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Magdalena is RPed by Sophie.


Full Name Magdalena Erica Zeiss-Tessar
Nickname Lena
Birthday June 1st
Nationality Slovene
Relationship Status Single
Sexuality Pansexual

Species Human/Witch
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Wand Core Unicorn Hair
Wand Wood Alder
Wand Arm Ambidextrous
Boggart War
Patronus Mockingjay

Model Miranda Kerr
Gender Female
Height 5'9
Weight "Mind your manners, now."
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Skin Colour Caucasian

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Magdalena Zeiss-Tessar is the third of five children to Conrad Zeiss and Elena Tessar. Born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Magdalena lived a fairly enjoyable life. She grew up with 2 older brothers and two younger ones. Living in such a household would probably feel weird for a girl like Magdalena, but she put up with it.

Her childhood would be mostly spent playing tetherball in the backyard with her brothers, later turning into football. She rarely left the house, if at all. When she managed to get away from her brothers, she'd help her mother in the kitchen. And that would be where it all started over...

Conrad and Elena are both Pure-Blood wizards, and they knew that their children probably would have magical blood too. Naturally, Magdalena proved herself of that. It was late on Christmas Eve, and Magdalena decided to bake cookies for Santa. Trying to not draw too much attention, she'd be surprised when the cookies cook instantly, without even being placed in the oven. It became clear at that point, that Magdalena was a witch, like her mother.

Like her two older brothers, Magdalena's parents would send her to EESM, because they know she'd be safe around her brothers. However, her brothers, being 6th and 7th year respectively, would graduate as Magdalena became a 3rd year, thus forcing her parents to transfer her to a school closer to home, Durmstrang.

But it would come with another issue. As Magdalena was almost near the end of her 4th year, Conrad ended up losing his job, due to financial issues. Magdalena's brothers couldn't make enough money of their own to support the family and the family decided to move to England, where Conrad could probably get a decent paying job.

Because of that, Magdalena spent her final three years in Hogwarts, being sorted into Hufflepuff, due to her caring and loyal nature. It was there where she managed to get the one class that would later inspire her to truly be what she found precious in life.

One day, Conrad was injured at work, by a sharp piece of glass that tore into his right foot. Magdalena and her family quickly rushed to get him to St. Mungo's. The Healers, thankfully, managed to heal his wounds, and he was back in fit shape. It was there and then that Magdalena decided to pursue being a Healer.

For her benefit, there was a Healing class offered at Hogwarts and Magdalena took that class and managed to pass with flying colors. Knowing that a lot is expected of her, should she want to be a Healer, she did her best in her other classes too.

Magdalena is now an aspiring Healer, and is still fairly nervous about applying. She could only wish the best...

Magdalena is a caring person, and is never going to leave anyone behind. She's very optimistic, and never likes looking at the bad side of things. She is also more willing to put her life at risk for another person's.

She never grew up into the tomboy she could have been, had she decided to let her brothers influence her life too deeply. Because of this, she grew up to be more like her mother; loving and caring.

She's also very cheery, and loves making people smile and laugh. Always with a smile on her face, Magdalena always looks to make people feel better.

Skill Set
All that time in the kitchen helping her mother, has made Magdalena into a very good cook. She's a natural at it, and her mother would certainly agree. She is also very athletic, by nature. That is probably the only thing she got from her brothers.

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Appearance & Gallery

Magdalena has beautiful brown hair, that extends just past her shoulders. She also has beautiful brown eyes as well.


  • Conrad Zeiss - father (Oče)
  • Elena Tessar - mother (Mati)
  • Elias Zeiss-Tessar - brother (Brat)
  • Andre Zeiss-Tessar - brother (Brat)
  • Alex Zeiss-Tessar - brother (Brat)
  • Dimitri Zeiss-Tessar - brother (Brat)

Currently no friends.

No enemies.

She does want a lover.

  • Magdalena is strongly against war - it's not that she absolutely hates war, it's because she does not want to see people dying.
  • Magdalena's theme song is R. City's Locked Away.
  • Magdalena is a pacifist - she never really wants to fight, period.

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