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Magdalene Tsakalotos

Elpida Georgiou was born to an upstanding pureblood family in Greece in 1952. She spent her formative years surrounded by magic of all kinds and with little-to-no exposure to the no-maj world. That was just the world she lived in - her parents thought nothing of it; they both had strong magical lines and simply assumed their daughter would continue it. But as Elpida turned nine, ten, eleven with no sign of magic, they grew concerned she would become a stain on the family tree. Discreetly they found someone who claimed they could confirm with full certainty the magical potential of a child and had Elpida tested. The results were, according to the expert, fully conclusive that she was a squib, but they were assured that another child would be able to carry on the magical line. Elpida was devastated by the news - she’d been looking forward to performing her own magic her whole life - but assumed she would be able to live a less spectacular life in the only society she knew. Her parents, however, had a very different idea. no-majs, and squibs by extension, were beneath them, so they would simply replace their daughter with another. They paid a hearty sum to have their daughter removed from their home in the night and taken - well, anywhere. Anywhere she wouldn’t be connected back to them. The man they paid considered himself honest, despite his profession, and when Elpida asked what was going on, he spared no detail in his explanation. Elpida was left at a church in Athens, and was raised in the orphanage there. She was incredibly vulnerable during her time there, as the adjustment both to the unfamiliar no-maj world and to the reality her parents simply cast her aside took its toll, and her initial distaste for her parents was nurtured by the teachings of the church until it became a loathing for magic and magical society. She passed her own opinions on to her family - first her husband, and then their children, and their children went on to pass it to their families as well.

Given her ingrained hatred toward magic, Filippa Kokkinos should have just found a nice, no-maj man, and had a nice, no-maj family with him, and then go on to die a nice, no-maj death at an old age with no concern for the fate of her own or her children’s eternal souls. Instead, at only twenty-two, she fell in love with an exiled metal nymph named Demetrios Tsakalotos, who was working as a jeweller in Los Angeles. Now, in her defense, she had no idea he wasn’t human, as he never told her and she was too enamoured to notice his odd, magical habits. Demetrios fancied himself a ladykiller and, unfortunately for the women he courted, he was right. Demetrios had a bad habit of making and breaking both promises and hearts, and Filippa’s was no exception. He made her a beautiful ring - gold and amethyst - and initially it was just a gift, but when she asked if he was proposing, he decided it was in his best interest to agree. They hadn’t set an exact date for the wedding when Filippa discovered she was pregnant, but with Demetrios’ constant promises of a decision “soon, before the year is out,” she felt sure they would be wed before anyone could question the timing of her pregnancy. In fact, she was so sure she would be able to hide her shame that, in her excitement, she couldn’t bear to keep her pregnancy from Demetrios. He had absolutely no interest in something as permanent as a child, and he knew Filippa would never terminate the pregnancy, so he left town the next day.

Margarita Kokkinos was born on the fourteenth of February, 2018, and christened a few days later with her mother’s closest friend as her godmother. Filippa’s family and friends were not necessarily understanding of her predicament, but she was forgiven in the eyes of god and determined that she would never fall into a similar situation again, so they obliged to help her raise her child, primarily acting as babysitters while she worked, until Maggie was old enough for daycare at the church and, later, school. Despite the circumstances, Filippa loved her daughter, and did her best to care for her in what she considered the proper way.

Maggie understood she was different from other kids from a young age, though she wasn’t able to pick out why until she was older. She got along well with the other kids in daycare and in primary school, and she took her religious upbringing to heart as well. She had an affinity for metal objects that reminded Filippa of Demetrios - an odd thing to inherit from someone her daughter had never met, but she didn’t think much of it. When Maggie started getting into the kitchen knives, Filippa simply scolded her and declared it a miracle she had all her fingers.

On the fourth of July, 2026, Maggie and her mother were watching a fireworks show on TV, as they usually did. Maggie wished they could see them in person, or set some off themselves, but Filippa preferred to stay in. Still - ‘’if only’’ she could get up close. Maggie doesn’t recall exactly how it happened - despite how many times she was made to recount the events - but one moment she was thinking about fireworks and moving her hands, and the next there were sparks flying in the living room and Filippa was screaming bloody murder. The police and fire department showed up not long after, called by a neighbor, and the incident was officially put down as an electrical fire.

The next day was a Sunday, and Maggie found herself in church as she usually did, though her mother was more tense than usual, and they stayed after the service to speak with the priest. He dismissed Filippa’s account of the event initially - he didn’t believe in magic himself, and it seemed more likely to him that Maggie had snuck in a small firework and set it off indoors. Filippa was convinced, this first time, that the event had not been magical in nature, and she was able to move on.

Unfortunately for Maggie, small magical incidents kept happening. Not frequently, but often enough over the next couple of years that Filippa grew concerned. The incidents were a mix of Maggie’s magic and her nymph powers, not that Filippa cared about the difference. The priest still didn’t believe her when she confided in him, as he was able to find rational explanations for each instance, and so Filippa turned to the internet.

