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the devil always gets her way

Maeve never had any friends growing up in the Oymyakonsky District because there really wasn't too many children around her age in the area. In fact, the closest to her still had a few years on her and that was her biological sister Melaena who lived across the frozen river. So she grew up lonely and sort of socially awkward toward strangers, never fully trusting anyone but Yesfir and Iosif. She was a relatively happy child and eagerly enjoyed learning new things so that her mind was always entertained. It was only as she grew a little bit older and started to struggle with Cotard's Syndrome that Maeve really became a loner and reclusive, even with her own family at times. She often doesn't know how to react to stressful or intense situations as has been known to turn somewhat robotic which can often be misunderstood for callousness. She is seen as cold and detached and quite frankly weirdly intense. Her ice blue eyes could pierce just about anyone's soul, especially those who dared to stare back. Maeve has recently picked up a special interest in her various journals that belonged to her mother, almost always hanging around the Greenhouse or researching different types of wood and plants. Her dorm room at Hogwarts looks like a jungle due to all the potted trees she had started to grow and hoard, especially since she can't grow anything back home. Heck, she was almost ten years old when she seen grass for the first time. All she had ever known was a world that was white and cold and now she had the oppertunity to experience greenery and she was becoming a bit obsessive over it. Maeve would prefer to keep the company of ghosts, trees and plants over people any day but that is only because she doean't know how to make friends with something that can actually communicate with her. Not that it doesn't stop Maeve from talking to the trees and treating them as if they had feelings. Easily startled, Maeve tends to hover around low populated areas and avoids any high volume functions where she could get overwhelmed by the amount of living people. Don't forget, she one hundred percent believes she is entirely dead from the time she fell into a cold river as a child and had to be resuscitated.
Anastasiya Vasilyeva was born into an incrediably unforgiving hell, located in a rural little section of the Oymyakonsky District in Russia. She was raised in one of the coldest inhabited spots on Earth due to her parent's infamy throughout the country and was second born after her sister Melaena. The monsters who brought Melaena and Anastasiya into the world were Anatoly and Natalia Vasilyev, prolific and highly wanted criminals in both Russia and Germany for their countless string of felonies and murders and clouded ancestry that marks Anatoly and his children as descendants of Vlad the Impaler (1428-1478). Oymyakon was the smartest place to hide while they gave birth to their daughters but the cold threatened to steal their babies on both occasions, more than a few times. It was actually nearly impossible to have a child survive in Oymyakonsky, let alone two with a couple years apart in age.

As a mere infant, Melaena grew jealous of the love that her parents shared with Anastasiya; likely because she could never truly have that herself. It was as if she destined that her little sister was going to have to be dealt with during the first few moments of her life in this world. In truth, it could be speculated that Melaena had already brewed a special recipe of hatred for the child that grew for nine months in her mother's stomach before she was even born and seeing her with Natalia only solidified her urge to crush and erase Anastasiya. So when the baby was just shy of her first birthday, Melaena took her down to the river that had grown a thick layer of ice due to the low temperature before drawing the young child out into the middle of the half frozen river. Melaena then migrated back toward the bank and smashed her heel on the shiny surface until it begun to crack and split into pieces that drifted apart. Leaving Anastasiya to fate and destiny, she finally returned home to her family.

During the distressing twenty minutes that the young child spent weeping and freezing, an elderly couple who owned a fishing farm on the other side of the bank heard her wails and came to rescue her. It proved no easy feat and while half way to the hunk of ice that kept her out of the water, she fell in and went under. The man, Iosif, dove into the water to save the small child and brought her to shore where his wife Yesfir waited with blankets to scoop her up and rush her inside. Anastasiya had stopped breathing and was quite pale and cold but after aggressive rounds of CPR in front of the fireplace, she finally came around and spit up water. From that day, the elderly couple chose to raise the abandoned child as if she were their very own and despite their age, they did a pretty damn good job of it. The legal name Anastasiya Vasilyeva was renounced and she gained a new identity as simply Maeve; named after an Irish legend about a warrior princess that tied into Yesfir's mixed childhood.

From the time that Maeve was young, she was told the stories of warrior princesses and heroines who survived frozen rivers by both Iosif and Yesfir. They believed that if she knew from a young age about the harrowing experience she had endured that maybe it would make her stronger emotionally. In fact, it did quite the opposite to Maeve and what was supposed to be a good parenting technique went very sour. From those traumatic experiences bloomed a very real and rare mental disorder full of delusions that she was already dead - a syndrome called Cotard's had emerged around the age of eight or nine. The timeline is still a bit blurry as Maeve's delusions were kept secret from her adoptive parents. Being convinced so much about her identity as deceased, Maeve's body temperature plummeted to the point where her skin was almost always cold to the touch and sometimes her lips even looked a little more blueish than pink or red.

Maeve was eight and a half when she showed her first signs of magic by melting a medium area of snow before growing lush grass, which is naturally impossible for the region where she grew up. Iosif was initially shocked before the old man warmed up to the idea and revealed that it had been a long time since he had last seen green ground. Yosif never told Maeve that her adoptive mother, Yesfir was also a talented witch from Ireland who grew up on a farm that grew and supplied wood from trees to make wands and broomsticks. Sadly, Yesfir died when Maeve was ten years old from natural causes which sparked a curiosity to figure out who her real mother was.

Yosif begrudgingly helped her track down her family only to find that both her biological parents were already deceased by apparent homicide. The case had finally been solved when Maeve's older sister was arrested in London for a string of murders that left a trail across multiple countries. Melaena Vasilyeva had finally been imprisoned for her countless crimes and her little sister felt a strange urge to meet her regardless of her infamy. Maeve submitted an application with the surname Vasilyeva to the closest school that would get in the general vicinity of her murderous sister so that she would never have to let Iosif know her true intentions for wanting to transfer so far away. After receiving her Hogwarts letter in the mail, it took what felt like months before she was finally able to convince her adoptive father to let her go. Before leaving, Iosif gave Maeve a set of journals that belonged to Yesfir in which held all the family secrets to a ruined dynasty of wand tree farmers and a few seeds for each type of tree listed with hopes that she'd pick off where Yesfir couldn't.

Basic Trivia
Name anastasiya maeve vasilyeva Favorite Color black
Nickname maeve Favorite Music Genre
Age eleven Favorite Food
Birthday october 23rd Favorite Animal
Sign scorpio Favorite Book
Nationality russian Favorite Drink
Ethnicity caucasian Favorite Song
Home oymyakon, sakha republic, russia Favorite Movie
Status alive Favorite Sweets
Sexuality unknown Quirks
Location hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry Talents
Year/Occupation third Skills gardening
House slytherin Languages russian and english
Species witch Etymology she who intoxicates
Family Blood pure Handedness right
Wand Core white river monster spine Boggart drowning
Wand Wood aspen Patronus siberian tiger
Physical Relationships
Model india eisley Mother natalia vasilyeva (deceased)
Eye Color blue Father anatoly vasilyev (deceased)
Hair Color black Full Siblings melaena vasilyeva
Height 4'6" Half Siblings none
Distinguishing Marks Other iosif bykov (adoptive father) and yesfir bykova (adoptive mother, deceased)
Disorders cotard's syndrome Children n/a
Mental State moderately stable

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