i miss you, kitty cat
why are there so many words in my head?
but so little to say
i'm loosing my mind
do you still love me like i love you?</u>
come back to me, please
when i look at the stars, i see you
i love you


Khai is a very odd combination of ambition and laziness. He could get stuff done if he wanted to, but the thing is, he normally never wants to get stuff done. He's a strong procrastinator in every sense and kind of just does whatever he wants whenever he wants to do it, which often leads to him turning in a lot of things just before the deadline or late. He does not sacrifice quality for time though. Even if he turns things in late, it's typically of its best quality. He values the quality of things above all else. He doesn't care how long it takes to make something, how much of said thing is made, as long as that thing is of good quality. You can spend a hundred years perfecting a song, but if the song isn't musically sound, you just wasted a hundred years. He very strongly believes in artistic vision and doesn't force anything to happen when it comes to creating things, he just waits for the ideas to come to him and once they do, he works.

Despite how incredibly lazy he is, Khai's quite ambitious. He's always been a big person who wants to make everything the best and the biggest it can be. He can get carried away with these things and often has trouble stopping himself from sacrificing other things like friendships and his health to do the stuff he wants to. He doesn't really know the definition of stop and if he thinks its possible, he'll do anything to accomplish it. In fact, impossibility isn't a concept that he really gets either. To him, nothing is impossible, it's just considered impossible because no one has proved it possible yet. This kind of mindset makes him a great motivator of other people, however, he's very bad at motivating himself to do things unless he's particularly passionate about it. When he is passionate about something, his passion is unmatched and you can feel it and see it. It's in the way he talks about it, in the way he lights up when he even thinks about it. It's hard to find anyone more excited and passionate about what he wants to do than he is.

Unfortunately, Khai has a terrible case of anxiety. It presents itself in many various ways such as his severe stage fright, sporadic panic attacks, and even his struggle to maintain eye contact with the people he speaks to. He's fidgety and always ready to go somewhere, even if he has nowhere to be, and he often jumps to the worst case of scenario. He's very hard to calm down and once he's going, he's going. He gets lost in his head a lot and when he does, it's very hard to escape. This sense of being trapped by his own thoughts eventually leads to a panic attack so really it's a self-sustained cycle of negative emotions. He'll often indulge in small things to temporarily stop this dangerous cycle like binge watching FlooTube videos or songwriting or doodling or just plain taking a nap. This is often mistaken for procrastination but it's more of his coping method, and it's the only thing that keeps him sane half the time.

Even with all his problems, Khai is and will always be a people person. He loves people and is attracted to them like a moth to a flame. He's an extrovert in every sense, not just because of his love of people but because he also uses being around people as another coping method to stop himself from spiraling into bad thoughts. Talking to people makes him feel better so he likes to do it as often as possible. He has a multitude of Internet friends as well as real life friends which he contacts often when he needs to get out of his head for a little while. As much as he loves people, that same love can also hurt him just as much as it helps him. For instance, being around people actually affects him negatively when he finds himself alone. Even though he's very charismatic, that's just it, he draws people towards him and that's how he makes friends, he doesn't really go actively seeking for them. So if he's in a crowd with no one to talk to, it often makes him feel small and unimportant.

Another example of this is Khai's attachment to his relationships. Whether you're a friend, a family member, or even a love interest, once you've formed some sort of connection with Khai, it's virtually impossible to get rid of him unless you straight up tell him to his face to go away. He finds himself in a lot of toxic friendships and flings because of this, and people will exploit his loyalty to him until they get tired of him and cut it off. Despite how many times he's been hurt, he'll still continue on like he hasn't been blatantly manipulated and emotionally abused for years. In fact, he doesn't really even see the bad in people. No matter how much you wrong him, he'll still hold you in your best image. This could be considered another one of his coping methods because in believing everyone around you is horrible even if they really are, he's further plunging himself into the ditch he's been trying to climb out of for years. Believing everyone is good and looking out for each other's best interests is how he convinces himself that there is still good in the world and nothing to worry about, even if some of that his highly misguided.


The Choi trio consisted of James, Jiseok, and Jack. The three brothers, Jiseok being the oldest, James being in the middle, and Jack being the youngest, had always been inseparable among the Choi family. All born in Los Angeles, California, the three of them grew up together but later went their separate ways the moment they graduated high school. James stayed in Los Angeles, still trying to find direction in his life. Jiseok went to South Korea, where he met his wife, and James went to the UK to pursue deeper studies in the arts of magic.