Summer of 2029, they were visited by delegates from MACUSA to discuss Maggie’s magical schooling. Filippa agreed out of fear of the magic folk before her and for no other reason. Maggie found it difficult to be excited about magic school, due mostly to her mother’s then-constant preaching about how magic was unholy and wrong, but she didn’t protest. At her mother’s direction, Maggie began attending confession that summer, and when she went to school she kept a journal of her sins to go over with the priest once she came home.

At Ilvermorny, Maggie was chosen by Thunderbird and Wampus, but ultimately decided on the latter. Her internal conflict with her magic and her religious upbringing led to difficulty with practical magic the first few years at Ilvermorny. Diligently keeping her journal helped, but even as an adult advanced magic is incredibly difficult for her to perform. It was not uncommon for her to pray at school, often in the library or in the dorms - some of her classmates did find it odd but overall it wasn’t something she discussed. How could she approach that subject with people who had been raised alongside magic their whole lives?

Difficulties aside, she did come to enjoy her time at school. She made a small handful of friends, some of whom also came from no-maj families, and even joined a quodpot team in her third year. Brooms were easy for her to handle and she loved the atmosphere of team sports. With the help of a friend who lived fairly close to her, she was able to start a summer internship with the political office for MACUSA’s international relations department after her fifth year, and in her sixth she came to the conclusion she was gay - after all, sometimes you find out you're in love with your best friend, even if she is a girl, and that's okay...isn’t it?

Maggie found out very quickly when she got home that summer that it was not, in fact, okay. She isn’t sure why she bothered to come out to her mother - she knew her opinions and those of the church on homosexuality, and she shouldn’t have expected a good outcome, but...the high of self-discovery got the best of her. With the aid of the church, Filippa swiftly sent Maggie back into the closet. By the time school began that fall, Maggie could hardly look at her best friend anymore, much less try to maintain any kind of relationship with her. She threw herself into her studies and into quodpot her final year at school, doing her best to keep herself as busy as possible so she didn’t have to think much on...anything else. Trying to mesh her religion and her upbringing with her feelings and experiences made her head hurt, and still does, so she avoided trying at all.

After graduation, she began a work-study program with the same office her internship had been with, commuting daily on her own since she could now legally do magic outside of school. She continued to live at home because rent was free and despite her mother’s growing coldness over the last few years, she did still love her, and the idea of leaving home was more daunting than Maggie cared to tackle at the time. She did her best not to use magic at home - she knew her mother didn’t like it and she didn’t want to antagonize her.

Filippa, over the course of her daughter’s schooling, had grown more fearful of her child, and found herself more often turning to the comfort of strangers in online groups and forums who claimed to have their own experiences with magic and the fight against it. Now that Maggie was home every day, her fear festered, leaving her open to any suggestion to lessen it and - in her mind - save her daughter. On the seventeenth of July, 2039, shortly after celebrating qualifying for upper-level studies for international law, Maggie was whisked away in the early hours of the morning by a small group of people who had convinced her mother they could rescue her daughter from her sin.

To call them witch hunters would be incorrect - they considered themselves witch ‘’fixers’’, though they did little in the way of fixing anything. They believed the traditional ways of dealing with witches were the best ways, and Maggie was no exception to their rules. They found out quickly that metal instruments were not the way to go - Maggie took out a man's eye - so they used synthetic materials as necessary instead. They broke and burned her wand very early on, and Maggie wasn’t nearly skilled enough to use magic without it, so her nymph powers were her last line of defense. Unfortunately, she wasn’t all that skilled with those either, and had to turn to cooperating as much as she could until she could find an opportunity.

Maggie lost track of time quickly. Between the stress of the entire situation and the deliberate ruining of her sleep cycle, it could have been years or hours and she wouldn’t be confident choosing either. She recited prayer and scripture and whatever lines they wanted to hear until the words didn’t make sense anymore and her mechanical recitation was ultimately her undoing. She was deemed a lost cause for anything but cleansing fire and nothing she said could convince them otherwise.

On the fourteenth of February, 2040, she was rescued - by accident, really, and by a sect of the Greek mafia. She wasn’t the only prisoner there, and a rescue attempt for the other woman there occurred just in time for them to pull her unconscious body off the pyre and take her with them. She woke in one of their hideouts, confused but grateful after they explained. They nursed her back to health - physically, at least, and she found herself feeling indebted to them...or, more specifically, the woman in charge, Aspasia.

Maggie was closeted, but not blind, and not immune to the effects of a crush. That’s why, when she resumed her work-study program that summer, now focusing on the legal aspect, she continued to stay with Aspasia and, sometimes, act as...an internal informant of sorts. Mafia HR, if you will. She was easy to get along with and easy to talk to and Aspasia found that useful in rooting out the less-than-loyal among her ranks.

