Birthday May 29th
Age 25
Status Alive
Pronunciation mah‧noh noi‧ehr
Family N/A
Handedness Ambidextrous
Gender Female
Orientation Pansexual, Demi-Biromantic
Relationship <3
Nationality British
Speaks English, Russian, French, German
Species Witch, Human
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Height 5'7"
Model Shay Mitchell

Manon is gorgeous, and she knows it. She quite often uses her looks to get out of sticky situations - she hardly looks like the stereotypical violent criminal, after all. Always immaculate, Manon's taste in clothes is decidedly expensive, but she justifies this easily enough: she can afford it, so why not?
Nataliya Kovalevskaya's life has always been a mystery. All that's publicly known about her is this: she's Russian, she's a pure-blood, and she's a world-class assassin. How she ended up in a run-down terraced council house in Scotland with an asshole like Antoine Bonacieux, Manon still doesn't know. But it happened.

Antoine was an asshole. He never did bother to get a job, and spent his days mostly in the local pub, drinking. Every night he'd stumble home, drunk and abusive and occasionally with a random girl hanging off him, and every night Nataliya would for some reason tolerate it.

Manon was seven years old when her mother finally snapped. Antoine had brought home yet another girl, one who ran for the hills as soon as Nataliya confronted Antoine. Manon hasn't seen him since, but she was old enough at the time to realise all the red coming out of his throat meant he was dead.

Nataliya didn't even bother trying to cover up the murder. She just pointed Manon in the direction of the nearest orphanage and waited for the aurors to turn up. Of course, Nataliya Kovalevskaya's incarceration didn't last for long, though: she vanished from the ministry holding cells the day after she was arrested. Probably with the help of some of her criminal contacts, but who knows? Maybe she did it all by herself.

Stuck in an orphanage, Manon hit one major roadblock: she spoke absolutely no English. At home, she'd always spoken either Russian with her mother or French when her father was home, never English. She hadn't gone to school, either, as a pure-blooded witch child, so she'd literally never had any exposure to the language. Needless to say, she fixed that pretty quickly.

Manon was moved about a lot in the muggle system, bouncing from orphanage to foster family to orphanage. It wasn't until she had a pretty large burst of accidental magic aged nine that she caught the attention of a ministry worker who had her moved to Lil Bundles.

Aged ten, Manon was finally adopted by a friend of her mother's, Engel Neuer, and his wife Isabelle. Through them, she regained contact with her mother and started training again as an assassin/general criminal.

Aged eleven, Manon attended EESM for her first year, until it burned down. Shame, that was her favourite school. The next year was spent at Beauxbatons, which was educational in how political the school life was. Everyone was always trying to get ahead of everyone else, which of course was right up Manon's alley. But she soon got bored there, and spent third year at Durmstrang. Educational in a completely different way: the emphasis on the dark arts sparked an interest in Manon that's persisted to this day.

Manon's not entirely certain what caused Engel to pull her out of Durmstrang in order to send her to Hogwarts instead from fourth year onwards, but the entire family moved to Britain. Almost a hatstall between Slytherin and Ravenclaw, Manon chose Ravenclaw and settled in to Hogwarts pretty easily. She did well in her OWLs and NEWTs, managed to avoid creating any lasting conflicts with other students, and even managed to find a friend in Lilith Briar.

Upon graduation, Manon and Lilith settled into a life of crime. They've done well for themselves so far, robbing banks and expensive-looking houses, occasionally procuring illegal items for clients or, on one memorable occasion, intimidating a mob boss or two for fun. And that's just the beginning of their career. Manon has no plans to slow down any time soon.
Manon Kovalevskaya Neuer is a liar. She has absolutely no qualms about saying or doing whatever she has to in order to get what she wants, and she's easily smart enough to get away with it. When she was younger, Manon wanted to be an actress, and this penchant for putting on a show has stuck with her through the years.

If Manon thinks she'll get something from someone, she's charming and generally agreeable. This is a pretty useful façade to put on, especially when she and Lilith are targeting people in more affluent circles - nobody suspects the well-spoken, pretty young woman sipping champagne with the bank director of planning a robbery.

If Manon sees no use in someone (which she's generally good at figuring - she's a great judge of character) she's abrasive and honestly, just downright mean. She just doesn't see the point in hiding what she thinks of the riffraff. Even with actual friends she's not exactly pleasant, though she does lose a little bit of her edge around certain people.

Pretty much anyone who thinks themselves allied with Manon should be prepared for an immediate betrayal if something goes wrong. (Unless your name is Lilith Briar, that is. She's on a completely different level.) Manon is self-serving to the very core, and has a general dislike of aligning herself with anyone permanently. She'll be on the winning side til the day she dies - she's not here to be a heroine. Heroines are the ones who end up dead.
Wand: necessary for all wizards and witches. hers is actually a family wand, which people say makes it weaker, but it can cast a crucio just as well as any other.
Gun: any legit bank robber needs a gun. they can't really intimidate muggles by waving sticks at them, and breaking the statute of secrecy would just make the ministry more focused on catching them.
Cherry lip balm: it's red tinted.
Silver locket: this is the only thing she owns of her mother's, and while it has little practical use Manon still keeps it around. she'll eternally deny it's for sentimental reasons, though.

Boggart Her father
Amortentia Gunpowder, Chanel No. 5, raspberries
Patronus Vixen
Wand Applewood, phoenix feather, 8"
Interests Bank robbing
Pet Peeve Literally everything
Habits Checking her nails
Star Sign Gemini
Dreams/Goals Become more famous than Bonnie & Clyde
Color Orange
Song Addicted to You (avicii)
Show Game of Thrones
Movie Bonnie & Clyde
Book The Secret History
Food Hash browns
Drink Cherry cola

She's actually a really big fan of the theatre and musicals. Probably about half the money she steals is blown on the opera or the ballet or another showing of Les Miserables.
Her adoptive father wanted her to join the Black Parade but she never saw the point - they seem to have fallen off the face of the earth now anyway.
She lives on fast food and cherry cola.
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