Now Jack had always been the smartest of the three as well as the quietest. While James lead them into countless adventures and mishaps and Jiseok provided the comedic relief, Jack was always the one planning ahead. It was no surprise when he went to England to study magic more than he already had. Out of the three, only Jack had carried the magic gene, so while James and Jiseok studied in Los Angeles, Jack went to a "boarding school" in Boston, better covered up as Ilvermorny. When Jack moved to England, he met a peculiar lady two years older than him who spent more time in the bookstore than anywhere else. Her name was Ophelia, and after a few years of acquaintanceship and even friendship, the two fell for each other. And the two fell hard. After marrying, they had one child and his name was Malakhai.

Malakhai grew up in a very stagnant life. Unlike his cousins, one of which was constantly traveling the world and the other who's life he had no idea about, the only place Malakhai knew was the United Kingdom. He had no siblings either, so if Malakhai wanted to entertain himself, he went outside and found other kids to play with or just sat in his house and tried to figure something out. Because he was the only child, he was also the only one his parents ever focused on. They doted on him constantly and were extremely overprotective considering he was the only child they ever had. There was only so much he could do in a day, and most of it was spent with his worrying mother and father who really never let him out of their sight.

When Malakhai showed his first sign of magic, striking a tree with lightening when he was seven, his parents were overjoyed, knowing that their son was going to grow up to be just like them. Malakhai on the other hand wasn't so fond of this revelation. It's not like the seven-year-old didn't want to have magic. It was cool, he'd seen his parents do spells all the time and wanted to do that too, but he was worried they'd make him grow up to be just like him. And he didn't want that. You see, young Malakhai was very interested in music. He tried to learn the piano but his parents discouraged him from it so he just focused on singing and dancing. His parents, however, kept pushing him to do something else and would often ridicule him (typically jokingly but he didn't see it like this) whenever he practiced his singing and dancing, leading him to develop an inferiority complex about his abilities and a severe case of stage fright that later lead to his general anxiety.

Malakhai under no circumstances wanted to become a magical historian, he wanted to be a star and he was determined to get there. After beginning to attend Hogwarts, he had heard about Silencio Records' audition program and worked for two years to prepare himself for one of the best opportunities of a lifetime to jumpstart his dreams. However, it didn't all occur the way he wanted when the time came. He had everything ready, his song, the choreography, was breathlessly in sync, had worked for months on this piece and was ready to blow away to the AR committee. And then it happened. Right before Malakhai had to go on, he had a panic attack so severe he fainted from lack of oxygen. He was taken to St. Mungo's clinic where he woke up to his worried parents scolding him and making him promise never to try auditioning again. So he didn't. It was a few months later when he realized he was never going to pursue music like he dreamed, and gave up on it, instead turning it into a hobby and focusing on his studies.

It hit him severely, making him doubt himself anymore and worsened his anxiety. Not only can he not perform in front of other people, he's horrible at public speaking and can barely maintain eye contact for longer than a second. He continued throughout the years as a student who didn't know where to go next, finding himself stranded with nothing to turn to.

modeled by choi san

parents-ophelia lee &
jack choi
other relatives-jiseok &
james (uncles) & sua (aunt)
caspian and evander (cousins)
james x sua: married

parents: he finds them overbearing and annoying at times but still loves and cares for them. doesn't talk to them as regularly as before
caspian: in recent years, they've gotten closer due to sharing idol dilemmas and caspian's done a lot helping khai get over his break up
evan: like caspian, he's gotten a lot closer to evan in recent years. visits the bubble tea station, where evan works, often
carlisle: his ex-boyfriend. he's still very much in love with him but he's in denial about it. he still doesn't completely understand why they broke up in the first place, but he's stopped asking about it. sometimes has panic attacks at the mention of his name. cut contact with him and his family completely.

-born may 21st
-taurus babie
-goes by khai & yeongi
-born in london, england
-single but interested in someone
-currently residing in lincliff city
-he's a ravenclaw alumnus uwu
-he a wizard!!!
-the core of his wand is dragon heartstring
-wand wood is acacia
-he's ambidextrous!
-his boggart is... humiliation
-his patronus is a peacock
-his eyes are brown
-um no one really knows what his actual hair color is, but most say it's brown
-he's 5'8"
-he has severe anxiety and anger management issues :T
-he's pretty mentally stable tho
-his favorite color is purple!!! specifically lavender
-loves pretty much all types of music, save for some exceptions like country
-his favorite food is drumroll please... bibimbap!!!
-favorite animal are elephants
-he love love loves raspberry lemonade
-favorite song is ddaeng by bts (they're a muggle boy band)
-favorite movie is the sun is also a star (also a muggle production)
-favorite sweet is jolly ranchers!!!
-he likes to draw when he's stressed
-he is soooooo good at singing & dancing, like you have no idea
-he can songwrite uwu
-he speaks english and korean


malakhai yeongi choi


a fluffy babie


a.k.a chai tea

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