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Madison Ginevra Spencer

Seventh Year 💡 Ravenclaw 💡 Genius Kid

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AGE 17 (May 21, 2019)
MODEL Danielle Campbell
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Although you can technically define them as high school sweethearts, it wasn't sunshine and daisies the entire time. They met as first years, and experienced what they'd later try to claim was love at first sight. They crushed on each other for two years and a half, afraid to ruin the friendship they had. It wasn't until third year when Louis Spencer got his head out of his ass and asked Gwendolyn to be his girlfriend. It was a dramatic affair, really, because it was in the middle of a quidditch match, while he was defending her from the other team so she'd catch the snitch.

They only lasted a grand total of six months. It was an at school only kind of relationship, by any means toxic, and they both knew Louis wasn't going to be loyal for three months without actually seeing his girlfriend. Gwen didn't want to date someone who'd potentially cheat on her, and swiftly ended what they had going on. It took a total of one week for them to get over each other; Louis was a popular guy back home in Orlando. He could have anyone. And he did. That summer was a wild one; he ended up losing his virginity to an older chick, messed around with her cousin, and wound up hooking up with said cousin's brother.

It wasn't until seventh year that they got back together. Louis was a playboy - he'd won a reputation at Ilvermorny for sleeping with girls and tossing them aside. Until he met his match: Thunderbird beater Olivia Cobbold. She was a Hogwarts transfer in their year, and the only girl who outright rejected him. And Louis - well, Louis loved himself a good challenge, so he pursued her. It took him an entire year, but by the start of seventh, he'd managed to win her over and score a date. It didn't settle well with Gwendolyn. Sure, what they had was brief, and they'd grown apart after their nasty breakup, but she hadn't realized he'd ever settle down with anyone. Especially someone who wasn't her.

Gwendolyn was nothin if not intense. She confronted them after their first date, much to Olivia's humiliation and Louis' amusement. Could you really blame him? Here was his ex, going crazy over his date with another girl - a girl who had decided they'd ultimately be better off as friends. Although Gwen got what she wanted (Louis), that was an instance he never let her live down. Not when they moved in together fresh out of Ilvermorny, not when they signed on to play pro together, not when they got married, not when they had their children a year after.

First came Patrick, Sean, Peggy, Isaac, Theo, Freddie, Elyson, Andy, Madi, Noah and Eleanor Ella. Madison came along when her parents were in a fight. She was the second girl after Peggy, and was almost immediately the apple of her family's eyes. When she was four, she seemed to show her genius-side of things, starting on learning things that would take her into the same path as her brothers Isaac, Andrew, Frederick, and Elyson, of a path of science and brainiac skills.

Her magic manifested at the age of six, a year less than Frederick, but her sign was close to what he did. Through a pair of pranks caused by Andrew and Elyson, due to Madi springing their parents on them before they could level the pranks to target the girls, she turned their hair blue and green consequently, before running off to hide and study. This put the girl on Ilvermorny's list of future students, however, she wouldn't be attending Ilvermorny like her siblings and parents did. Due to Andrew blowing up something he shouldn't have blown up and sent a few people to the infirmary, he got expelled and as such, Dad and Mom decided to move the family across the pond to England in hopes for a new start. Madison currently is attacking a prank scheme to Andrew for revenge of ruining her plans to follow in her mother's footsteps.


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She's the resident scientific mastermind in her family, particularly in the school-aged section. Isaac still has her beat, though, but she's trying to get to his levels by the time she graduates from Hogwarts. Madison is a girl who always thinks of life as a chess-game, able to think ten steps ahead and plan out everything. She absolutely adores studying and reading and learning new things, especially with all of the exposure she's gotten to it through her life as a Spencer.

Madison however, isn't much of a social person. She much prefers the company of her books to that of people, and sadly, she rarely interacts with her siblings and family as well. There's only a few people that manage to break her walls and bring out a focus and seek-out behavior, and at the moment, only three people can say that they hold that title. Isaac, her older brother, due to their shared love of science; Theo, her older brother, due to their lack of communications and relaxing conversations rarely involving words; and Frederick, due to how he's been helping her with her prank spree on Andrew as revenge.


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