • Ironically, she has a Familiar, Morticia, who is also a Spider.
  • Her model is Tamsin Egerton
  • Her wand is 11", Pear, Veela Hair

Handedness Left
Sexual and Romantic Orientation Pansexual
Relationship Status Single
Pets Morticia, her spider
Favourite Songs Blinding by Florence + The Machine
Lithium by Evanescence
Favourite Colours Purple
Favourite Sweet Sherbet Lemons
Most Treasured Possession -
Where to Find Them her office


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