Aspasia often acted as a friendly ear for Maggie, and openly encouraged her hatred of her mother for how she treated her daughter. In 2041, she decided to visit her mother - to talk, initially. She was angry but she wanted to understand, so she didn’t think anything of it when Filippa was oddly calm when she arrived. They went to the kitchen for tea while they spoke, and Filippa pulled a handgun from the drawer and fired. She missed, and her next shot went into the ceiling when Maggie tried to fling the gun away. Before Filippa could shoot again, Maggie exploded the bullets in the clip, and...well, that was it for Filippa. Maybe with enough medical know-how Maggie could have done something, but she was too shocked to be much use. The muggle authorities handled the incident and it was quickly ruled a freak accident.

Maggie borderline-idolized Aspasia, but even that was not enough to convince her to intimidate a child who had gotten wrapped up with the mafia. Aspasia sent her to the hospital for her refusal, and she finally started to see her situation a bit more clearly. She discreetly reached out to law enforcement and began informing them on the mafia’s activities, ultimately testifying against them in the fall of 2043, shortly after completing her work-study program that summer.

After the case concluded, she changed her name to Magdalene Tsakalotos to avoid being reminded of her mother every time she signed her name, rented her first apartment in New York, and started working full-time in the legal office for international magical relations. Her newfound freedom was weird and wonderful but all the same issues she’d had for years remained, and while she finally turned to therapy, progress has been incredibly slow. Work and the gym and her dog fill most of her time and it works well enough.

Becoming a representative to the ICW was always a lofty goal for her, but when the position became available in 2047, she felt confident enough in her qualifications to put her name in the hat - and to her surprise, she landed the position.

  • conflicted
    • her religious upbringing ingrained certain opinions and habits that she hasn't been able to overcome, not that she always tries all that hard to overcome them. if she doesn't have those, what's she going to fill that space with?
  • tired
    • maggie does her best to wear herself out every day so that when her bedtime rolls around, she's out like a light. sleep doesn't come easy for her and she's very particular about her sleep schedule, often becoming very irritable with any disruption. she doesn't care for sleeping draughts but sometimes she's desperate for a full night's sleep
  • independent
    • she prefers to be self-reliant as much as possible, but she does play well with others in a professional sense. in a personal sense, it's difficult for her to accept that sometimes you really just need people to help you out
  • stubborn
    • maggie is not easily moved when she sets her mind to something, which is a blessing and a curse. she is willing to do her research and accept new information as it arises - that's just growth
  • outgoing
    • she thrives on social contact and finds it easy to interact with other people most of the time. she does her best to help make people feel at ease around her and while she does find it a challenge to form deep connections with people, she has a fairly large web of acquaintances
  • likes bread
    • bread is, objectively, the most versatile and wonderful kind of food, and she will not be convinced otherwise
  • proud
    • maggie isn't one to brag - much - but she's aware of her achievements and isn't about to hide them
  • vindictive
    • maggie does not enjoy being wronged and is prone to lashing out at people who have wronged her in some way. the form can vary depending on how much she's trying to control herself. sometimes the force of her anger terrifies her just a little bit
  • compassionate
    • she'll gladly go out of her way to help people and will make every effort to extend the metaphorical olive branch if she's wronged someone in an undeserved way
  • honest
    • maggie considers herself honest where it counts, and she does try to be - with herself, with others, but really she spends a lot of time lying through her teeth

Melissanthi Mahut



Long, often in a loose bun









Magdalene Demetriou Tsakalotos




Lesbian (Closeted)


Los Angeles, California, USA

New York City


English, Spanish, Greek


American ICW Rep

Witch, ½ Metal Nymph

Muggle born



14 February 2018



Dragon heartstring

9 ¼ in

Surprisingly swishy


The symptoms of being awake far longer than is healthy.

─ Raw flour
─ Tea tree shampoo
─ Wet metal

─ Metal nymphs are highly proficient at using objects made out of metal, such as knives and swords.
─ Metal nymphs cannot be harmed by objects made out of metal. For example, a sharp knife cannot pierce a metal nymph’s skin.
─ Metal nymphs can telekinetically move metal items (‘fling’). The bigger the item is then the more energy is needed.
─ Metal nymphs can always tell when raw ore is around them. They can even estimate how far underneath the ground it is. However, the further down it is, the less reliant their estimation is.
─ Metal nymphs can always tell what type of metal something is made out of.
─ Metal nymphs are very good with metalwork and can easily bend the metal without needing to heat it.
─ Metal nymphs can make their skin hardens into metal, which can protect them from oncoming objects and spell. It’s a protective barrier that keeps them from harm. Metal nymphs can keep this up for five minutes but it is highly draining.
─ Metal nymphs can lift any metal objects regardless of how heavy they are.
─ Metal nymphs are considerably stronger naturally than anyone else.



─ None

─ Summer internship w/ American DIMC 2033 - 2036
─ Work-study program w/ American DIMC 2036 - 2039
─ Advanced work-study program w/ American DIMC 2041 - 2043


NEWT Equivalents:
─ Charms: A
─ Potions: EE
─ Herbology: EE
─ Transfiguration: P
─ History of Magic: O
─ Wizarding Law: O

Demetrios Tsakalatos & Filippa Kokkinos





None :(

A few members of the Greek mafia










Character: Seven
Heart: Eight
Social: Eight



Lawful neutral


Greek Orthodox




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