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Madeleine Désirée Björklund

Gryffindor Graduate

Madeleine Désirée Björklund is a Swedish Pure-Blood witch currently residing in England. She is a graduate of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, attending for her seventh year, being sorted into Gryffindor House. She is currently unemployed.


In Stockholm, Sweden, on a cool March evening, Emil Axel Björklund was born. Three months later, on the other side of Sweden, around noon, Katja Ewa Lager was born. The two were born in different places, had different childhoods, and were very different from each other. But somehow, they fell in love.

Katja was from a rich family, already engaged to someone else, her fear didn't want her to run away. But her daring came through and she ran away to be with the poor man she loved. They married, and soon, Joel Emil and Madeleine Désirée were born.
Soon after Madeleine's birth, the family started going through some hard times, and Katja went back to live with her parents, taking Joel and Madeleine. However, her parents weren't very happy with what she had done, and they told her that if she married her former fiance, still single, they would take her back.
She chose to get married. However, her fiancé was not happy with her running away to be with someone else and have two children, he set the Imperius curse on her soon after the wedding. When both children turned 5, every thing they did wrong, they would get beaten not by their now-step father, but by Katja, under the Imperius curse. When she finally began Durmstrang, despite not liking it, she had her freedom there. In her fourth year, along with Joel, they ran away.
It was a rather long journey, going through the Danish, German and French wildness. In France, they met up with some rather unfriendly people, and Madeleine got injured. The pair were found by a French witch, and Madeleine stayed in France while Joel went on to England.
For a year, Madeleine went by the name Madeleine Bellerose and went to Beauxbatons. After one year, she went on to join her brother in England, and started attending Hogwarts. Since then, she has graduated. She lives just outside of London, and she is in the possession of a dragon, Eimyrja, bought by Joel.


Madeleine is not the loud and friendly personality her brother has around other people. She isn't really afraid of anything, because she thinks she's seen it all. She is nice, but she won't hesitate to snap back at you. Madeleine has inherited much of her mother's true nature, the one she had when Madeleine was a baby. But, she also has a bit of her own traits. She has a rather dark side, that really nobody knows about, but it's still there. She is very quiet, but she doesn't back down to people's feet either.

Basic Info

Full Name Madeleine Désirée Björklund
Born September 14, 2000
Age 21
Gender Male
Species Human, Witch
Current Location England
Schooling Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizarding, Durmstrang
Current Status Alive
Relationship Status Single
Nationality Swedish
Sexuality Straight
Accent Swedish


Vices Self-pity
Bad Habits Nail Biting
Quirks Counts Stars
Attitude Shy - Kind - Sweet
Special Talents Singing - Knitting - Embroidery
Social Skills Somewhat Social

Personal Info

Most at Ease When? Sleeping
Main Priorities Finding a Job, Keeping Eimyrja from being caught
Personal Motto "My skin has gone from porcelain, to ivory, to steel."
Past Failures Being a Burden to Joel
Biggest Accomplishment N/A
Darkest Secret? She was abused
Secret Known by Anyone? Joel
Personal Tragedy Being abused
One Wish To have the perfect life

Other Info

Nicknames Sofi, anyone
Boggart The Truth
Hobbies Baking - Sports - Decorating
Most Admires N/A
Most Influenced by Joel
Faces their Problems Nothing at first, but eventually, she loses her cool and yells
Reacts to Change Easily
Dream Job Anything
Current Job N/A


Model Kristina Romanova
Gender Female
Hair Type Long - Straight
Hair Colour Light Brown
Eye Colour Grey
Ethnicity Swedish
Skin Complexion Light
Height 5'9"
Weight 140 lbs
Body Shape Slender
Voice Quiet - Friendly
Distinguishing Marks N/A