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Maddox Damion Dimension
Vital statistics
Title Hogwarts Student, One of the heirs to the Dimension Master Throne
Gender Male
Age 111 years old (In this dimension he's 12)
Height 5'4
Hair Colour {{{hair colour}}}
Eye Colour {{{eye colour}}}
Race Magidimensional, (Other dimensional Human)Pureblood
House Gryffindor
Year 1st
Wand Acacia 11 1/4, Veela hair
Wand Arm Left
Family Vidia Towers

Turion Dimension

J.D. Dimension

Majora Dimension

(Mother, Father, older sister, younger sister)

Affiliation(s) Hogwarts

Dimension M The Dimension Family Gryffindor House

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A chameleon named Dimentio A black cat named Jester An eagal owl named Diamond


Komodo Dragon




Maddox Dimension is a Magidimensional, Pureblood Wizard. In this dimension, he was born on April 13, 1902 in Shadow City, Vomerica, in The First World, Dimension M. Maddox's line of family is known for their multi-dimensional powers in Dimension M, especially his father, Turion, who's the current "Dimension Master." However, this important position led his parents to be too busy to pay attention to their children, so Maddox and his younger sister, Majora, had always been taken care of by their older sister, J.D, on the streets of Brooklyn, .


Maddox is a quiet, polite, and reserved boy, though has been hardened by living on the street.he holds a lot of anger towards his parents, as hasn't seen them since he was little. During At his current level, his magic can be considered a little weak. At some times, he can get very angry, exposing his true powers. He tries his best in his schoolwork, but usually get average or below-average grades. Maddox usually sticks around his best friends, Rosabella Phantom, who happens to be his crush, and Yuki Ghostglare, but otherwise keeps to himself, reading books by himself in the Clock Tower. He is also very curious. Dimension M, his home, was a far advanved civilization and compared to this dimansion it's very different. Maddox marvels at the smallest of things, like insects or furniture. He plays on the quidditch team as well, as he was slightly amused by how the players have to fly on broomsticks. (Many Magidimensionals can fly on their own.) Despite his quiet personality, he loves going on adventures, mostly because Rosabella and Yuki pull him into them.


Usually Magidimensional traits are very different from Scidimensional (What Magidimensionals call people in this dimension) traits, but Maddox isn't that different, as he is still a human. He was born with long, jet black hair with pure white edges, but to look normal he sometimes dyes his hair completely black. His skin is rather pale and is hard to tan or burn. His deep grey eyes are not uncommon in his family, but usually a magidimensional might have two different colored eyes, like his younger sister, Majora. Maddox is thin and a little malnourished from lack of food on the street, but starts to fill in after living at Hogwarts. He also doesn't speak too often unless spoken to, but when he does, his voice has no accent and is very large, which is good for singing.

Life Before Hogwarts[]

more info soon~


Standard Classes -

  • Potions
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts
  • Transfiguration
  • Herbology
  • Charms
  • History of Magic

Chosen Classes -

  • Wizard Art
  • Wandlore
  • Dumbledore's Army
  • Care of Magical Creatures
  • Mythology